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Abhineet Jain on Winning 3.2 Lacs package to WSOPC Main Event, Czech Republic

After freerolling all the major live series this year, including BPT, WPT UK, and DPT, and the upcoming series DPT Oct and WPT China; WSOPC Rozvadov was indeed my last hope for this year. Honestly, given the location, I was really keen on winning this one as I missed the WPT Rozvadov on Adda earlier this year. This was my second attempt at the satellite on Baazi and it was undeniably a tough field with Baazi pro Paawan and Jasven; Noble aces pro Anmol battling it out for just one seat!

The tournament structure and gameplay

PPL Baazi has really improved the structures of MTTs. The satellite had a pretty decent structure with 8 min blind levels, thus there was a lot of playability till the very end. I had a really bad start when I entered into a 3-way pot with kind of a marginal holding and lost. The notion of these satellite structures is that it is more important to survive till add-on than to try and build a stack by taking marginal plus EV spots as the value of add-on chips is generally much higher. Nonetheless, just 5 minutes before add-on I was able to run my stack up and was chipleading 5 minutes into the add-on. After a few swings, I entered the final table as a short stack and that was the time to pick my spots and ran it up and that’s exactly what I did. Folded pretty much everything for a while and then doubled up with A4s against KQo to climb up to third in chips.

Paawan was chipleading all this while, but after a couple more bustouts, I became the chipleader with 50% of the chips in play 4 handed. It was really my tournament to lose at that point of time. Picked up AK utg and shoved on a short stack BB only to be called by both Paawan with tens and BB. Spiked not one but 2 Kings on the flop to go HU with 6:1 chiplead against sjwalia who was an extremely tight player. Again, just shoved most of my decent hands and didn’t call any of his shoves and eventually he did bleed to 4bigs when I shoved 67s against his QTo to spike a 6.

Future plans

2016 has been a fruitful year for me so far (still a lot to come!) in terms of my learning curve and profits and with this Eurotrip, I achieved at least one of my goals for this year. In terms of profit, I did not achieve what I set out for, so that’s a little disappointing, but to be honest, I invested a lot of time in traveling so it’s fair I guess. With the current association with IPP (, I hope to spread awareness about this amazing game and all I can say right now is there are a lot of exciting things in store for Indian poker community.

Gl and happy grinding,


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