Aug 25, 2019

PPL The Lungi Way

After doing pretty alright in Goa, Macau and Manila after Vegas with many deep runs and final tables without closing out any, I’m getting ready for the Special Edition of the PokerBaazi Premier League – for 2.4 Crore guaranteed in the prize pool!

To make sure I am ready and playing my best poker, I am focusing on a couple of very important things.

Get Enough Sleep

After traveling a lot in the last couple of months and playing many hours of Poker, both online and live, I’m making sure I get enough sleep before the PPL. I’m expecting to run deep in the tournaments and that means many hours of grinding. The mind and body have to be rested well for such a long series of 31 high-value tournaments over 7 days.

Stock Snacks and Water

When I play for long hours I make sure that there is lots of water to drink and some snacks by my side so I don’t get distracted from the game. Whatever I need is right next to me and the focus is only on doing well in every game.

Catch me on the other side of the PPL at PokerBaazi Live where I will be playing a lot of high action poker in the coming months.



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