Mar 29, 2020

Baazi Grinders Series (February Edition): Time for An Ultimate Grind!

Baazi Grinders Series Baazi Grinders Series

Poker grinders, your favourite week of the month is here with the ultimate PokerBaazi promotion! 7 days of grinding in a series of 35 tournaments with 40 LAC+ on offer, the Baazi Grinders Series is back with a bang with its February Edition. The edge-of-the-seat action with adrenaline pumping formats are here with the (40 LAC GTD) Baazi Grinders Series (17th – 23rd Feb). As always, this PokerBaazi promotion is your favourite blend of huge guarantees and great buy-ins, this time with a twist!

If you are new to BGS, you must know the Baazi Grinders Series is an online poker promotion that has been loved by many in the industry due to the following reasons:

  • It acts as a platform for growth of new players across India
  • It offers a gigantic guaranteed prize pool worth ₹40 LAC!
  • The buy-ins start at just ₹50 against prize pools as HIGH as ₹5 LAC!
  • Two new exciting poker formats have been added: Progressive Knockout and Win the button.
  • The Grinders Series offers exciting PokerBaazi Leaderboard All you have to do is play as much as you can.

Here’s a helpful link on how to play online poker: Preflop poker strategy

PokerBaazi promotions make sure that they include online poker tournaments of different stakes for all kinds of players to claim a shot at stardom. The Baazi Grinders Series is a PokerBaazi tournament series developed for low-stakes players as well as those transitioning to mid stakes with guarantees ranging between INR 40K and INR 5 LAC for buy-ins starting at just INR 50!

While all this is about winning and losing, the Baazi Grinders Series offers Leaderboard prizes to players who participate the maximum! Believe us when we say, this PokerBaazi promotion does not focus on winnings or defeats.

As we said earlier, this PokerBaazi tournament promises to offer leaderboard prizes worth over INR 3.4 LAC. Here’s the detailed break-up of the Baazi Grinders Series Leaderboard prizes:

Rank Prize
1. 75000
2. 60000
3. 42000
4. 35000
5. 30000
6. 28000
7. 25000
8. 21000
9. 18000
10. 15000

Highway to the (5 LAC GTD) Main Event!

Highway to The Main Event

Grab the biggest slice of the pie! Use poker deposit codeGSFEBPB20 – on a minimum deposit of INR 5000 and get direct entry to the (5 LAC GTD) Main Event of the Baazi Grinders Series to be held on 23rd February at 8 PM.

Enjoy Mind-blowing Poker formats

You’re up for some exciting online PokerBaazi tournaments this month. This edition of the Baazi Grinders Series will host several tournaments with two new formats: Progressive Knockout (PKO) and Win the Button (WTB).

Read along to know how these online poker formats work:

What is Win the Button?

Win a hand, win the dealer button – it’s as simple as that! What it does is that it lets you be ahead in the game because you now get to watch your opponents work their moves and adapt everytime.

Also, win hands multiple times and keep winning the dealer button! Nothing gets better than this.

What is Progressive Knockout?

Keep sending more and more players to the deep end to win their bounty every time. When you eliminate your opponent in Progressive Knockout format, you get half of their bounty value and the part that remains gets added to your own bounty value. Time to switch on your hunting skills! The chase begins soon.

Tiny buy-ins, massive guarantees, thrill-infused poker tournament formats, the Baazi Grinders Series is everything a regular poker grinder looks for. Crank it up a notch this Feb with some killer Grinder’s action and claim your stake from that huge guarantee of INR 40 LAC+ this month on PokerBaazi.

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