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If you have ever played poker long enough, you would know how it is to experience a downswing in poker. The scorching question that pops into your mind is “How long is this going to last?” Usually, the common reaction that a poker player comes up with is that they start cursing the poker gods, work on maintaining focus and making a solid decision, reviewing the basics and rededicating himself to study of the game and dipping down in limits.

Overcoming from a downswing can be long and grueling, there are quite a lot of things you can do to decrease the pain and increase the probability of success. When a downswing occurs, there are many ways that one can do to overcome the circumstances and grind back like old days.

Take Some Time Off

When downswing hits, take some time off. You’ll feel better after taking a day or two away from the game. Relax & calm your mind and come back to the game freshly. Nobody plays their best when they're tilting, so it is advisable to take some days off your game play.

Take a Look at Your Game

The downswings are inevitable. It is important that a player should identify if something is inappropriate in his game and then need to fix it. Players generally come with this misconception that they are better at their game than they really are, and the middle of a downswing it is a great time to take a look at your game and see if you are playing good enough. Downswings lead to frustration and frustration leads to tilt which states you are on with a bad play. So, its time you take a closer glance at your poker game.


You should focus on making the best possible decision every single time whenever the action is on you and with time you’ll see yourself back to winning plays. Remember, nothing better than a good decision is going to pull you out of a downswing. You can also read books on the mental game to grind better.

Consider what your poker hero would do

Imagine what would the player, you admire most do if they were in the same situation? Considering the perspective of a proficient player will help you overcome the situation. Brainstorm some possible strategies and try them out. The bottom line is that when things are not going your way, it takes mental toughness and effort to find eventual success. Sometimes even small changes can bring big results. And remember, as long as your basics are strong, this, too, shall pass.

Healthy Bankroll

The most common mistake made by poker players is playing beyond their bankroll. Maintenance of a bankroll is the vital criterion one should meet before expecting a successful grind at the poker tables. Downswings will feel like the end of the world if you don’t manage your bankroll prudently.

Handling downswings in a positive manner is the trait of a winning player. Using these frustrating periods as a wakeup call and optimistically dealing with them can be beneficial and help you play smoothly at the poker tables.

You might be grinding very well at the poker table and winning a handsome sum of prizes frequently. But you still get stuck on a question- Am I ready to go poker pro?

There’s no denying that frequent wins are proof of you showcasing best of your skills at the poker tables and might continue it further. Have you heard the saying “There is more to poker than life”, which is perfectly said because you might think that you have mastered the game but you have just started exploring it? Higher the time you invest in poker, the better you get. There are many minor and major things that you will learn by every passing session you devote at a poker table. So, declaring yourself a poker pro at initial stage will not help you but would rather risk your bankroll abruptly.

There are numerous factors that should affect your decision to become a professional player. If you have a family that too with a child, your expenses will increase and risking your bankroll at that moment calls for you to reconsider your decision. But if you make a good sum of money, secure paycheck, then considering poker as your side source of income might be a positive aspect for you to continue the lane.

One thing most players don’t consider while going pro is you may not be as good as you think you are. Remember, if you don’t have a long track record of winning at poker games, you should definitely reconsider before taking it professionally. This is because when you play online poker games professionally, it requires a drastically different mindset as compared to playing poker recreationally.

The thing most of the players fail to understand is that they might enjoy poker as a hobby and not a job. The biggest factor in determining whether or not you will be a successful poker player is through the qualities that a poker player should hold - Patience, Discipline, Emotional Control, Focus, and Awareness. If you ought to miss out on any of these qualities then, essentially, you should be working on building these requisite qualities.

You might know and would also apply optimal poker strategy to your gameplay, but what happens when you start to let emotions start dictating your lines of play? How do you react when you run into those cold streaks? What happens when you start to lose that bankroll that you’ve worked so hard to build? So, do you keep a calm, composed, and focused behavior in these difficult situations? Or do you tilt off to higher stakes, and try to recover your losses, all while making poorer decisions and losing even more money? These few important question would definitely make you reconsider your decision.

Before an amateur poker player decides to turn ways into a professional poker player, it is advisable that you should initiate your bet with low stakes, play more hands per hours, start your play with online poker games because it will teach you how to handle bad beat because you will be playing insanely large number of hands.

