May 27, 2019

PokerBaazi Kick Starts Time Bomb Tournament

Time Bomb Tournament 

In this era of constantly changing tastes, PokerBaazi knows that variety is the new black. So, dear Baazigars, we have introduced a new promotion, just to relieve you of the burden of conventions.

Our new initiative is the “Time Bomb”, which explodes at the correct time, to reward the survivor. The main idea behind this promotes sustainability. To secure a share from the prize pool, you have to survive the felt till the stipulated time, with the chip lead. And Boom! The hefty amount is yours!

A bit confusing and out of the box, isn’t it? All this while, a win at the felt was about the pot but now, it's time. Now, the player has to aim to accumulate the maximum chips and play very strategically to take down the winner’s title and prize money. Yes, pot is replaceable.

Poker has always been a game that stretches over long durations. Players have played in tournaments that go on and on, throughout the night. The games are tiring at a certain level and also, comparatively, take more time to generate money- a drawback for sure for the impatient percentage of our poker population. But “time bomb” is like the upgraded generation- super fast with its actions.

You might be thinking that this promotion is tougher than the usuals. So to do away with such pre-conceived notions, let us break it down for you.

Deposit Codes :

The “time bomb” has 4 different deposit codes-

1) TIME BOMB 100 : Get a FREE ticket for next available Time Bomb 100+10 tournament.

Minimum deposit 100,
Withdrawal criterion 10 VIP points.

2) TIME BOMB 200 : Get a FREE ticket for next available Time Bomb 200+20 tournament.

Minimum deposit 200,
Withdrawal criterion 20 VIP points.

3) TIME BOMB 500 : Get a FREE ticket for next available Time Bomb 500+50 tournament.

Minimum deposit 500.
Withdrawal criterion 50 VIP points.

4) TIME BOMB 1K : Get a FREE ticket for next available Time Bomb 1000+100 tournament.

Minimum deposit 1000,
Withdrawal criterion 100 VIP points.

The promotion starts at 2 pm sharp, every day. There are 10 time-slots each day, with buy-ins ranging from 100+10 to 1000+100, but the only thing that is constant for all the slots is the time duration. You have to sustain for 21 minutes, in the slot in which you have enrolled and you take home a share from the prize pool. Yes, guys! It’s as simple as that!

Now, what are you waiting for? Doubting your own competency doesn’t suit a Baazigar. Afterall, we got to live up to our name- Baazigar, who knows how to extricate wins, even from his losses. So, see you at the felts, Folks!

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