Aug 25, 2019

Preparing for the 2.43 Crore GTD, PokerBaazi Premier League Special Edition

Put aside the Kentucky Fried Chicken, keep Game of Thrones for September, and make sure your subscriptions to Primed Mind and Runitonce have not expired!

With a prize pool of 2.4 crores spread across 31 tournaments over 7 days, the Special Edition of the PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) will be worth every moment of your preparation.

Here’s a peek into my Prep Plan for the PPL:

Dedicated Off-Table Work

I dedicate 2 to 3 hours a day to work off the tables. By now, I have a good handle on what my leaks are and I am trying to fix those by watching select videos, reading articles on the strategy that both tackle those leaks and provide an insight into the larger picture.  The most valuable time spent on my game is discussing hands and strategy with the rest of the PokerBaazi Team – it is my good fortune to have such unselfish, helpful team mates and I hope I can do them proud in the future.  

Focus on the Mental Game

As I mentioned in my earlier blog post, I have been doing a lot of mental work around confidence.  Elliot Roe, the world’s best poker mind coach, has been my guide through his Primed Mind application. I would recommend Elliot’s courses and his pre-game guidance to everyone who has problems with Tilt, lack of Confidence in their game, or has a difficult time focusing for long hours.

Select Table Sessions

In the last couple of weeks, I have been playing only larger field MTTs as well as deep stack cash games so that I am ready for the deep structure PPL Poker Tournaments such as the Highroller and Main Event (which has a combined GTD prize pool of 1 crore!).  As they say, practice makes perfect!

Build Endurance

To play the majority of 31 tournaments over the course of 7 days will be a mighty challenge.  In order to get myself physically ready for the grind, I have been swimming 60-70 laps a day with the goal being 100 laps the week before and during the PPL. That should give me enough energy to last through the final tables!  I might even introduce Bikram Yoga into the mix if I have enough time.  But if I do too much, I run the risk of sleeping through the tournaments - so finding the balance is key!

Eat Right

Sadly, I have to stop eating chocolate for a while and get back to some clean living. Salads, chicken, grilled not fried, and absolutely no potato chips. Raw Pressery’s detox program is great for mental clarity, so I’ll have them on speed dial over the next two weeks!

I think I have a good Prep Plan which covers everything so that I can be ready to play and enjoy this amazing challenge offered through the PPL.  If nothing else, I think I just might be in the best shape of my life in the next few weeks!! 

If any of you out there would like to share your Prep Plan with me or have any suggestions on how I could improve my plan, do write to me.  Cheers and all the best for the PPL. 

It’s time to unleash the beast.

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