Apr 10, 2020


Hello folks,

I write this blog as I step into my second year as a PokerBaazi Team Pro. After a scintillating start to the year in the Kolkata Poker Championship which we shipped, things have gotten bigger and better in the Vegas promotions, with Baazigars playing day and night to win the race to reach Vegas!

It's an open secret that every poker player dreams to visit Las Vegas to play poker. However, I happen to be one of the very few, if not the only one, who went to Vegas on vacation and then decided to try poker in a more organized and professional manner once I was back in India.  India now has a very strong international presence due to a lot of our stars playing on the international circuit, and I would like to take a moment to give a special mention to Aditya ‘Intervention’ Agarwal’s and Raghav ‘this donk is my hero’ Bansal’s consistent performances in the global arena. Last year I had booked my tickets to Vegas for the WSOP and was looking forward to playing in the biggest tournament in poker, but due to some personal commitments, I could not make it. Instead, I ended up playing at the APT Manila and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise with a career-best 3rd place finish in the ME and an APT title in one of the side events. However, if things go as per plan you would be seeing lungi dance videos straight from the sin city come summer.

As mentioned, we’ve been doing some crazy Vegas promotions with 5 Baazigars already winning Vegas packages this month. But for all those who’ve missed out, we’re coming up with another offer that can win you an all-expense trip to the Mecca of poker. We’re conducting daily Vegas Special Tourneys starting today, 17th April, till the end of the month and anyone who ships 2 of them and makes 1 Lakh VIP points will join the already qualified Baazigars heading to Vegas; meaning up to another 3 players can still qualify!

All in all, I believe that 2017 is going to be an epic year for PokerBaazi and with so many Baazigars making it to Vegas it’s going to be a journey of a lifetime at the World Series of Poker this summer. So, if you want to take a shot in free-rolling to Vegas all you have to do is login to PokerBaazi and participate in Vegas Tournament Challenge!

P.S. You could see lungi playing in the comforts of PokerBaazi LIVE in the coming week. If you know me or even if we have not met do come and say hi. You will definitely like my PJ‘s. Until then keep crushing and keep growing this wonderful sport that we all love.

After a successful score in APT and pretty consistent month in cash games, I decided to head to Macau for the MPC along with Sushi to play only the ME and 20K event. Made day 2 of the main (record breaking event in terms of numbers) as the shortest stack, but unfortunately busted early on day 2.

After a good rest, I headed to the venue and registered in the 20k event which had 272 or so entries in total. Given the buy-in amount, the tables were filled with good regs and pros predominantly. Kept playing solid throughout the day and had 75k @ 400/800 about 90+bigs going into the last half an hour of the day’s play when this hand happened. UTG+1 open shoves 12800 and at UTG+2, we had pocket Queens, which we flat only for cut off to re-raise by 25k and the rest of the table folding. Action came to us only for a player to call clock on us (first time for me) and folding QQ , the flop ran out J4Q Q2 for UTG+1 to show JJ and cut off showing AA. Was very happy with my play overall.

Came into day 2 of the 20k with big Indian contingent still in fray (sushi ,dirty, kp, zarvan) and started off pretty well by picking spots and value betting our nuts, getting paid and chipping up in decent phase. I was inching closer towards ITM only to see KP and donka getting eliminated in 35th and 34th place . We open jammed 10 10 from middle position for roughly 14bigs when the bubble was at stone-cold only for AK to call and clip a K on the turn, to officially be the bubble boy of one of the best events in the Asian Poker calendar.

Wishing you all a very happy Diwali and a great festive season ahead, you can catch me playing on PokerBaazi.com, “India’s most trusted site” and also at PokerBaazi LIVE, Bengaluru. I am very glad to be a part of this journey with PokerBaazi and their endeavors in growing the industry.


