Oct 16, 2018


 PPL Autumn’18 Edition Day 1 - Winners

The much-anticipated 4.5 Crores GTD Autumn’18 Edition of the PokerBaazi Premier League finally got underway yesterday, attracting massive fields of players in the first five events. With everyone gunning for The Leaderboard Title, the action on the felts was nothing short of fierce. Getting off to a good start in a marathon series such as the PPL is a brilliant feeling, and it was Amar “kidpoker0109” Mehta who found his way to the top of the Leaderboard with one win, one runner-up finish and 2 cashes. Mehta sits atop the leaderboard with 1405 points and is the man to chase as we move into Day 2!

Here’s a look at how Day 1 unfolded:

Event #1: 5 LAC GTD (RE)

The week-long series kicked off with a 5 LAC GTD re-entry event. 277 players put up the initial buy-in fee of INR 1,100, along with 310 re-entries, taking the total prize pool up to INR 5,87,000. The top 47 players were paid out and it was “pottysingh” who finished on top of the field, taking down Event #1 of the PPL Autumn’18 Edition along with a juicy payday of INR 1,11,500. Heads-up action saw him defeat tournament regular “SelfClaimedPro”- who received INR 82,180 for his second place finish.

Event #2: 2 LAC GTD FO

Next up was a 2 LAC GTD Freeze-Out event. 244 players took to the felts for this one, each investing INR 1,100 and fighting for a piece of the total prize pool which finally stood at INR 2,44,000. It was eventually “greatgatsby” who finished in pole position, earning a payday of INR 46,970. “kidpoker0109” finished runner up, earning INR 34,770 in the process.

Event #3: DST 5 LAC GTD (RE)

Event number three for the Day was a 5 LAC GTD re-entry event which roped in a field of 252 players and 274 re-entries. With each player putting up at-least INR 1650 to take part in the event, the final prize pool rocketed to INR 7,89,000 – with the top 39 players making it to the money. Yet again, we saw “pottysingh” finish on top of the field, winning himself a payday of INR 1,51,882 and securing some extremely valuable Leaderboard points. Runner-up in the event was “kood”, who received INR 1,12,432 for his efforts.

Event #4: The Big 20 LAC GTD (RE)

Next in line was the Featured Event of the Day- The Big 20 LAC GTD re-entry event. 262 players put up the initial buy-in fee of INR 5,500, along with an additional 231 re-entries, taking the total prize pool to a whopping INR 24,65,000! 44 Players were paid out but it was “Ziigmund” who received the biggest chunk of INR 4,68,350 for winning the event. He defeated “shipsuperior” heads-up- who received a beefy second place prize of INR 3,45,100.

Event #5: 10 LAC GTD (RE)

The final event of the Day was a 10 LAC GTD re-entry event with an entry-fee of INR 3,300. 252 players took to the felts along with 182 re-entries, taking the total prize pool up to INR 13,02,000. 39 players were paid out in the event and it was “kidpoker0109” who finished on top of the field, recording his first win of the series and a payday of INR 2,50,635. “superman0837” was the runner up in this event, receiving INR 1,85,535 for his finish.

Congratulations to all the Winners!

 What’s next?

Day 2 of the PPL Autumn’18 Edition kicks off at 4 pm today and will be headlined by the 30L GTD event ‘The Endeavour’- scheduled for 8pm. The felts have warmed up after yesterday’s action, so get on board for another action-packed day of poker!    Here’s the complete schedule: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/ppl

 Leaderboard Standings:

The PPL Autumn’18 Leaderboard boasts 10 LAC in assured prizes with INR 2 LAC reserved for the winner. What’s more, the overall yearly leaderboard for the 2018 PPL series offers a brand-new Harley Davidson Motorcycle to the winner! Amar “kidpoker0109” Mehta is currently in the lead, but remember, there are still 6 days of high-octane poker left to go!  Click Here for complete Leaderboard standings after Day1.

