May 27, 2019

Puneet Dua on Winning Baazi Poker Tour (BPT) Main Event

BPT Main Event winner Punnet Dua speaks exclusively to PokerBaazi about winning Rs 8.5 Lacs, his preparation for BPT and poker experiences.

    • The BPT 25K Main Event is by far your biggest cash – what did it feel like to win such a massive tournament?

It was a great feeling to have every chip in the field with me after two days of play. All I want is to do the same, but "more" of it. More events more action.

    • What were your preparations like for BPT?

I played the online satties, cracked it for 3 events but the high roller. Watched videos, read blogs, carried a book and a pen to study my stats for my live tournament.

    • There were more than 200 entries for the tournament. What was the trail? Were you out to win it, or to try or just ladder up?

My objective was very clear from the beginning, to win a lot of money. Post the final table the objective was clear.

    • There were Pros like Paawan Bansal, Abhishek Panda, Maria Kirloskar and Nikita Luther etc. Come on, admit it, you were terrified, weren’t you?

Well, absolutely, amid a din, I believe I had the best of the field on my table adapting to the moves did take a lot of time and patience. It was a great learning experience for me. I learned a lot from DK's, Panda's and Kanishka's style of play, debated with them about various important hands. Archit Khandelwal also helped me striding the final table.

    • What are your plans in Poker for your future?

Play more. Tournament is indeed my preference over cash game. Looking forward to the next series at Goa to share my action with people who believes in me.

    • How did you make your first bankroll in poker?

Well, to be honest, that was a part of my salary and that’s been the case typically until this year before quitting my job last November to focus wholeheartedly on poker.

    • What was your biggest poker loss in one day?

I bubbled for WSOP main event satellite, I will consider that as my biggest loss. After going step by step it was the last step for two seats. The biggest cash game loss for me was 2 Lacs in a day.

    • Who is your favorite poker player and why?

Daniel Negreanu- His reads are spot on, and has that outgoing personality while playing poker.

    • What are your thoughts on BPT Tournament?

Crushed guarantees and great online backing. Winning the satties online indeed increased my ROI (return on investment). Jasveen, Navi, Ankit, Sanket were great hosts. They were personally involved in all goings-on and undeniably created a fabulous spectacle for the poker community.

    • How is your experience playing at PokerBaazi?

It’s been a steady journey so far for me, Omaha action is super loaded and crazy good for high stakes players.

    • How different live poker tournament is from online poker? Which is easier?

Well, this is an endless argument, I see online poker as a tool to play more hands per hour and play the same hands differently to know the best of the spots and positions. The practice and experience in online games can add skills to your live game and vice versa, but eventually to win a tournament you need to read souls sometime or the other.

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