May 27, 2019

One Step, One Chance, One Earth

Our Earth, the epitome of endurance and patience, is in peril. The earth and its water-bodies share a bond as pure as that of a mother and her child. Like a mother-child relationship, earth and water complement each other. Life on earth without water cannot exist.

The plight of Earth is not unknown to mankind. With every passing day, this blue planet is nearing its apocalypse. With trees being cut down to increasing pollution to depletion of ozone in air, mankind has left no stone unturned to make sure that the planet is breathing its last. But, not all is lost. Hope survives, if we bring our unapologetic activities under control.

It’s is said in hindi, “Jab Jaago Tabhi Savera”, thus it isn’t too late yet for humans to take up the initiative to save their only habitat. We can make a difference with our sincere efforts to revive the earth. The humans have to realize that even before the Earth meets its end, mankind will do. One step towards saving the only planet is by reviving its lifeline- Our Rivers and other water-bodies.

Therefore, with hope and positivity in heart, has decided to take the first step towards saving Mother Earth. The impact can be huge, if all of us are determined towards taking this initiative not just one day but every day we live on this planet- our home!

PokerBaazi, in association with Conserve India, will take up the challenge to free river Yamuna, the lifeline of Delhi, off the burden it has been enduring since decades now. Yamuna needs to be purged. The river has already lost its aquatic life due to heavy dumping of sewage and plastic waste into it by the industries. But, we must make an effort to bring back life in this river.

The Kolkata-based poker website has come up with first of a kind initiative, The Clean Yamuna Campaign. As part of the campaign training will be providing to the residing locals including farmers and rag pickers, and any interested parties, to up cycle traditionally non recyclable plastic waste into their patented fabric- “Handmade Recycled Fabric”. This fabric, in turn, can be used to manufacture commodities like apparels, bags, footwear etc.

Poker Baazi believes that it can be a pioneer but support is needed from everyone to execute the mission of saving our planet. So come, join this campaign and work towards giving our beloved Earth a better life.

This is how you can contribute:

Participate in the poker event that is to be held on the 20th of April, 2018 at 8pm. The event comes with a buy-in of 5000+1000, and guarantees a prize pool of 5 LAC. The Tournament fees will be matched by and donated for the cause.

To know more about the details of donation log on to .
Let’s pledge to make this earth a better place to live in.



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