Jan 22, 2020

G.O.A. 20 LAC GTD: Massive Winnings and A Trip to Goa!

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We've got a cure for your midweek blues! 8PM is always a special time on PokerBaazi. You get to enjoy tourneys like The Endeavour 15 LAC GTD and The Bout 10 LAC GTD, which are some of the biggest you can play in online poker.

We've decided to go one step further for our beloved Baazigars though, and have upped the ante once again with the G.O.A 20 LAC GTD that will now take place every Wednesday at 8PM.

But it's not just the number that should have you excited, there's a lot behind the name as well.

G.O.A. - Goa on Arrival

Not only does this tournament guarantee massive winnings up-top for a buy-in of just ₹5500, but the top 2 winners from each week will be flown to Goa to participate in an 8-Max Sit 'N' Go featuring a 4 LAC GTD! This guarantee is made by deducting ₹50K from the weekly winners of the tournament.

Pay-outs for the Sit 'N' Go will be ₹2.5 LAC for the winner and ₹1.5 LAC for a 2nd place finish.

The 8-Max Sit 'N' Go featuring all the winners will be played on the first Saturday of the subsequent month. The package for players will include return airfare, stay for a night, airport and casino transfers in addition to a seat at the Sit 'N' Go. 

That’s not all! Players who place in the Top 2 twice in the same month will receive double the starting stack when playing live, giving you added incentive to ship the tourney more than once!

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The Sit 'N' Go 4 LAC GTD will be played at the PokerBaazi LIVE room in Goa, where participants will get to enjoy signature Baazi hospitality and experience the very best of live poker. The game will be live-streamed as well, so players will get to create their own little piece of poker history!

So looking forward to hitting the live felts? Here’s what you need to do to make sure you get there:

  1. Participate in the weekly G.O.A. 20 LAC GTD tourney every Wednesday at 8PM on PokerBaazi.
  2. Place in the Top 2 for an all-expenses paid trip to the 4 LAC 8-max Sit 'N' Go at PokerBaazi LIVE in Goa. ₹50K will be deducted from your winnings to build the prize pool.
  3. Join 6 other winners on the first Saturday of every subsequent month and play for a 1st place prize of ₹2.5 LAC
  4. Enjoy yourself and smile for the camera at the live-streamed event!

The PokerBaazi Live room is also home to some exciting promotions and events, making your time there all the more wonderful.

So mark your calendars every Wednesday, because it’s time to book your ticket to G.O.A.

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