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BPT’19: A Phenomenal Success With 1300+ Entries & 5.5 CRORE GTD on Offer

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BPT'19 Sum Up

The Baazi Poker Tour ‘19 was a magnet for action, attracting a total of over 1300 entries, offering a prize pool of ₹5.5 CRORE! The series witnessed massive player fields with several poker heavyweights in attendance.

The game has been upped and the felts were blazing with action. Here’s how the entire six-day-long series panned out:

BPT Kick-Off Event

BPT Kick-Off Winner

After two days of intense competition, Abhijeet Shetty outshined a field of 257 entries to ship the tourney. Shetty entered the final table as the chip leader and after sending Gangadhar Raj, Charush Bhatia and Manas Kalita to the rails, he entered a heads-up battle with poker pro Saumil Krishnani.

Final Hand Recap

Shetty raised to 75,000 from the button with Qs-10h as his holdings, Krishnani shoved all-in with Kc-Jd. Without any delay, Shetty called and the flop rolled out 4s-9c-Qd which sent Shetty in the lead. The 3s and 7c on the turn and the river proved to be of no consequence for Krishnani. With this, Shetty shipped his career-first title for a payday of ₹8.52 LAC!

Final Table Results (INR)

  1. Abhijeet Shetty – ₹8,52,700
  2. Saumil Krishnani – ₹5,98,300
  3. Manas Kalita – ₹3,84,800
  4. Avadh Shah – ₹2,84,800
  5. Sahil Chuttani – ₹2,13,800
  6. Charush Bhatia – ₹1,71,000
  7. Anant Purohit – ₹1,42,000
  8. Mohammad Azhar – ₹1,13,800
  9. Gangadhar Raj – ₹85,200

BPT ₹100K HighRoller

BPT HighRoller Winner

This two-day tourney went on until the wee hours of October 12, announcing a winner in Rohit Jinwal. The event attracted a field of 161 entries inflating the prize pool to a gigantic ₹1.52 CRORE! Jinwal won his first-ever live title, sending Ankit Wadhwan home after a heads-up play.

Throughout the game, Wadhwan was clearly dominating the final table. He managed to eliminate four players on the final table: Jeeran Jain, Abhinav Iyer, Sajjan Barnwal and Siddharth Karia to enter a heads-up game against Jinwal.

Final Hand Recap

On the final hand, Wadhwan decided to go all-in with Qc-9c and Jinwal called with Kd-Jd. The board rolled out As-8s-10x-4x-7x which announced Jinwal the champion of the day with his kicker King. He walked away with an unreal first-place prize of ₹39.38 LAC!

Final Table Results (INR)

  1. Rohit Jinwal – ₹39,38,600
    2. Ankit Wadhawan – ₹27,57,700
    3. Siddharth Karia – ₹17,74,200
    4. Vivek Rughani – ₹13,13,800
    5. Sajjan Barnwal – ₹9,85,000
    6. Abhinav Iyer – ₹7,87,700
    7. Jeeran Jain – ₹6,54,600
    8. Nikhil Jain – ₹5,24,600

BPT ₹50K Main Event

BPT main Event Winner

Day 1B

The first live starting flight of the Main Event witnessed a total of 174 entries flocking to the BPT felts. In the end, it was 26 players who survived the competition and managed to enter Day 2. This group was led by Gagandeep Malik with a stack of 545,000 chips. Trailing Malik were pros, Dhaval Mudgal (459K) and Abhishek Goindi (334K).

Other notable qualifiers included Haider Madraswala (311K), Ashish Munot (296K), Vasim Rozani (256K), Manish Gandhi (252K), Maria Kirloskar (238K) and Raghav Bansal (103K).

Day 1B top 10 chip stacks:

  1. Gagandeep Malik - 545,000
  2. Dhaval Mudgal - 459,000
  3. Abhishek Goindi - 334,000
  4. Haider Madraswala - 311,000
  5. Ashish Munot - 296,000
  6. Vasim Rozani - 256,000
  7. Manish Gandhi - 252,000
  8. Deep Patel - 240,000
  9. Maria Kirloskar - 238,000
  10. Kanav Parwal - 236,000

Day 1C

The third flight attracted a large field of 193 entries, with a total of 27 of them making it to Day 2. Headlining this group was Pune-based pro, Neel Joshi with a chip stack of 5,66,000. He was followed by Anant Purohit (4,67,000) and Vivek Rughani (4,16,000).

Day 1C top 10 chip stacks:

  1. Neel Joshi - 566,000
  2. Anant Purohit - 467,000
  3. Vivek Rughani - 416,000
  4. Devang Yadav - 370,000
  5. Abhinav Iyer - 358,000
  6. Akanksha Singh - 329,000
  7. Arsh Grover - 266,000
  8. Alok Birewar - 247,000
  9. Bharat Sude - 239,000
  10. Nitesh Baliyan - 204,000

The fourth starting flight (Day 1D) concluded on the same day, playing host to 120 entries. The prize pool collected was a massive ₹2.66 CRORE!

Day 2 – Final Day

The final day of the event marked the end of the second edition of the BPT and what an end it was! Filled with the who’s who of the Indian poker community, it was Bharat Kumar who outlasted a field of 567 entries to be crowned as the winner. He walked with not just the trophy, but a staggering first-place prize worth ₹38.01 LAC after a four-way ICM deal. The first runner-up was Tarun Guwalani who pocketed ₹36,22,000 for finishing at the second place.

On winning, Kumar said that for him, “the heads-up started very badly.” He added that “I had given him(Tarun) a 2:1 chip advantage. But then I came back from there so, obviously, it’s an amazing feeling.”

Final Table Results (INR)

1.Bharat Kumar – ₹38,01,000*

2.Tarun Guwalani – ₹36,22,000*

3.Dhaval Mudgal – ₹28,33,000*

4.Vinod Megalmani – ₹26,55,000*

5.Chirag Sodha – ₹12,28,500

6.Hitesh Batra – ₹10,39,300

7.Maria Kirloskar – ₹8,66,100

8. Neel Joshi – ₹6,90,200

9. Abhinav Iyer – ₹5,19,700

Registering a massive field and rolling out successfully, BPT has set a bar that’s hard to beat. Thanks to all the Baazigars who made it a spectacular event. Here’s what Mr. Varun Ganjoo, Marketing Director, PokerBaazi had to say: "We're glad we could give players a great experience at the Baazi Poker Tour, but this is just the beginning. There's a lot more in store and it will only grow from here."

Stay tuned to get latest updates about our exciting promotions.

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