Sep 17, 2019

Answer Someone’s Prayers By Scoring Big In Pokerbaazi’s Kerala Flood Relief Tournament

 Kerala Flood Relief Tournament

Poker is your way to play and win big, but there are moments in our lives when we need to play with big hearts and score even bigger. We often live up to those days when someone expects us to help them and they are hanging on by that glimmer of hope.

Today is one such day.  

Kerala Floods are a natural calamity and they have invoked an SOS alert from the government. PokerBaazi stands with those affected by the floods and is thus organizing its ‘Kerala Flood Relief Tournament’ today, 23rd August 2018 at 8 pm to help the victims. The tournament will be topped with a Guaranteed prize pool of INR 6 LAC and will feature a Buy-In of INR 3000+1000.

As a part of its humanitarian initiative, PokerBaazi shall match the tournament fee and the same will be donated for this noble cause. You too can do your part by enrolling yourself in ‘Kerala Flood Relief Tournament’ and playing with a big heart. Your good deed shall go a long way in helping someone in need!

PS: We also encourage you to donate for Kerala floods on appropriate channels. Each effort of yours to contribute for flood relief goes into answering someone’s hopes and prayers.

Poker is A Skill-Based Game

Poker is a world-famous card game that relies heavily on several core concepts of Mathematics, Psychology and Risk and Asset Management. It is a highly skill-based endeavour that involves taking calculated risks and testing one’s self-belief. While immensely popular in European and American continents, it has taken up our country by storm over the last decade too!

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