Mar 31, 2020

Enjoy Two New Poker Variants Available Now on PokerBaazi!

5 Card PLO 5 Card PLO

We’re At It Again!

You can be the best but you can always work towards bettering yourself. At PokerBaazi, we strive to never stop improving with an in-house tech team helping us in this quest. Apart from designing some crazy promotions, events and series, and of course the amazing loyalty reward program, Baazi Rewards, our team takes care of all issues individually.

This time, our team has worked hard to introduce a new format on the PokerBaazi app- 5 Card PLO. A variant of Pot Limit Omaha which is loved by many in the poker community- good news for all!

In this game, a player has to use 2 hole cards and 3 community cards to make a hand. The only difference between 4 card variant and 5 card variant is that in the former a player is dealt with 4 hole cards and in the latter 5. It seems that it would be exactly the same as the one offered before, but we must tell you that it’s way more exciting & action-driven. It can spice up your entire gaming experience.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before diving into this newer, adrenaline-pumping game:

  1. Premium hands such as AA and KK find their value reduced. Try to play with hands that connect well to the flop.
  2. Set your ranges well. Do not forget that others have those 5 cards as well!
  3. Be cautious with your draws (straights & flushes). There are high chances that your opponent might have a better one.
  4. Having more cards on the table means more effect on your bankroll. Therefore, take decisions wisely and plan accordingly.

Apart from this, we have also introduced One-Touch Tournament Info feature. This slide-key gives you all the information (players/blind levels/stacks/position/places paid) without you leaving the table. Another game variant set to launch in August is OFC (Open-face Chinese) Poker. We are excited to introduce a new form of poker to the Indian online poker players.

Known for offering novel experiences to the Indian online poker circuit, PokerBaazi team runs only on our love for poker and the poker needs of our players.

We are also hosting the second edition of India’s biggest online poker tournament, 2Cr GTD GameChanger between 21st & 25th August. To win tickets to the multi-day tourney visit our social media handles.

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