Nov 15, 2018

Baazi Poker Tour Day 3- Shashank Desai wins the 50k HighRoller Tournament

The third day recommenced with the elimination of Arjun Dhingra, Kunal Kabba, Rakesh Reddy and PokerBaazi pro Paawan Bansal. 15 players got on-board in top 15 to compete for the final prize. The chip count of top 10 players was; Sridhar – 670,000, Vinod Megalmani- 570,000, Pranjal – 480,000, Kartik Ved – 410,000, Jasven Saigal – 380,000, Zeeshan – 350,000, Prateek Jain – 250,000, Kishore DP – 250,000, Shashank Desai – 220,000, Deepak Kempegowda – 182,000 and Prabhakaran Che – 159,000.

The first elimination in the top 15 was of Md. Rasidullah, who took home Rs 1,10,000. Kartik knocked off Clawin D’Souza in the level 21. He won Rs 1,10,000. Pratik Jain finished 13th for Rs 1,45,000 and Prabhakar Che finished 12th for Rs 1,45,000. Kanishka finished 11th for Rs 1,45,000. The thrill heightened with Jasven stacking up to 1.2 million. Deepak Kempegowda finished 10th for Rs 1.8 Lacs and Vinod Megalmani finished 9th for Rs 2,20,000.

Meanwhile, the main event of the third day for 25K began at 7 PM. Pranjal raised to 55,000 to which Kishore moved all-in and Pranjal called. Kishore finished 8th for Rs 2.2 Lacs and Zeeshan Finished 7th for Rs 2.9 Lacs. The excitement turned aesthetic with Jasven leading the table of 6 with 14,05,000. Sridhar finished 6th for Rs 3,65,000 and CV K Sam finished 5th for Rs 5,05,000. Jasven placed 4th in the tournament by winning Rs 6.5 Lacs and Kartik Ved finished 3rd with an amount of Rs 9,05,000.

The event stimulated to the winner moment with Heads up deal made between Shashank Desai and Pranjal Batra. Shashank Desai won the tournament by winning a whopping amount of Rs 14.5 Lacs and a high roller trophy. Pranjal Batra decided to go for 18.1 Lacs cash prize. The thrill is to be prolonged to capping today with a start of the final event of Baazi Poker Tour. Stay tuned for all the awesome updates of Baazi Poker Tour.

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