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This Week on PokerBaazi- June 2019

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Rome Was Not Built In A Day

Success does not come overnight, it is rather the desired result of our actions. The same proves to be true in case of poker players both online and live. If we observe the career trajectory of any successful poker player, we can see that the growth is very gradual. To improve their skills, players take coaching classes, observe the gameplay of other players and consume literature written by famous professional players.

At PokerBaazi, we aim to provide a platform that aids in the gradual improvement of our players. A huge array of online tournaments and cash games are offered to players both new and experienced.

Today, we take this opportunity to glorify the efforts of our Baazigars of the week (7th June- 13th June).

FriYay 10 LAC GTD:

FriYay crowned Gautam “M8a7” Rohilla as the winner, taking home the winning prize worth INR 2,20,900. His winning kitty on PokerBaazi also includes another massive win. Rohilla posted a score worth INR 1,73,742 in the Game Changer (2 Cr GTD).

Value Town 10 LAC GTD:

It was none other than Vinayak “salmanbhai” Bajaj who shipped the title for a payday of INR 1,75,000. He has major winnings posted in his impeccable career such as his title-winning in last year’s World Poker Tour (WPT) India Series.

BSS SuperStack 25 LAC GTD:

Our Sunday featured tourney was taken down by Chirag “miyagi” Sodha, an online regular in the Indian poker circuit. He took down the title for a handsome paycheque of INR 5,04,208.

The Bout 10 LAC GTD:

It was Muthukumar “hero1965” Rajagopalan who kicked-off his week walking away with a massive winning prize of INR 2,40,006. He has been around in the domestic online poker circuit with a handful of big cashes and deep runs.

The Endeavour 15 LAC GTD:

The Endeavour was shipped by Ashutosh “indianpro” Pandey for a top prize of INR 3,15,000. He is another regular on the PokerBaazi felts. Indianpro’s other major cashes on PokerBaazi includes making it to the final table of 2 Cr GTD Game Changer. He secured 7th position and walked away with INR 6,00,543!

The Vegas 10 LAC GTD:

This INR 3300 Buy-In tourney was taken down by Jairam “Tiburon” Parab for a payday of INR 2,21,341. Tiburon too is a regular in the community. One of his major deep runs includes posting a score at 2018 WPT India Series.

The Summit SuperStack Turbo 15 LAC GTD:

It was a great show at the PokerBaazi felts as many poker pros were in attendance last night. Ashish “OMG_spew” Munot seized this tourney for a paycheque of INR 3,82,950. OMG_spew’s other major win was securing 6th position in Game Changer (2 Cr GTD) walking away with INR 8,30,940.

Our Baazigars make us proud every day. Keep shining and keep winning. We wish you all the luck!

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