Feb 29, 2020

PokerBaazi.com makes its way to Goan waters – Announces PokerBaazi LIVE Room at Casino Pride 2

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PokerBaazi has recently tied up with the Pride Group to begin operations aboard the new Casino Pride 2 vessel in Goa under the name PokerBaazi LIVE. Located on Level 2 of the month-old vessel, PokerBaazi LIVE will feature a set-up of sleek cash tables with high-octane action running through the year.

Top- notch technology will be incorporated into the design of this new poker room, which will play host to some of the biggest cash games and International tournaments in the domestic circuit. The PokerBaazi LIVE room will be run in collaboration with Madhav Gupta – whose involvement brings immense value to both the Pride Casino and PokerBaazi.com.

What to expect

It’s the Big Stage – and its right here in Goa! It’s a dream for many, and a nightmare for some! Sitting on the featured table with lights, eyeballs and cameras following your every move – this is what it’s all about! The PokerBaazi LIVE room is all set to raise the bar – and by a margin! The company has been breaking boundaries on the digital felts for years now, and one can only imagine what the PokerBaazi LIVE felts have in store for players in the months to come!

PokerBaazi.com CEO Mr Navkiran Singh has always been an ardent fan of the game and has played a vital role in the growth of poker in India. Through PokerBaazi.com, he has managed to reach out to poker enthusiasts across the nation and create a safe and comfortable platform for them to learn and enjoy the sport. Besides, the company is known for their innovative ideas and have already hosted some of the biggest events and series in India.

“I want to bring the same levels of excitement for players to enjoy the game in the live circuit, as they have been doing online. Plus, we have Maddy aka ‘Goa ka Daddy’ on board which only makes this all the more exciting and fun! We are thrilled to be launching the PokerBaazi LIVE room aboard the new Pride 2 ship – which is truly a spectacular venue. Players can definitely expect some big live events over the next few months.” said Mr Navkiran Singh.

Mr Madhav Gupta, who has been associated with the Pride Group in the past is also looking forward to this new development. “I am very excited to announce what I feel will be the next catalyst for Indian Poker. The pride poker room has been a pet project of mine for the last decade and I believe that with the combination of India’s premier poker site and our years of great service live we can extend the goalpost of what will be offered to players”, he stated.

The two friends have been part of the poker boom in India right from the get go. Through the PokerBaazi LIVE poker room, their vision is to build an ideal live platform to further grow the booming mind-sport so that it gets the recognition it deserves.

Poker has certainly grown within the country but we have also had our fair share of success on the international felts. Many Indian pros have left an impression overseas by putting up impressive performances in some of the biggest events in the World, and this move by the two old friends comes in efforts towards creating an environment similar to that one - in our own country. With a high-end streaming set-up and a team to capture all the action, the PokerBaazi LIVE room is all set to give players an experience like no other.

Major Events and Tournaments

PokerBaazi.com has created milestone events and series on the digital felts – and it is now time to build the same kind of excitement in the live circuit. Back in 2016 PokerBaazi hosted the Baazi Poker Tour (BPT), which received an overwhelming response from players across the country. Players can expect some massive cash festivals in the months to come, along with a definite possibility of a smashing live International tournament series.

About Pride Group

The Pride Group began operations in 2007 with Hotel Neo Majestic, and has gradually grown to build a strong unit of Five-Star hotels (owns one & operates another) and four Casinos in Goa. Of the four casinos owned by the Pride Group in Goa, Casino Pride offers live gaming tables and is located offshore in two vessels namely Pride 1 and Pride 2. Casino Paradise and Casino Palms are onshore Casinos and offer electronic games. The Pride Group also owns a casino in Nepal at the Grand Hyatt in Kathmandu. Over the years, the Pride group has been recognised for their warm hospitality and great attention to detail.

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