Feb 25, 2018

Are you worried about the tilt, stacking you at the edge of poker tables?

A book by Roland Gary Jones can help you come over it. The book basically states the solutions to help you grinding successfully.

At the poker table, the outcome is a major hit to your bankroll. Luckily Roland Gar Jones, a Bankruptcy Attorney, composed a book called 50 Mental Biases That Cost You Money at the Poker Table, which offers a science-based answer for the tilt issue. The book will help you save your stack, can save you time, and cash on a therapist’s lounge chair!

The book not only gives 50 answers for tilt written in 178 pages, additionally tells a lot about sociology and psychology of a poker player. It has many references to behavioral science which inquires about examination, trials, and studies. In the event that making sense of pot odds is a science and making sense of hand chances and perceiving tells is an artistic expression, at that point, you ought to consider acclimatizing yourself with a portion of ideas.

This book won't just enable you to see some of your own subliminal tendencies and hidden mental and enthusiastic states of mind, yet will help you understand and identify different players’ demeanor and inclinations.

This book forwards the direction to conquering tilt. It's likewise useful in recognizing the numerous unobtrusive signs of tilt. If you are aware of the numerous ways tilt can come and raise ugly situations then stay away from it, and perceive when another person is under its impact, this book is an unquestionable requirement in your poker library.

Jones' knowledge into depths of the subconscious is astounding and he unloads it in an extremely easy-to-see way. You need not bother with a degree to get this stuff, and it will have a direct quick effect on your main concern. At the point when a Bankruptcy Attorney composes a book about how to expand your bankroll, you could possibly need to focus!

Given an attorney who hopes to earn through this publishing, the tilt issue with players definitely needs attention to ensure all the hard-earned chips after a long grind gets into your pocket and not someone else’s because of a simple reason – you could not keep your calm!

PokerBaazi.com never fails to give its players an intriguing time! So, after the success of the MoneyMaker, the portal introduces Hi Octane October. This month, join the action on PokerBaazi.com and stand a chance to win the massive prizes on offer.

Playing tournaments are fun, entertaining and at the same time an extremely competitive format of the game. After all, the poker landscape readily associates with exceptionally good and proficient poker players who represent India in some of the most prestigious tournaments scheduled globally.

Hi Octane October on PokerBaazi.com is the perfect promotion to learn, play, and win from an all-new range of tournaments. The promotion offers stellar rewards in the form of daily leaderboard races, monthly prizes, and a chance to win an iPhone X!

A new range of tournaments have been structured and scheduled to run through the month (1st of October till the 31st of October.) It will feature a Daily Leaderboard Race, where the winner will receive a bankroll of INR 20,000 every day. The player who tops the Leaderboard 5 days in a week will get an iPhone X. There are 3 such phones to be won. More details on the Hi Octane October promo can be found on the link below: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/promotions/leaderboard-rewards

Furthermore, the BIG Series with weekly Guarantees worth 28 LAC is here to increase your adrenaline rush! Win all 6 types of The Big tournaments in a month and win an extra INR 5 LAC!! Check the outlay from the following link: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/promotions/the-big

A unique tournament format to double your stack has also been lined up. The DOUBLE OR NOTHING tournament allows top half of the entrants get doubled up. The detailed structure can be glimpsed at https://www.pokerbaazi.com/promotions/double-or-nothing

Finally, Leaderboard prizes worth INR 10 Lac will be rewarded over the duration of the month, with a cool INR 1 Lac for first place and INR 50,000 to the three most valuable players during the course of this promotion. 

 Get your hands on action, you have a great chance to win big!

I love it when a person’s last name turns out to be either hilariously or inspiringly literal – some examples that come to mind are:

  • William Wordsworth, the Poet
  • Frank Beard who was the only beardless member of ZZ Top
  • Anthony Weiner, most famous for his sexting scandal, and most of all
  • Chris Moneymaker who translated an $86 satellite win to the $2.30 million WSOP Main Event win in 2003. Say what?!!

In fact, Wikipedia states that Chris Moneymaker’s ancestors actually made silver and gold coins and chose “Moneymaker” as their last name as a modification of their German last name "Nurmacher.” What a way to make his ancestors proud!

In true Baazigar style and as a tribute to Chris and to all of us who grind the Poker felt daily looking for glory and the big score, PokerBaazi will be hosting an online tournament called “The Moneymaker” on October 1 with a whopping Rs. 1 Cr GTD with Rs. 25 Lakhs going to the winner!  Say what-what?!!

It will be India’s biggest online poker tournament till date and there will be a zillion satellites starting at Rs.10 for a chance at winning the buy-in amount of Rs. 11,000.

There are also a number of fun contests on Facebook where you can win a ticket to this tournament, so make sure you check those out, too. There’s also a deposit code ‘MONEYMAKER’ with which you can get a free ticket on a 30K deposit.

Besides playing the daily satellites  and participating in the contests, my checklist for preparing for India’s biggest online Poker Tournament:

  1. Pray
  2. Change my last name to Moneymaker.

 Ladies and Gentlemen, the words massive, epic and beast are thrown around very easily these days so I’m going to say that this event is going to be mammoth not just massive, legendary not just epic, and the winner shall be known as Drogon, the beast of beasts!

 Let’s wage war on the PokerBaazi tables on October 1 to be worthy of becoming India’s first Moneymaker!

Checkout the details at https://www.pokerbaazi.com/the-moneymaker


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