Mar 31, 2020

A Month in the Lucky Life of an Amateur Baazigar Featured

This past month or so on PokerBaazi has been a poker enthusiast's dream come true. The new and improved software with awesome playing experience, 3 back to back amazing Vegas promotions giving out 8 travel packages to Sin City and then the Pokerbaazi Premier League edition VI crushing guarantees every day - it just keeps getting better and better.

It's on every online poker player's bucket list to go to Las Vegas and play in the WSOP, so the Vegas Challenge in April definitely piqued my interest. Being an amateur, I thought I didn't even stand a chance. But I decided to give it a shot anyway. Stayed up 20 hours a day over the weekend to grind the maximum allowed 8 cash game tables and one tournament table, which filled up the entire screen on my 13" Macbook Air (really need to invest in a bigger screen). With 3 packages awarded in the Vegas Challenge, I was naturally disappointed when I placed 4th and missed the Vegas package by the skin of my teeth. A brand new iPhone 7 was a nice consolation prize but having come so close and missing out on an all expenses paid a trip to Vegas was crushing.

After handing out 5 vegas challenges over an action packed weekend, PokerBaazi then surprised everyone and followed up with the Vegas tournament challenge and 3 more packages. When it was first announced, I thought it was an impossible feat but two fellow baazigars quickly proved me wrong. Even though I am primarily a PLO cash game player, I decided to play the tourneys just for the Vegas dream and the incredible value - 2 Lac GTD for a mere 2k buy in! After bricking 4 events in a row, I thought this really isn't my cup of tea and a friend convinced me to book tickets for a trip to Phuket. As fate would have it, I shipped the tournament the same night right after booking my tickets. So now I was in a pickle - cancel the trip or just forget about the challenge?

Well, being the poker addict that I am, I ended up bringing my laptop to Phuket and got lucky on the first night itself! ;) Let's just say winning a trip to Vegas worth 3 lacs was a great start to what ended up being an awesome trip.

Next up was PPL VI with the 1.5 cr guarantee and there was no way I was missing out on all the action. Amazing structures, challenging competition, massive prize pools, new and improved look that's easy on the eyes - Pokerbaazi has really bounced back from the setbacks faced in PPL V and really outdone themselves. I would like to congratulate Navkiran Singh and the entire team for setting an example for poker clients not just in India, but worldwide.

Special mention must go to Varun Ganjoo for his prompt replies and be taking care of all the baazigars, especially me. :)

After grinding non-stop during the PPL, a fish like me has somehow gotten lucky enough to place 7th on the PPL leaderboard. Here's to the run good continuing at the World Series of Poker. Right now, it's time for the PPL after party and getting that Macbook.

This rant would be incomplete without a tip of the hat to my long time friend and mentor Paawan Bansal for introducing me to poker 7 years ago and then Pokerbaazi 2 years ago. We've come a long way from playing $10 buyins in college campus lounges and discussing hands over McDonalds breakfast in the wee hours of the morning. If you ever decide to take a break from all your gallivanting across the globe and open a stable, book me a slot for full-time coaching. I know I am a slow learner LOL, but I just hope to be half as good as you one day and life will be sorted. Let's kill it in Vegas this year with all the other Baazigars!

Finally, to everyone I have had the pleasure of playing against on Pokerbaazi, it's a bloody good time to be a Baazigar, innit? See you at the PPL after party.


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