Apr 06, 2020

5 Cardinal Sins of 5 Card PLO!

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Mediocrity is a Big No No!

Majority of the online poker action is flowing towards Pot Limit Omaha, and off late – our recently launched 5 card PLO games. We’ll reveal the reason behind this in a while. More cards means more action and bigger pots, and to be a winning player in the juicy action, it is important to understand the various aspects of the game and study ranges. Let’s take a look at 5 of the most common mistakes that players make while playing 5 card PLO:

Pocket Aces & Premium Pairs

The most common mistake people make is that they over-value their aces and premium pairs. The smartest way to play unconnected pairs (e.g. K-K-9-4-7) is to play them for their set value. Try and make hands that connect properly to the flop. The above hand would have only an average strength in 4 card PLO (e.g. K-K-9-4), and this further reduces with the addition of another card.

Small Flushes

In the No-Limit Hold’em format, players can have a deep run if they are holding low suited cards, but that’s not the case in PLO.  Small flushes can get you in great trouble. A good PLO player will only continue if he/she is drawing to the nuts – and this becomes all the more important when each player is dealt 5 hole cards! Therefore, if you hit a small flush, chances are that someone’s hit a bigger one – so be weary.

Using Two Hole Cards Out of the Four/Five

In pot limit Omaha(4 and 5 card), you have to use two hole cards. Often players tend to get confused when there are 4 cards to a straight or flush on the board, and forget that they can only use 3 community cards in addition to their 2 hole cards. Remember this rule, as sometimes even best players overlook it!

Bankroll management

This aspect of poker is the most important for any format, especially 5 card PLO. Since every player is dealt 5 cards, an increase in action is guaranteed. This means that at times, a pot can really swell up and before you know it you could be in for more than you should. Choose starting hands wisely, and wait at least till the flop before committing serious money into the pot.

Slow Playing

Slow playing hands is a great approach in No-Limit Holdem, but the same isn’t necessarily true for 5 card PLO. It is a good idea to place a bet even on a flop that we have smashed, since more hold cards means more draws and outs for your opponents. After all, you don’t want to take down a tiny pot with the nuts!

PLO is one of the most action-driven formats of poker because all the players have more hole cards as compared to Texas hold’em. Keep these simple poitns in mind and you’re ready to play our all-new 5 Card PLO. The poker masses are all there. What’s the delay!

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