Apr 05, 2020

5 Easy Recipes for a Poker Night

In the trend of online poker, I am sure there are many people out there who want to take their time off online poker and have some poker get together for a change. Get your buddies over this weekend to plan a poker night. And prepare some easy recipes for the grand night.
Poker main courses usually entail sandwiches, pizza, baked beans, burgers or hot dogs. It's almost impossible for the host to get away from the game so it is best to have something that is pre-cooked or easily and quickly prepared. You should try buffet style which is good since it frees up the host from many responsibilities.
The most convenient option if you look for an easy poker night is to call the local pizzeria and have them delivered. And if you want to prepare it at home itself then you can try the below-mentioned recipes which are super easy & less time consuming and definitely, your poker folks will love it.

• Baked Potato Skins- These potato rounds topped with cheddar cheese and taste great topped with a little sour cream! They are so easy to make and a perfect dish for the poker night.

• Mini Pita Burgers with Cucumber Mint Salad- Small burgers and salad stuffed into pitas will fit easily on a small plate.

• Black Forest Mini Cheesecakes- No forks and knives required for these sweet, cherry-topped mini cheesecakes.

• Nacho Dip- This would be the easiest option, get your hands on packets of nachos and a salsa sauce can, you are all set for the poker night.

• Oven fries- The crispy oven-baked fries are low-fat, as well as delicious and an ideal snack for the poker night.

Try these amazing crunch of food lists and enjoy your intriguing poker night. Happy Grindi
ng Folks!




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