Oct 21, 2018

348 Entries on Day 3 of PokerBaazi Premier League III

The best part of online poker is that it can be played at the ease of access and to enhance honeybun in this prospect, we give a bumper chance to all the online poker players in India thru PPL III. Pokerbaazi Premier League III just got better on day 3 inured with a tough fight and massive guarantee crush in what has been the biggest PLO online tourney in India. There were total five events entailing astounding surprises for players. The satellite for the first event instigated at 2.30 PM for the 15K GTD [R+A] NO LIMIT Texas Hold’em. 28 players participated in it. The first event for 15K GTD began at 4 PM where 69 players contributed. The prize amount stipulated was 31950 and ‘fishstars’ pioneered the top spot by procuring the amount 9585.

The second satellite at 5.30 PM gave the players a chance to win a direct entry in the next bout held at 7 PM for 25k GTD [FreezeOut] No Limit Texas Hold’em. 83 players competed in it and the prize pool was plush 41500. ‘Gooner1317’ feats the top position with an amount of 12450. The prizes were getting bigger and excitement was getting capacious with events. 56 players joined in for 40k GTD [R+A] No Limit Texas Hold’em. The total prize pool went up to 72000. ‘Floppingnuts’ took the top place with an amount of 21600 and ‘kingisback’ got the second position.

Getting fervent? Well, time to keep your nerves under control as we take you to the next remarkable upshot. The next event for 3L GTD [PLO] [2R+A] had a total prize pool of whopping 525000 which made it the biggest online PLO tournament in India. Yes, you heard it right! 68 players participated in it.  It was even more exciting to see a handsome deal being cracked amongst the top 5. Ranks 1st (Killbill) and 2nd took 94218 each and fought for the glory and leaderboard points. Ranks 3rd, 4th and 5th settled down for a prize of 75000 each. The last event started at 12 AM for 30K GTD [Turbo] [FreezeOut] No Limit Texas Hold’em. 72 players vied in it and the total prize pool was 43200. ‘TheProfessional’ won the top spot by winning an amount of 12960.

PPL III is a 5-day affair and has lots of excitement in its basket. We have always aforesaid, Leadership points are as excited as the games and we surprise top ranking players with goodies. ‘TheProfessional’ took the top spot with 826 points, ‘gooner1317’ got the second rank with 729 points and ‘bluffinduce’’ got the third rank with 678 points. Visit the website to register for the upcoming events. Stay tuned to our social media channels for all the live updates.

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