Apr 02, 2020

Building On Its Previous WOW Factor, PPL Is Back With A Bang!

OMG= PPL Autumn’18 Edition + Prize Pool of INR 4.5+ CRORE GTD

"PokerBaazi will launch its top two events- MoneyMaker and PokerBaazi Premier League together as one event with a jaw-dropping prize pool of INR 4.5+ CRORES. It’s all 'Advantage YOU' this October with PokerBaazi! "


Incepted in 2015 and 2017 respectively, the PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) and MoneyMaker (MM) have together created shockwaves in India’s passionate online gaming community because of their top-end winnings categories. Their timeline is a glorious sum of PokerBaazi’s highly player-centric and game-based initiatives.

Fast forward to 2018, and they have together bettered themselves with higher Guaranteed prize pools, lower Buy-Ins, and a massive fan following. What’s even better, you can win a ticket to the PPL through the company’s recently released Baazi Rewards and we shall release more information about them a few days from now!

Your favourite league is back as your one-stop answer to all big bang events that offer a hefty prize pool. We have combined your two most favourite poker bigshots - PPL and MM to offer you an unbeatable and jaw-dropping winning proposition. 

The Now

India’s most prestigious online poker series, the PPL is back with a bang! Its latest avatar is an exciting inclusion of its famous sibling- the MoneyMaker. The PPL 1 CRORE Main Event would thus now pave way for a similar MoneyMaker event with a buy-in of just 10K.

The Wow

PokerBaazi’s king’s move aka the PPL had debuted as the first of its kind online league in the dynamic online gaming space of India. It then had a prize pool of INR 12 LAC but it has now swelled to an incredible INR 4.5+ CRORE in less than three years- and you can scale the new prize pool in 7 days flat!

This year, each PPL season has a Leaderboard with prizes worth INR 10 LAC plus a Yearly Leaderboard that has a prize of INR 25 LAC and a Harley Davidson bike for the winner.

Isn’t that something that makes you go WOW?

The How

It is simple! You need to enrol for the PPL Autumn ’18 Season and go on your usual way of gunning down the top prize. You only need to play the best poker of your life for these seven days and hopefully, you would be able to scale the target! And guess what, we have surprise package for you.

Surprise Package

PokerBaazi’s class-leading Baazi Rewards have made a mark for themselves for their incredible Loyalty Rewards Program. This reward system is special because they would award you for simply playing the game and on the time that you spend on the company’s platform, regardless of whether you win or lose. The Baazi Rewards would also offer entries to various PPL events and MM subsequently and you know this is going to be the best deal for you.

The new levels with PPL Tickets will be available very soon.

 Advantage YOU!

This translates into more bang for bucks as you get an inside-out chance to make your dreams come true. For this time, you only need to focus on one major event or series at a time.

  • The Guaranteed prize pool is INR 4.5+ CRORES.
  • Another big plus is that there are two Leaderboards instead of one. One leaderboard is for PPL (and is worth INR 10 LAC) and the other is the Yearly Leaderboard (worth INR 25 LAC). The top prize for the latter is a Harley-Davidson bike that you can drive around the city as a mark of your victory!
  • The minimum Guaranteed event for each day is kept at INR 15 LAC. There is also an INR 50 LAC High Roller and one MM tournament waiting for you.
  • The Satellites start on 19th September 2018.
  • There would be exciting giveaways on Facebook. You can Like, review them and share your views so that you don’t miss on any further updates.


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