May 27, 2019

Run To Meet Your Best Poker Version

           Majestic May-Vegas Race

The Majestic May has brought with it scorching heat and also our endless desire to sip on cool beverages throughout the day. This is the time when - afternoons are lazy and the day seems to be more than 24 hours, and thus, the right time to indulge in Poker. With the glucose levels on decrease due to this merciless heat, Pokerbaazi has brought just the right thing for you. The new promotion by is sure to bring back the lost energy in you and the adrenaline rush is obviously complementary. Introducing to you, the 'Vegas Race'- a race which you can participate in, without moving an inch from your bed. This summer, PokerBaazi is taking you to the place which faces the maximum poker heat! Let me first break down the rules for you and then we can take a tour of the prizes that you can win.

Well, just like other Poker Baazi promotions, this is also easy but yes challenging. You, being a player, won't be chasing a pot. All you have to worry about is making points. Well the format might sound conventional but there is a twist here. You don't try to surpass anyone else; you make a target, achieve it and take your reward home. Thus you compete your ownself and bring out the best version of you at the felt.

The whole promotion is divided into two parts so that the promotion is accessible by all poker enthusiasts. The two parts are- Hi and Lo. Thus you have an option to decide you range of investment and stacks.

The Lo category has 4 options to choose from-

1.) For a game of 1/2 blinds, 1 point would be awarded to the player, per hand
2.)For a game of 2/4 blinds, 1.5 points would be awarded to the player, per hand
3.) For a game of 3/6 blinds, 2 points would be awarded to the player, per hand.
4.) for a game of 5/10 blinds, 2.5 points will be awarded to the player per hand.

Similarly, The Hi category is further divided into multiple options for the players-

1. For a game of 10/20 blinds, a players gets 1 point per hand
for a game of 25/50 blinds, a player gets 2 points
2. For a game of 50/100 blinds, a player gets 4 points

For a game of
3. For a game of 100/200 blinds, a player gets 6 points
4.) For a game of 200/400 blinds, a player gets 8 points
5.)For a game of 250/500 blinds, a player gets 8 points
6.) For a game of 500/1000, a player gets 10 points

This was all about the to dos in the game. Now lets us take a tour of the rewards that you can bag. The rewards range from RCB to Iphone to Travel Packages. You score based on the target that you have set for yourself and on achieving it, rewards you with what you deserve. Now the twist here is, there is no limit to the number of winners who actually bag the prizes. Whoever achieves the target is entitled to the reward. Thus, each and every player has fair chance to win big.



Details & Prizes



Points Per Hand Played


























  Category Points Prize
 High  10000    PPL Package 
   17000       PPL  Package + IPhone 8
 25000  Vegas  Package
 35000     Vegas+PPL Package
 Lo  10000 20K RCB
   20000        25K RCB + PPL 1Cr Main Event Ticket 
 30000 GOA Package
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