Hello Folks, writing this blog about the APT Manila journey and about a few other things happening around since I became a pro at PokerBaazi.com, India’s most trusted poker website. After putting in a fair bit of time training and planning for the Vegas summer it was a bit disappointing to pull out of world’s premier event due to some personal reasons, but if someone had told me that if I skip WSOP I would FT the APT main, I would have taken it any day happily. Many congratulations to the big Indian contingent for the scores this summer in Vegas as well as for the sweat they gave the rail back home and for carrying our national flag high in such a premier event.

In Manila

Day 1

We reached Manila around 1.30 in afternoon only to be told near the luggage collection area by an officer that our luggage didn’t reach Manila from Malaysia and that skipped my heartbeat. Finding clothes my size in Manila would have been close to impossible but luckily they said I should be able to collect at the airport in a few hours. I went direct to the venue and registered for the 500$ bounty event. After a long grind and two bullets, we exited 66th out of 128 odd runners without a bounty when our boat was smaller than villains. Collected the luggage, had some Indian food at a friends canteen very far from the hotel we were staying at and checked in for what was a good rest before the main day 1A the next day.

Day 2 (Main 1 A)

Picked up the seating card and started the event from level 1 only to be busted out early at level 2 where we had marked a particular Korean player to chip up and bloated the pot OOP and did every possible mistake on the hand. The structure was very deep with 50k starting stack and we had 500 BBs to play with. The busto hand: UTG we 4 bet with 9J hearts and made the pot HU with the Korean player who was playing very fishy and aggressive.On a flop of Qd  Kd  8h, we threw in a c bet of 5200 into a 6k plus pot only to be tank called by the villain. The turn was a 10d, which completed our gut shot as well as completed FD’s. We again bet 25k leaving behind about 6k, trying to represent the flush, only to be jammed by villain which we obviously called to be taken down by 56d for a completed flush draw, which meant we were drawing dead and just busted the main event in a worst possible style of play.

Was on obvious tilt, discussed the hand with Jasven, Paawan, Bblack and Bhalla, who not only gave a piece of mind but also some motivational words for the second bullet. Went out for a bit and took rest overnight which now was becoming a very serious second bullet.

Day 3 (Main 1 B)

The event was starting at 1pm. Went to the venue at around 2.45 pm to late reg strategically and also to be fresh for what was going to be tough long high-octane poker for the rest of the day. Entered the event towards the close of level 2 and was in a sick table of sorts with Team PKC pros Mark Rivera and Ed on our table. Played some solid poker for the first two levels and had chipped up a bit only to bleed a bit and fold two massive hands back to back when our turned nuts changed on the river in two consecutive hands. By now Rivera on seat 9 was bossing and took the role of table captain. The decisive hand of the day was when Rivera opened 1500 at 300-600 level from UTG making his hand very big to be 3bet by a Japanese player on seat 2 to 3250 and we, at seat 5, 4bet to 7400 with AKd to be flat called by the two players. The flop came 9 6 2 all diamonds giving us the stone cold nuts to come to us checked by the other two players. After laying down two big pots previously on the river and a bit of tilt acting after the hand, knew to an extent that Rivera is going to target us. When it came checked to us and already pot having close to 22k, we bet a very fishy 2300 to try and induce a raise/jam and ola! UTG snap jammed to only see the Japanese player snap fold and for us to snap call. He had JJ over pair plus a J high FD. He had us covered by more than twice and a good double up meant we kept picking spots rest of the day and eliminating a few short stacks in the last level. We finished day1b as second in chips and 3rd from both starting flights put together. We finished day 1 b close to 190k and 3/65 out of the survivors.

Day 4 (Main day 2)

With new table draw for table 2, we started the day as table captain and had Yori, the current APT POY leader for 2016, to our immediate left. Some run good and value bets kept us climbing up pretty consistently in the first two levels only to have a lull period in the middle and drop down the ranks and also being moved to few tables before finding a seat back in our days starting table where we picked up aces in BB. The hand went like this.

