Mar 31, 2020

GameChanger 2.0- It’s Back With a Twist!

GameChanger 2.0 GameChanger 2.0

Be the Ultimate Champion!

India’s biggest online poker tournament, GameChanger first rolled out between February 20 & 24. The massive success of it jolted down the Indian online poker circuit. The event attracted a humongous player field of 3,777 contenders among which Bangalore-based Prashanth Sekar took down the title. This time, it’s back to destroy all the records and from the ruins will rise above another champion!

Make it to the Headlines Spending Half the Prize!

The second edition of the event is scheduled from August 21st- 25th. While the first edition broke all the records making it the biggest multi-day event in the country, this time it comes back with a twist. The buy-in of the tourney is cut down to half of what it was earlier- INR 5500 instead of INR 11000 but the guarantee (INR 2 CRORE) remains untouched. So why compromise, go get those big numbers!

Multi-day Marvel!

GameChanger 2.0 will feature 4 starting flights with the fourth one having turbo format. This will help players enter the final day with the healthiest stack and provide multiple opportunities to qualify for Day 2. Day 2 (August 25th, 6 PM) will witness all surviving players contending to be the ultimate champion, with the entire field already in the money.

Satellites to the Rescue!

If even INR 5500 bothers you, then we are offering satellites to enter the starting flights only for INR 275! These satellites are running every day (Monday- Saturday at 8:30 & 9:30 PM). On Sundays, we are hosting four satellites to enter each starting flight respectively between 5:30 PM and 8:30 PM.

Exciting Offers!

We are also giving away free and discounted tickets via contests, free entry tournaments and Baazi Rewards. Stay tuned and visit our social media channels for the latest updates and offers on the same!

There is still time to buck up and set your goals. Hone your skills if you aren’t confident and play satellites to enter this biggie with the mightiest chip stack. All the best!


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