Hopefully, this article helps you to decide at what stage in your life you should take a chance to go poker pro. At the end, it’s all about the right time.

The scenario of a poker table: Your opponent can play horribly and still win a bundle. You play great and still crash. These situations leave players completely frustrated and peeved.

You can definitely win some huge sum of money at the poker tables if you are good at poker. The play at poker table echoes success only if you have required skills that can get you going throughout. Not to ignore, there are lots of good poker players around, and they do not all win fortunes. It is important that a player never compares his real result to someone else’s fantasy. It will only pull you to disappointments and false hopes.

For numerous players, the play at the poker table is just merely a medium of entertainment and enjoyment. If playing online poker games lifts your mood and exercises your brain, then that alone might state success. Some people also enjoy the game and work towards becoming a better player in the process. They get joy when they win an extra bet or an additional pot using newly learned knowledge. This is because of two reasons, one, their passion towards poker and two, they plan living out of it.

Also, there are few people who like to focus on specific hands & sessions and measure success accordingly for these individual hands/sessions while other people prefer to emphasize more on numbers. Instead of deciding money goals, this lot tries to play a certain number of hands in a month. To them, the success is achieved when they reach their goal. Some online players, when they fail to meet their goal, try to adjust their play so that their overall statistics hit certain targets. The closer they get to their targets, the more they’ve succeeded.

However, if you’re trying to measure your own success, you should consider that certain things are beyond your control. When you play poker, how much money you win is the aspect you control the least. If you miss your monetary goals frequently, you may become restless and anxious which results in vague and inappropriate decisions. When you play much bigger than you tend to make yourself a prey for others. Nevertheless, if you keep your focus on the game and on things that are under your control, you’re more likely to keep your wits and also appreciate the successes you’ve had.

No matter what you choose, though, if you evaluate yourself in a reasonable way, hopefully, you will be able to conclude that all the hours you’ve invested and all the ups and downs you’ve acknowledged playing this peculiar game have been worthy of your time and effort.

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Poker Myths

Poker Myths Busted

Poker is the utmost popular card game in the world. Everyone is well aware of the fact that popularity is directly proportional to inevitable myths. So with poker fame, there are many myths too. These types of misconceptions mislead people who are working hard to try and improve their games.
Poker is a game where only about 20% of all players make huge sums of money, and the remaining 80% think they’re good–just unlucky. It’s tough to spend time at a live poker table without hearing all kinds of weird myths and false truths waiting to be proven wrong.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular poker myths.

Aggressive players are better

The statement often used- aggressive players are better, is untrue and unrealistic. Aggressive poker players are more susceptible enough to lose more money as they do not think twice before putting their chips at risk. You can only win poker games if you have patience and tend to make right decisions under stress.

Poker is a game of luck

Well, we don’t say that luck has nothing to do with the game, but poker is indeed more than that. You need to have a lot of desire, ambition, skills, and experience and of course knowledge to win the game.

Online poker is not for beginners

Online poker works awesome both for learners and experienced poker players. There are significantly a larger number of advantages to playing poker online as opposed to live. You don’t need to worry about your body language, there will be no distraction and you can just be yourself. This is something that would help an amateur player because in a live setting a newbie will be intimidated by regulars at the poker table as compared to the online poker table.

If you cannot read your opponents, you cannot win

There are such a large number of online poker pros out there, how are they winning? Reading your rivals can help you, however, it isn't the main factor. There are numerous more things to be excelled at to win a game, like experiences, strategies, and basic understanding.

Best poker players always bluff

While it is true that bluffing can help you win a game, yet doing it all the time can be ruinous for you in the long run. There is no point of bluffing if the risk factors are high and you have nothing to support the bluff. So, it is recommended to use bluffing in moderation.

You get more bad beats online

Often people come with the statement that the poker players get more bad beats playing online poker than you do playing live poker. The cards online are just as arbitrary as there are in live games, so there isn’t a greater probability of you receiving a bad beat when playing online. You play a lot more hands in the same duration in online poker as compared to live games. The ratio of bad beats still remains the same for the 2 variants, but since the absolute count of hands where a player gets bad beats might be higher due to significantly higher number of hands played, people tend to believe that they get more bad beats online.

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