Aug 25, 2019

PokerBaazi Blazes Its Guns With Five Events Worth A Minimum Of INR 10 LAC Guaranteed Every Week!

                                            PokerBaazi Weekly Events : Five 10 LAC Guaranteed 

The Indian online gaming website has announced two 5LAC Guaranteed events on weekends too!

Poker Baazi is all set to steamroll a massive season of jaw-dropping wins this October for its Baazigars. It has announced its stellar lineup consisting of five 10LAC Guaranteed events and two 5LAC Guaranteed events this October. All these events would be hosted on different days of the week, thus allowing you an unprecedented season of BIG wins

These five events are as follows:

  1. Monday: The Bout 10LAC Guaranteed.
  2. Tuesday: Endeavour 10LAC Guaranteed.
  3. Wednesday: Vegas 10LAC Guaranteed.
  4. Thursday: Summit 10LAC Guaranteed.
  5. Friday: FriYAY 5LAC Guaranteed.
  6. Saturday: Value Town 5LAC Guaranteed.
  7. Sunday: Baazi Super Sunday 25LAC Guaranteed.

Here’s your bag of happiness!

PokerBaazi’s bag of happiness opens every Monday and runs through the week until Sunday. As you can see, the events running from Monday to Thursday feature a 10LAC guaranteed prize pool and for the remaining week, it is at 5LAC guaranteed prize pool.

  1. The Bout 10LAC Guaranteed

Featuring a jaw-dropping prize-pool of INR 10LAC, The Bout is just the way to kickstart your week with a bang! It is fast jumping on popularity rankings and you should be a part of it- and we would be alongside cheering your every move!

It gets rolling every Monday at 8 pm and it carries a buy-in of INR 4000.

  1. Endeavour 10LAC Guaranteed

Endeavour is just the spark you would look for after an awe-inspiring Monday. It appears on the scene as an old warhorse, featuring an attractive 10LAC Guaranteed prize pool.

It is scheduled for every Tuesday at 8 pm and features a buy-in of INR 3500.

  1. Vegas 10 LAC Guaranteed

As one of the most popular single-day online poker tournaments, Vegas fits the scene perfectly with its guaranteed prize pool of INR 10 LAC. This tournament is just as attractive as the American city it derives its name from.

You can play it every Wednesday from 8 PM onwards and it features a buy-in of INR 3000.

  1. Summit 10LAC Guaranteed Tournament

Middle of the week should be no reason for any lax. Choose Summit 10LAC Guaranteed every Thursday evening at 8 pm and rekindle your passion with this nail-biting tournament. The buy-in starts at INR 7500.

  1. FriYay 5 LAC Guaranteed

The latest addition, FriYAY is just there to get your weekend start on a roll. It has a guaranteed prize pool of 5 LAC and it starts every Friday at 8 pm.

Its buy-in costs INR 1500 and this could well be your ticket to a weekend worth cherishing!

#OffbeatOctober is here to change the concepts of boring weekdays!

  1. Value Town 5LAC Guaranteed

Get rolling every Saturday with the upcoming Value Town 5LAC Guaranteed tournament. It starts every Saturday at 8 pm and features a nominal buy-in of INR 500. It’s just what you should start playing to pep-up your weekend.

  1. Baazi Super Sunday 25LAC Guaranteed

What could possibly beat closing a week on a high? Ditto for that we have our Baazi Super Sunday’s enormous 25LAC Guaranteed prize pool for three tournaments that all roll at the prime time! These three tournaments feature one 15LAC and two 5LAC guaranteed prize pools. It’s buy-in starts as low as INR 2500.

 "PokerBaazi Premier League Autumn’18 Edition worth 4.5 CRORE Guaranteed (15th-21st October)"

Worth an incredible prize pool of INR 4.5+CRORE, the upcoming PokerBaazi premier League Autumn’18 Edition is your key to BIG wins this Autumn season! It is one of the most awaited online poker tournaments and will roll from 15th to 21st October.

What’s new?

The Main Event would be called ‘The MoneyMaker’ and it would thus come with an INR 1 CRORE Guaranteed prize pool.

Besides, the winner of the combined yearly leaderboard will get prizes worth 25 LAC and a stunning Harley Davidson.

Checkout the complete PPL schedule here:

Baazi Rewards

You can win tickets to various PPL Tournaments through Baazi Rewards- the unique Loyalty Rewards Program that pays you for simply playing poker. We suggest that you grab this golden opportunity with both hands to play get rewarded with tickets to your favourite PPL matches.


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