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What is Baazi VIP Club?

Baazi Loyalty Club is a place where you get rewarded for your game on PokerBaazi.com.

There are six levels in the Baazi VIP Club, namely Amateur, Semi-Pro, Pro, World-Class, Legendary, Baazigar.

As you play the game and earn VIP points, you move up the ladder of levels. Each higher level has more benefits than the previous level. With the VIP Points you earn, you not only move up the ladder, but also get Baazi Coins!

Baazi VIP Club Levels

What is a step?

  • Every level in the Baazi VIP Club is divided into steps. You complete a step by earning the target VIP points in that step. The number of steps varies in different steps.
  • The completion of each step releases some Baazi Coins.
  • The steps in multiples of 5 are bonus steps, which give you more Baazi Coins than other steps in a level.
  • Once you complete all steps in a level, you upgrade to the next Baazi VIP Club level.
  • You can view your current step in My Account page.

What is a Baazi Coin?

Baazi Coin is a new currency, which is earned by completing a step in a Baazi VIP Club level. The more you play, you earn more Baazi Coins. The rate at which you earn Baazi Coins increases with each level upgrade in the Baazi VIP Club.

Where do I spend Baazi Coins?

We have an exclusive one-stop place for you where you can spend your Baazi Coins. Visit the BAAZI VIP STORE and exchange your Baazi Coins for a handsome Bankroll, poker tournaments tickets, PokerBaazi merchandise, accessories & latest gadgets.


How does my VIP Level reset at the beginning of the month?

Baazi VIP Club level is reset at the beginning of each month. You may start the month with your current level or one level lower.

Every VIP level has a defined minimum VIP points target which you have to reach in a month to maintain that level. In case you are not able to reach this minimum VIP points target, you will start the next month with one level lower than the existing level.

What happens if I am in the middle of a step at the end of the month?

Every step releases a fixed number of Baazi Coins on completion of the step. However, if you are in the middle of a step at the end of the month, the number of Baazi Coins released will be as per the following:

  • Baazi Coins for incomplete Steps will be released at 50% of the prorated value of the progress earned.
  • Partial Baazi Coins are rounded up to the highest value.
  • For example, a Semi-Pro player has earned 200 VIP Points of the 500 VIP Points required to complete their current Step, which offers a reward of 42 Baazi Coins. 50% of the prorated value is (200/500 x 42 Baazi Coins)/2 = 8.4 Baazi Coins. The player will receive 9 Baazi Coins after rounding up.

Important Notes

  • BankRoll purchased with Baazi Coins are in the form of Real Cash Bonus which is not directly withdrawable.
  • Although we try our best to deliver items purchased from Baazi VIP Store in the earliest possible time, it may take upto 10 days for your items to reach your delivery address.
  • Items purchased through Baazi VIP Store are not refundable.