Apr 06, 2020

Akhilesh (Aone1) shares his experience on winning India's biggest online tournament

Akhilesh Singh aka Aone1 showed great poker skills by charging up through a strong field of 169 players to win the 15 LAC GTD Main Event of PokerBaazi Premier League Season III which eventually became India's biggest online tournament till date with an overall prize pool of 21.9 LAC. Akhilesh Singh won a whooping 5 LAC in the tournament.

Akhilesh shares his experience with all Baazigars!

Question 1: How do you feel after winning the 15 LAC GTD PPL-III Main Event?

Firstly, I would like to thank PokerBaazi team for providing such a platform to play poker. It was an amazing feeling to win a major & India's biggest online tournament ever and winning the main event will boast my poker dreams to a different level now. "It was probably one of the best moments ever playing poker.

Question 2: How challenging was the field?

It was indeed a challenging field with lot of good recreational & professional poker games for Indian players, whom I have known to play solid and have learned a lot from them by playing poker on PokerBaazi.

Question 3: What is your review of the PokerBaazi Premier League Season III?

It has been an amazing poker league and a big thanks for holding tournament between mid stakes to high stakes so everyone could participate in it.

Question 4: How & when did you start your poker journey?

A college friend of mine introduced me to poker and I started out playing the game more often online in 2009. We use to play home games during weekends for 3 years and after our college I decided to play poker full time as a career.

Question 5: What are your Poker goals for this year?

This year I would focus more on cash games. I have dedicated to play 40 hour a week and will play some live tournaments as well.

Question 6: What kind of cash games & tournaments do you prefer to play?

I prefer mid stakes cash games ranging from 50-200 blind and stakes up to 50K. I love playing the NHL & PLO formats of the game. I would be playing tournaments ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 25000 and I love playing the FreezeOut mode with big buy ins.

Question 7: What is your advice/suggestion for poker enthusiasts?

Poker is all about making good decisions and I would suggest poker beginners to master the basics of poker sequence to start off with. Poker is a game of skill, luck and observation. We all need to be observant and learn from those who are better than us by simply watching how they played certain hands. This would help to incorporate all the good things learned from others to develop the game.

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