Nov 15, 2018

Baazi Poker Tour Day 1- Kalyan Chakravarty won Rs 5.7 Lacs in the 10K Freezeout Event

Kicked off with 100 preliminary entries to a whopping 230 entries for the 10K Freezeout event, Baazi Poker Tour was besieged with an astonishing poker extravaganza. Whether we talk on Bonanza or the Rainy weather, everything was in favour of players looking for treasured experience. Hundreds of Poker enthusiasts marked their presence to play in Baazi Poker Tour at Deltin Royale Casino, Goa.

The expedition started with the announcement of “Shuffle Up & Deal” by PokerBaazi Pro Vikram Kumar, the 10K Freezeout event for 7.5 Lacs in GTD prize pool, began at 7 PM. Players got started at a blind of 25/50 and a blind interval of 25 minutes. The event was decked up with notable pros from across the country, including PokerBaazi Pro Paawan Bansal, Abhishek Panda & Vikram Kumar, Jasven Saigal, Rajat Sharma, Pranay Kapoor, Maria Kirloskar, Kartik Ved, Sahil Chutani and Simon Mint.

The actions seemed to be unbounded with registration crossing over 200 amassed with elimination of Rajat Sharma, Shashank Desa and Nisha Sarin. Abhishek Kumar goes all-in preflop with his stack of over 8500 and gets called by Piyush, Vikram Kumar goes all-in preflop with a stack over 4000. 120 well-heeled players were left after the second break. The game started at blinds 600/1200/200.

The thrill rapt to pinnacle with elimination of Vikram Kumar and Sumit Sapra from the same table. Spartan Poker pro Sangeet Mohan moved all-in with 14,500 and got one caller on the table. With clock leading to zero hours, there were only 65 players left in the 10K Freezeout event. The major chip counts: Sidharth Sighvi – 67,000; Suren Gupta – 66,000; Jeeran Jain – 64,500; Bharat Jaiprakash – 63,000; Kartik Ved – 62,000.

Kartik opened with 4000 preflop which Bharat called to see the flop and after few hit-or-miss moves, Bharat got eliminated from the 10K Freezeout tournament. With confounding strides, the tournament field was down to 38 players at the end of 13th level. The fun escalated with the proclamation of the prize pool, which was a whopping 22.8 Lacs. The number of places paid were 24.

The first player to get eliminated was Sangeet Mohan in the 24 players’ watercourse, channelled to win cash prizes. He won 20,000. 11 players eliminated in the next half hour. The cash prizes were- Raghvendra R – Rs 25,000, Rajesh Patel – Rs 30,000, Shantanu Bharadwaj – Rs 30,000, Gaurav Didwani – Rs 30,000, Santosh Suvarna – Rs 35,000, Sameer Chaturvedi – Rs 35,000 and Deepak Kempegowda – Rs 35,000. Mandira finished 12th for Rs 44,000.

The 10K Freezeout event reached its final table of 9 players with Kalyan Chakravarty leading the final 9 with 4,29,000 chips. Jaydeep Dawar finished 9th for Rs 53,000 and Kanishk Upreti finished 8th for Rs 65,000. Alnoor who got doubled up, lost his stack to Vikas in this hand. He finished 7th by winning 85,000. Siddhrath Signhvi finished 6th for Rs 1,10,000, Nitesh Baliyan finished 5th for Rs 1,40,000 and Alpit placed 4th for Rs 1,90,000.

En masse, the showdown belonged to the top 3 players- Jiren, Kalyan and Vikas. Jiten got eliminated a while later winning Rs 2,55,000. Vikas and Kalyan were strode up for the tournament title and the prize money. Just 4 hands into the foremost upshot, Kalyan won the 10K Freezeout tournament bagging Rs 5.7 Lacs in top prize. Vikas gript the second spot by winning Rs 3.5 Lacs. As put down in Kalyan’s own words, it is his first major win in his intact poker career.

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