Feb 29, 2020

PokerBaazi celebrates the success of PPL II with ‘After Party Week’

Pokerbaazi Premier League (PPL) Season II which started on 16th March concluded with the bash on its last day i.e. 20th March. The tournament sets aside its exhilaration on all four days and each day was primed up of its own buzzes. Every day had something to bequeath for all the yearning poker players. The first day was jam-packed with electrifying shots with 365 entries and astonishing wonders. The prize pool went up to opulent 325000. ‘Bongking’ took the top spot for the first prize of 97650.

The second day endorsed 329 entries and a surfeit of the voyage. The prize pool went up to grand 372500. The day was full of remarkable commotion and upshot showdowns. ‘Boronyx’ won the event for the first prize of 111750. The game just got more spectacular with every passing day. The tournament witnessed 328 entries on its third day. ‘Jerome’ took the top spot with the prize amount of 150000.

Leadership was as fervent as the game and the points were pulsating elatedly. ‘Playeasy565’ took the top spot with 1075 points, ‘pushnpray17’ got the second rank with 819 points and ‘grewal’ got the third rank with 778 points. The prize pool on the fourth day went up to 71,000. ‘Zombie’ took the top spot with the prize amount of 21,300 and ‘figureitout’ took the second spot with the prize amount of 14,200.

The fifth day extolled gigantic prize pool of 1360000. ‘Perkio07’ won the amazing amount of 374000. If you are flabbergasted with the massive takings then we would just want to caution you of further revelations we have in our kit for you. Pokerbaazi is heedless of the word aloof and to maintain its stock, they are back with the ‘After party week’ starting from 21st March. It is a 7-day affair. It gives you an elite chance to complete your VIP points target and win big bankrolls.

The delight is not over yet and there are much more yet to be beheld. Stay tuned for all the latest updates. Please follow all our social media channels for all the live updates. The higher is your VIP Level, the more you will earn.

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