Feb 25, 2018

The recently launched “Double or Nothing” tournaments on PokerBaazi.com have attracted a fair number of players and for good reason. Popularly known as a DoN (Double or Nothing), this unique tournament is a relatively easier way for players to double their money simply by finishing in the top half of the field. A good player will record at least an 80% win rate on a reasonable sample size.

How these DoNs work is simple. Once a player registers to the event and takes their seat, the game begins much like a tournament, with binds and antes increasing steadily, putting pressure on everyone’s stack. Once late registration ends and the number of entries is determined, the goal of the tournament is to finish in the top half of the field. Doing so gives you double your investment while failing to do so leaves you empty-handed.

The format is not too hard to adjust to, and these games are the easiest to multi-table. The strategy involved is very mechanical, and survival is key. A general and profitable approach to the game is to play super tight early on, steal more often in the middle stages, and adapt a push/fold strategy towards the end. ICM and bubble dynamics are extremely important in this format, as finishing at the bottom of the top half is no different from finishing in first place.

PokerBaazi.com has scheduled these Double or Nothing tournaments throughout the day, with buy-ins ranging from INR 550 to INR 5,500. These tournaments offer an additional late registration period of 5 minutes. Players start with 25 big blinds and the format of the event is a Hyper-Turbo one. DoNs are very popular amongst players looking for a quick double-up on their investment, as well as the regulars, who will dig deep and learn that the format of the game does require a certain strategy in order to maximize profits in the long run.

Visit the PokerBaazi.com tournament lobby for the complete schedule of these new and exclusive events, and get building today!

See you at the tables #Baazigars!

Take part in the India’s biggest poker festival ever. The trail of whopping prize amount continues and this time it is with “The MoneyMaker.”

The event has been scheduled for the 1st of October, 9 pm onwards. The tournament guarantees a hefty Prizepool of 1 Crore, additionally, an INR 25 LAC GTD for the first place winner! A buy-in amount of INR 11,000 will get you an entry to the tournament. It gives players the chance to multiply their investment anywhere from 50 – 250 times, now that’s something worth working for!

Furthermore, PokerBaazi.com is hosting a range of “satellite tournaments” leading up to The Moneymaker, giving players great value for their money by investing as low as INR 10 and securing themselves a ticket. More than one of these Satellite tournaments are being held every day on the website.

Designed and structured by some of the biggest and most accomplished poker PROs in the country, The Moneymaker promises to change the history of poker in India and has come up with something huge and way more interesting. To an increased amount of guaranteed prizepool from 60 LAC, in the Main Event of PokerBaazi Premier League Special Edition, to 1 Crore will drive poker folks insane. This has already created a buzz in the poker community.

The MoneyMaker is here, hold your cards right as the battle of minds is about to begin. Tournaments have become an extremely popular format of the game due to the amount of money being offered. Coming up with something like The MoneyMaker tournament is a game changer for any professional, amateur or recreational poker player. The tournament is undoubtedly going to be spectacular. Get ready for an adventurous ride on the biggest poker tournament online.

The event will be hosted online on PokerBaazi.com, and players can choose to play either by downloading the software/App on their desktops or phones (IOS or Android) or by simply using the “Instant Play” option available on the PokerBaazi website page. The action is about to begin and to WIN big try your hands on the daily satellites. Check the schedule at https://www.pokerbaazi.com/the-moneymaker.

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