Feb 24, 2018

Prize pool reaches 6.9 LAC at the Day 4 Main Event of PPL III

PokerBaazi Premier League III just got splendid on its day 4 touted with an elite chance to win 6.3 LACs GTDs. The fourth day consisted of five events jam-packed with enormous enthusiasm. The first satellite at 2.30 PM gave the players a chance to win a direct entry in the next event held at 4 PM for 20K GTD [R+A], NO LIMIT Online Texas Hold’em Poker India. 60 players competed in it. The total prize pool for this event intensified to 32000. ‘Shrey94’ took the top spot for a prize of 9600.

The voyage was followed by another event at 7 PM for 20K GTD [FreezeOut]. 84 players strived in it and the prize pool was remarkable 33600. The player with the username ‘Kingsandqueens’ took the top spot for a prize of 10080. The buzz just got higher for the next event held at 9 PM for 50K GTD [6MAX] [R+A], NO LIMIT Texas Hold’em. 67 players competed in it. The prize pool went up to 80000. ‘FishStars’ paved to the top position with the prize amount of 24000 and ‘Rmanasa’ took the second spot for a prize of 16000.

The inclination just got astonishing at the next session held at 10 PM for the 5 LACs GTD [Re-Entry] No Limit Texas Hold’em. 105 players participated in it. The prize pool went up to the gargantuan amount of 690000. ‘ukissmyace’ outranked everyone with the prize amount of 189750 and ‘CopyNinja’ got the second position for a prize of 120750. The last event for 40K GTD [Turbo] [R+A] No Limit Texas Hold’em held at 12 AM. 62 players contended in it and the total prize pool was 58,000. ‘Nishant177’ took the top position for a prize of 17400.

At PokerBaazi, leadership points are encouraged consonantly as the main tourneys and we surprise top ranking players with goodies. ‘Killbill’ got the top position with 1111 points, ‘bluffinduce’ got the second rank with 1018 points and ‘whale’ got the third rank with 868 points. Visit the website to register for the upcoming events. Stay tuned to our social media channels for all the live updates.

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