The PPL Fantasy Team Leaderboard is also underway and is currently led by team “ab_bas” belonging to the player “rajmachawal”. See the complete standings here.

 Good luck to all the Baazigars for Day 2!

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Pokerbaazi Premier League Autumn’18 Edition

 The wait seems all but over for thousands of poker fans across India as they now set their eyes on India’s most prestigious league, the PokerBaazi Premier League. Christened PPL Autumn’18 Edition, the latest money-laden edition of this popular league shall feature some of the top names in the business who would be gunning for a guaranteed prize pool of INR 4.5CRORE+.

Imagine playing football and taking a penalty shot at a goal post that’s twice its usual size. That’s mine”, you would say. The story runs similar to the upcoming PokerBaazi Premier League Autumn’18 Edition. This time PokerBaazi is releasing its two flagship events, PokerBaazi Premier League and The MoneyMaker, in closed unison to stun the country’s passionate poker community with glittering prize money of INR 4.5+CRORE. This online extravaganza takes-off for a joyride at 4 PM today!  

PPL Autumn’18 Edition’s Main Event = The MoneyMaker worth INR 1 CRORE Guaranteed

Booming with 34 high-profile events, the PokerBaazi Premier League Autumn’18 Edition would pack a guaranteed prize pool of INR 4.5+CRORE. This mega league also packs a punch as the PPL Autumn’18 Edition Main Event is fused with The MoneyMaker for this time, thus making it a grand finale amounting to INR 1 CRORE as its Guaranteed prize pool at a reduced buy-in of INR 11,000.

Simply put, the PokerBaazi Premier League Autumn’18 Edition Main Event will be represented as ‘The MoneyMaker’ this time to cap a Guaranteed Prize pool of INR 1 CRORE. It would also help poker fans immensely as they can now focus on one mega event at a time. With poker in India gaining new heights, this act neatly underscores PokerBaazi’s commitment of dishing out only the highest quality of player-friendly initiatives at regular time intervals.   

Baazi Rewards: Your free ticket to the top!

 Poker in India would be remembered for PokerBaazi’s ace move, Baazi Rewards. This class-leading Loyalty Rewards Program is your passport to various PPL 2018 tournaments. You can now play your favourite cash games and grab your PPL tickets for free. We suggest you navigate to the company’s website for more details.

PPL 2018 and Harley Davidson Motorcycle

The previous editions of PokerBaazi Premier League (Spring and Summer Edition) gave a dream to Indian poker players. This dream soon amounted to a self-belief that anyone can emerge a champion with his/her gaming skills on a given day. The fact that the previous two editions had struck down several records by amounting to record entries and guarantees only strengthens it.

The Summer Edition saw such massive enrolments that the prize pool for its Main Event had rocketed way past its Guaranteed sum of INR 1 CRORE to close at INR 1.39 CRORE, thus making it the biggest online event recorded till date!

To add more spice, the PokerBaazi Premier League Autumn’18 Edition also features Leaderboard prizes worth INR 10 LAC. Additionally, the winner of the cumulative PPL yearly Leaderboard goes home riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle!

PokerBaazi: Building its way up

PokerBaazi, India’s most trusted poker website, has been the subject of players’ admiration ever since its inception in 2014. A major chunk of this reputation has to do with its consistent track-record of dishing out only the choicest of player-centric initiatives.

A shining example of the same is the advent of The MoneyMaker as the Main Event for PPL Autumn’18 Edition. Next up is the recently released Loyalty Rewards Program aka Baazi Rewards that has built up quite a steam in the online gaming space. Thanks to Baazi Rewards, players are now seeing the world beyond the once-customary horizon of being contented with their variable cut in the prize pool. This new loyalty rewards program simply pays them for their passion for the game- and this is indeed a paradigm shift. A new and improved website and mobile gaming platform is icing on the cake!

PokerBaazi has thus indeed emerged as a unifying force to a realign market dynamics in a service sector that was budding with its synergies scattered in places.