3000-6000 blinds MP aggressive reg makes it 15k, we at BB, make it 31000 for the aggressor to call us and flop runs Kc 2c X. We bet 31000 and the villain snap raises to 62000. After a bit deliberation, we shoved remaining 170k chips eliminating KK from his range and putting him on AK, which he snapped and making our ranging right and sky rocketing our chip count to top 5 out of about 30 players left. We were supposed to play down to ITM (18) or end of level 18 whichever was first. We kept picking spots and applying bubble pressure towards the end to bag what was 621k + and returning to what looked like a tough final 18 battle at rank 4.

Day 5 (Main day 3)

We returned to the final two tables. In a matter of 3 levels, we were down to the unofficial final table of 10 players and us sitting comfortably in the middle of the pack. With some FT pressure by Lyn Tran, we were down to 8 players after an hour or so of intense high-octane poker. We finished the day at 362k if not for the last 20 minutes, which were brutal for us. There were spots which we couldn’t avoid. J 8 on SB and a battle with big blind on a board J 2 6 J k only for our trips to be beaten by villains J 10 kicker and again for our top set (KK) to be beaten by runner runner straight for what had the potentials of being a chip-lead pot. Thanks to our small ball strategy, we survived and bagged 361k at 8k-16k blinds and 6 out of 8 remaining runners.

Day 6 (Main day 4 Final)

After a good meal, some rest overnight and responding to a lot of good luck messages from the best rail ever from back home, discussed a bit of player ranges with KP, Dirty who have their own legacy in Manila. Got on a quick call with Jasven, who from being a good friend also doubles up as a mentor. We were all set for what is by far the biggest day in my Poker journey. The RFID table, the lightings, the buzzing media presence, the introduction and few poker businesses approaching me to wear their patch on my shirt made me understand how big this stage was. Having the chip leader to our immediate left and two aggressive chip leaders in the eventual winners and the only lady in the table meant we never defended even our blinds the whole of first two levels. A little bit of ICM suicide and some good short stack maneuvering by us saw us finish in top 3 of the APT Main. Big thanks to the awesome rail online from back home and Piyush and Sam Razavi at the venue. After being eliminated in the third place, went to the organizers desk to sit down and collect my winning voucher only to realize I had tears rolling down my cheeks, the feeling was different and was a bit disappointed I could not go HU and sit on that RFID table with the Indian Flag by our side. This motivated me to come back to the venue next day in spite of being superbly tired to play the Hyper Turbo and ship it with the Indian Flag flying high. #lungi and my first title on a foreign soil and having gone past Kochesi Team  Poker Star Pro from Japan was another satisfying point in this Lungi’s diary. Until next time with more WILL, its over and out.


This is my first blog after joining the PokerBaazi Pro team and let me tell you that so far the first month as a brand ambassador with PokerBaazi has been really great. I have been putting in a lot of hours online at PokerBaazi and had to make some sacrifices but that’s all worth it when we see results today. We were on the wrong side of variance somehow and a bit of bad play in one of the sessions did not allow us to book profit, but managing the BR well and a couple of FT‘s  to go with some crazy poker live sessions negated a bad month altogether.

Having donned the cap of a Customer Service Manager in one of my previous avatars during my IT days gives me a fair bit of idea on how difficult it is to satisfy your customers on a regular basis. The way the PokerBaazi team is functioning and the kind of feedback / brownie points I get to hear/read on Social Media and sights of fellow players on the tables not only makes me feel confident about the brand I am associated with but also encourages me to work towards reaching the standards set by the team. A special shout out to everyone who have been giving constant feedback/suggestions which allow us to improve our services and try giving the best experience to play online Poker and continue being India’s most trusted poker website.

Dates for Baazi Poker Tour (BPT) have been announced recently and preparations have started in full swing, this not only gives us a chance to play a good live poker tournaments series but will also get to meet and spend valuable time with friends from the similar trail. In the coming weeks would be spending a lot of time on going through training videos and hopefully if everything goes per plan will head to Vegas for the WSOP main after participating in BPT.

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