Nov 15, 2018

Baazi Poker Tour Day 4- Puneet Dua wins the 25K Main Event

Started synchronously with 50K High Roller Event, the event brought 20 Lacs in guaranteed prize pool. Players began with a stack of 20,000 chips at a blind of 25/50 and a blind interval of 35 minutes. Late registrations were allowed up to the 4th level of the game. The tournament brought 94 entries in the beginning and notable players like Abhishek Panda, Vikram Kumar, Rajat Sharma, and Maria Kirloskar participated in it.

The numbers increased to whooping 175 in the next half hour, bunting it into a majestic feel. The thrill began when PokerBaazi pro took down the pot with a higher full house. Pro Maria Kirloskar and Jagsy Chahal got eliminated on level 6 and 7 respectively. The buzz escalated when Sanjay Taneja busted Amit and Siddharth Sighvi got eliminated. Sumanth was leading the chip count with 110,000 at level 9. Jasven Saigal got eliminated by Vineet Kumar, Sonu Singh got eliminated by Ratul, Kavish Kukreja got eliminated by Anup Palod and Krishna G eliminated by Eka.

The exhilaration reinforced with the proclamation of the prize pool which was whopping 43.5 Lacs, with the minimum cash prize of Rs 50,000. Kanishka Samant got eliminated by Arvind and Sanket doubled up to survive. 80 players were left to combat till level 13 with Niranjan leading the chips to 180,000. Vikram Kumar got eliminated by Nikita Luther and S P Behra got busted by Rajat Sharma. Nikita Luther was leading the top 50 players with 2,50,000.

Level 18 boosted up with the elimination of Tarun Goyal as popular TV actor Ujjawal Rana had him covered in stacks. Nikita Luther was still leading the remaining 28 players with a stack of 414000. The tournament was candied with top 24 players who were entitled to the cash prizes. Ujjwal Rana and Guruprasad Rana had a quick elimination at level 19. Ujjwal Rana placed 24th bagging Rs 50,000 and Guruprasad Gupta finished 23rd for the same prize money.

The next convolute had eliminations of Harjas Wadhwa, with an amount of Rs 50,000 and Pradeep Singh, by winning an amount of Rs 60,000. Simon Mint was leading the remaining players with a stack of 4,80,000. Farukh Shaikh and Manish Goenka had eliminations in the next level winning an amount of 60K and 70K respectively. Archit Khandelwal finished 17th for Rs 70,000 followed by the speedy eliminations of Varun Gulati, Jimmy Arora and Mukunda D. PokerBaazi Pro Abhishek Panda placed 13th for Rs 85,000; Girish Sahane placed 12th for Rs 1,00,000, Raj Talwar placed 11th for Rs 1 Lacs and Rashidullah placed 10th for Rs 3,20,000.

The final table was formed with 9 players, Sumanth Kumar was leading the table with a stack of 8,36,000. Rajat Sharma finished 9th for Rs 1.25 Lacs, Nikita Luther finished 8th for Rs 1.5 Lacs, Abhishek Jalan finished 8th for Rs 2 Lacs, Sumanth Finished 6th for Rs 2.6 Lacs and Revanth Finished 5th for Rs 3.4 Lacs. The final four players restructured the total prize money left for them encompassing Rs 10 Lacs for first prize, Rs 8.5 Lacs for the second prize, Rs 7.5 Lacs for the third prize and Rs 6.5 Lacs for the fourth player. Ankush was placed in the fourth place for Rs 6.5 Lacs. Simon Mint got the third spot by winning an amount of Rs 7.5 Lacs. Puneet Dua won the main event by winning an amount of Rs 8.5 Lacs adorned with the tourney trophy.

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