Aug 25, 2019

Baazi Rewards Siphon Out Rewards Worth 1.5 Crore in 30 Days!

Baazi Rewards : PPL Tournaments Tickets

It was 21st August 2018 that our innovative Loyalty Rewards Program, called the Baazi Rewards; had debuted on the Indian poker stage with a bang. A month or so on today, it has become a template in its domain and has undoubtedly won the love of all those it was intended for. Plus, you can now also win tickets to major tournaments in PokerBaazi Premier League through Baazi Rewards.

Imagine a world where you can follow your passion for poker without any second thoughts. We know of your love for poker and we also understand that regardless of what your proficiency level is, you may make a few bad moves and end up taking the heat.

We are here to save the day for you through our Baazi Rewards.

Baazi Rewards is a revolutionary Loyalty Rewards Program that is launched by PokerBaazi and it pays you for just being your best at your game- even when you’re not exactly winning someday! It would incentivize you with loyalty points for the duration of time that you would play cash games on company’s gaming software and apps, and you can encash these loyalty points for hefty prizes at each preset level.

Yes, it is that revolutionary.

You can win!

Baazi Rewards have been in the news since day one. We have awarded over INR 1.5CRORE in CASHBACK AND LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM together since August 21, and the numbers are rolling up every hour. We are presenting some of the top winners of our distinguished Baazi Rewards below.

Just one question: if they can do it, why can’t you?

  1. Pramod “PG111111” Gupta claimed a Goa Package at Premium level 16 in just 28 days.
  2. Kanishk "GOONER1317” Upreti claimed a MacBook Pro at level 21 in less than a month.
  3. Pulkit "IFOLDFULLHOUSES" Goyal was rewarded with Vegas package at premium level 22 in just 15 days.
  4. Utkarsh "OSWALD99” claimed ONE PLUS 6 at level 15 in just 10 days.
  5. Bobbe “FURIOSAA” Suri won a Samsung S9+ at level 18 in a month.

There are several more players who have won BIG with us and we shall publish their names subsequently.

Two good!

The Loyalty Reward Program, called Baazi Rewards, comprises two options (called LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM and CASHBACK) and you are free to take one.

  1. The former option features top prizes like a Jaguar XF supercar, a see-me-once trip to Vegas and tickets to PokerBaazi’s popular tournaments. You can also win premier gadgets like MacBook Pro, iPhone X and OnePlus. This is also the default option and it comes with lifetime validity.
  2. The latter would help your bankroll swell as we would credit your cashback amount as applicable every week. Just a reminder, you can switch among the two options only once a calendar month.

Key features

  • The Loyalty Rewards Program comes with an unlimited validity.
  • The taxes for all prizes (claimed under the Baazi Rewards) will be borne by PokerBaazi.
  • Players can win up to 50% back at the Premium Levels.

Now win tickets to major PPL Tournaments through Baazi Rewards

Players can win tickets to various PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) tournaments through several Premium Levels in Baazi Rewards.

The upcoming INR 4.5+CRORE worth PPL Autumn’18 Edition features several tournaments and you can win tickets to them by playing your favourite cash games and going up the Premier Levels as follows:

Level 5

PPL #23, ValueTown 15LAC GTD (5RE)

Level 9

PPL #4, The Big 20LAC GTD (RE)

Level 10

PPL #9, The Endeavour 30LAC GTD (RE)

Level 11

PPL #14, The Vegas 30LAC GTD (RE)

Level 12

PPL #27, ME Warm Up 20LAC GTD (5RE)

Level 13

PPL #32, BSS 20LAC GTD (5RE)

Level 15

PPL #19, The Summit 20LAC GTD (5RE)

Level 17


Level 18

The MoneyMaker 1CRORE GTD

Level 21

PPL #20 HighRoller 50LAC GTD (5RE)


We’re sure this would have got you excited, and you can visit this link to know more about our Loyalty Rewards Program: .

Remember, it all begins with a decision to try!

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