Sep 17, 2019

Know About the Spectacular Run of Flight 1B of 1 Cr GTD Value Bomb

Value Bomb Value Bomb

Value Bomb Flight 1B Sum Up

India is witnessing its very first high-value tournament- 1 Cr GTD Value Bomb. It hosted a player field consisting of 709 players in Flight 1A with 67 of them qualifying to enter Day 2. The audience saw the fierce competition on the PokerBaazi tables as they hosted the poker pros and even newbies of the Indian Online Poker Circuit.

PokerBaazi has been hosting and making multi-day tournaments a commonplace occurrence in the domestic poker industry. The field for Flight 1B consisted of a staggering 717 players including 233 re-entries. A total of 69 players qualified to enter Day 2 (June 9 at 6 PM) after a tough session that went on for five hours (7 PM – 12:13 AM).   

The top five outshining players who will be entering Day 2 with healthy stacks are:

  1. Barsha “sonaa” Jain (684,118)
  2. Nitesh “noplay” Shrothi (469,544)
  3. Prashant “prashant32” Butoria (401,763)
  4. Binit “punter27” Saraf (370,867)
  5. Neelansh “TheBigShow” Khurana (329,771)

The player field consisted of many rookies and professional players. However, some of the notables in the list are Sajjan “TheTeacher” Kumar (187,608), Guneet “guntz” Kwatra (180,230), Anubhav “Shovemaster” Raj (169,288), PokerBaazi Team Pro Jasven Saigal (153,916) and Rajat “LungFakeer” Sharma (112,365).

The Thrill Isn’t Over- You Can Still Seize India’s Biggest High-Value Tourney!

For players who could not make it to Day 2, you have multiple options to enter starting flights of 1 Cr GTD Value Bomb.

  • Use deposit codes on your deposits and enter Flight 1C and 1D which are scheduled to roll out on June 7 and 8, respectively at 7 PM.
  • Mega satellites are running live for today and tomorrow (June 7 & 8) offering 50 seats GTD. The sattys are scheduled between 2:30 PM and 5:30 PM.
  • You can simply register by paying the Buy-In (INR 2750).

A pool of opportunities to seize this high-value tourney which promises an unreal prize pool of INR 1 CRORE awaits you. Let the felts know about your presence. May luck and skills favour you!

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