Aug 25, 2019

Winners, Game Insights and Highlights: PPL Autumn’18 Edition – Day 3

PPL Autumn’18 Edition Day 3 - Winners

Day 3 of the PPL Autumn’18 Edition kicked off at 4pm yesterday and witnessed the completion of events 11-15, including two featured events – the 25 LAC GTD PLO Highroller event which was won by high stakes PLO cash game regular Vinod “figureitout” Megalmani, and 30 LAC GTD The Vegas event which saw MTT crusher Vivek “Ishoveonyou” Rughani emerge victorious. For the third day in a row, the PPL Autumn’18 Leaderboard is led by Amar “kidpoker0109” Mehta and his 2042 points. After some impressive performances on the felts last night, “shipsuperior” and “kornkid” have moved up to second and third place on The Leaderboard respectively.

 Let’s take a look at last night’s results:

Event #11: 2 LAC GTD (3RE)

Day 3 of the PPL Autumn’18 Edition kicked off with a 2 LAC GTD re-entry event. 158 players put up the initial buy-in fee of INR 1,100 along with 137 re-entries, taking the total prize pool to INR 2,95,000. The top 26 players were paid out and it was “akj290” who finished on top of the field, earning himself a payday of INR 59,737. Heads-up action saw him defeat “VidurKohli”- who received INR 44,987 for his second place finish.

Event #12: 3 LAC GTD 6-max Super Stack

Next up was a 3 LAC GTD 6-max Super Stack event. 212 players took to the felts for this one, each investing INR 1,375 and fighting for a piece of the total prize pool which almost doubled to INR 5,76,250. It was eventually “AndhaDhun” who finished in pole position, recording his first win of the season and a payday of INR 1,12,368. “Batman12” finished runner up, earning INR 83,556 in the process.

Event #13: 25 LAC GTD PLO HighRoller (5RE)

A featured event of the day and series, the PLO HighRoller event offered a guaranteed prize pool of INR 25 LAC with a buy-in amount of INR 11,000. 157 entrants along with 136 re-entries pushed that number up to INR 29.3 LAC, with the top 26 players being paid out. Finishing right on top was high-stakes cash game regular Vinod “figureitout” Megalmani- who took home the title and a beefy payday of INR 5,93,325. Megalmani defeated Prince “NaNki” Singh heads up – who took home a chunky payday of INR 4,46,825. This is also the second time that Singh has recorded a runner-up finish in a PLO HighRoller Event.  

Event #14: 30 LAC GTD The Vegas (RE)

Another featured event of Day 3 was The Vegas – boasting a massive INR 30 LAC in guaranteed prize pool. 401 entrants registered for the INR 5,500 buy-in event along with 263 re-entries, taking the final prize pool up to INR 33,20,000. The top 63 players were paid out but it was MTT crusher Vivek “Ishoveonyou” Rughani who received the biggest chunk of INR 6,05,900 for winning the marathon event. He defeated “aryanstark” heads-up- who received a hefty second place prize of INR 4,48,200.

Event #15: 2 LAC GTD Time Bomb

 The final event of the Day was a 2 LAC GTD Time Bomb event with one hour of play time. 104 players took to the felts for this one, taking the total prize pool up to INR 3,12,000. 18 players remained at the end of the 60-minute duration, with PokerBaazi Team Pro “AbhishekRathod” finishing on top of the field, recording his first win of the series and a payday of INR 47,829. “Tiltin” was the runner up in this event, receiving INR 36,316 for his finish.

Congratulations to all the Winners!

 What’s next?

Day 4 of the PPL Autumn’18 Edition kicks off at 4pm today and will be headlined by the 20 LAC GTD Summit event and 50 LAC GTD Highroller event scheduled at 8pm and 9:30pm respectively.  Here’s the complete schedule:

 Leaderboard Standings:

The PPL Autumn’18 Leaderboard boasts 10 LAC in assured prizes with INR 2 LAC reserved for the winner. What’s more, the overall yearly leaderboard for the 2018 PPL series offers a brand-new Harley Davidson Motorcycle to the winner! For three consecutive days, Amar “kidpoker0109” Mehta has held the lead recording a total of 7 cashes, 1 win and 2042 points.  Click Here for complete Leaderboard standings after Day3.

The PPL Fantasy Team Leaderboard is also underway and is currently led by team “luck” belonging to the player “Bloodless”- who has managed to stay in the lead for the second day in a row. See the complete standings here.

 Good luck to all the Baazigars for Day 4!

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