Feb 22, 2020

Kick-start Your Poker Journey with PokerBaazi BankRoll Builder Series (6L+ GTD)!

PokerBaazi BankRoll Builder Series PokerBaazi BankRoll Builder Series PokerBaazi.com

7 days, 29 events, 6 LAC+ on offer for buy-ins starting at just ₹15, presenting you the January Edition of PokerBaazi BankRoll Builder Series (PBBS). A series developed for low-stakes poker players and for someone who is beginning their poker career.

If you’re looking for online poker tournaments that will help you build a healthy poker bankroll, then this is where you should be. This poker tournament series will meet you on the last Monday of every month, so make sure you’re here to make the most of it.

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Tune in between 27th January and 2nd February to take your shot at the massive 6 LAC+ prize pool for microscopic buy-ins starting at ₹15!

What to look forward to:

 PBBS Series

  1. 29 events, 6 LAC+ on offer for buy-ins starting at ₹15!

Maximise your winnings with minimum spends with PokerBaazi BankRoll Builder Series. We know we are repeating this but where else would you find such an amazing online poker promotion!

  1. Multi-day Main Event (2 LAC GTD)

Multi-day event, multiple opportunities! The highlight of this poker tournament series gives you six opportunities to make it to Final Day. You can take your shot at poker stardom by joining multiple starting flights and compete for the huge guarantee.

  1. HighRoller (1 LAC GTD)

HighRoller, your highway to professional poker career. There’s no better way to start off your poker career other than this rewarding poker promotion. Join for a buy-in of ₹500 and win from ₹1 LAC!

  1. Win the Button and Progressive Knockout tournaments

This is your Bankroll Booster Pack! The tournament series schedule will feature interesting, new formats that helps you boost your bankroll like no other poker promotion.

  • What is Win the Button?

Win a hand, win the dealer button – it’s as simple as that! What it does is that it lets you be ahead in the game because you now get to act last.

Also, win hands multiple times and keep winning the dealer button! Badam-tush (the drumroll was needed)!

  • What is Progressive Knockout?

Keep sending more and more players to the rails and keep winning their bounties. When you eliminate your opponent in progressive knockout format, you get half of their bouty value and the remaining is added to your own bounty value.

  1. Exciting leaderboard prizes

One of the best low-stakes poker promotion in India, the PokerBaazi BankRoll Builder Series Leaderboard offers prizes worth over ₹65,000! Show up at as many online poker tournaments as you can and claim your leaderboard prizes – winnings or losses do not count!

Check out how it will be distributed among the top 10 players:























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Make Sundays rewarding with 1 LAC GTD on offer!

Opt-in with poker promotion code, SUNDAY100 on a minimum deposit of ₹1000 and get a ticket to Sunday 1 LAC GTD held every Sunday at 8:30 PM.

You’ve got all the reasons to get started on India’s most trusted poker website, PokerBaazi. See you at the felts!

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