 PokerBaazi Premier League Autumn’18 Edition is perhaps the biggest phenomenon that’s coming your way this October. It’s all skewed in your favour and we expect you give it your best shot as the stunning duo of PokerBaazi Premier League Autumn’18 Edition and The MoneyMaker are waiting for you with an enormous prize pool at the felts!

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Baazi Rewards

Released on August 21 this year, PokerBaazi’s Baazi Rewards have skyrocketed to fame in India’s highly-contested online gaming space. These rewards have made a paradigm shift in how a poker player looks at the game and what he stands to derive for his undefeatable passion for the game. We have had players who won some of the topmost prizes in the most incredulous of time periods, and this bears a glorious testament to how precisely we have addressed the psyche of Indian players.

We are presenting a report on how things are shaping up for a promising future now.

As our Baazi Rewards clock to their first fifty days period, we look back at this period of an incredible upswing for us. Indian poker space, prior to August 21st, was going in the usual way of scattered synergies with players playing their games for a certain prize pool and swinging precariously between winning and losing. We thought we would make a change.

This is exactly where our Baazi Rewards kick in!

We made an extensive market research on thousands of poker players, spanning several months and consuming endless working hours. We concluded after this strenuous but equally rewarding exercise that poker players would welcome something that pays them for their passion that’s over and above their variable cut in the guaranteed prize pool.

We came out with a perfect stunner called Baazi Rewards as a class-leading configuration of Loyalty Rewards Program and it neatly steamrolled every other preconceived notion that was in the market. Players loved it for its exclusive, two multi-level variants that where they could take the liberty to get rewarded on a weekly or a lifetime basis. The two avatars are called LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM and CASHBACK and together mark a paradigm shift from the earlier practice of leaderboard races and time-bound targets in cash games.

Just the way you like it

These two options shall cater to two different categories of poker players. The LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM would address the playing needs of those players who would like to keep on playing for an appreciable length of time and would thus accumulate their points to win their prize through the Premium Levels. The CASHBACK is meant for those high-volume players who stand to win up to 40% Redeemable Cash with their game.

Numbers speak for themselves

We have given prizes worth more than INR 2.5CRORE and still counting. Here are some of the top winners of the first wing of our distinguished Baazi Rewards - the LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM.

  1. Pramod “PG111111” Gupta claimed a Goa Package at Premium level 16 in just 28 days.
  2. Kanishk “GOONER1317” Upreti claimed a MacBook Pro at level 21 in less than a month.
  3. Pulkit “IFOLDFULLHOUSES” Goyal was rewarded with Vegas package at premium level 22 in just 15 days.
  4. Utkarsh “OSWALD99” claimed a OnePlus 6 at level 15 in just 10 days.
  5. Bobbe “FURIOSAA” Suri won a Samsung S9+ at level 18 in a month.

There are several players who chose the second wing of our all-new Baazi Rewards - the CASHBACK. They too have won in an equally handsome manner and here are their usernames:

  1. AshokHanda
  2. Mittpop
  3. Mysteryrider
  4. Fishhunter
  5. EagleSong
  6. Conte

The aftermath

Freaked out by a revolutionary template, the traditional gaming space tried to restore itself to the same poker space that had now been illuminated by a bright idea and just wouldn’t go back to the same dark place. Players now were playing with a renewed vigour and for the first time, for they knew the odds were now highly skewed in their favour!

The answer to a better return on skills had zinged home like a bullet in every player’s psyche. Add to it PokerBaazi’s illustrious track record of dishing out innovative user-friendly initiatives, and the coffee would start brewing up.

Baazi Rewards had scaled the impossible.

Baazi Rewards turns 50 days old today!

As Baazi Rewards turns 50 days old today, we are presenting a first-hand account of what some of our Baazigars wanted to say about it. It is a snapshot of their quotes and we expect you to grab a chair as you start to read through their excitement!

“Loyalty rewards and Cash Back program in PokerBaazi are two of its most superb features. I totally love it and its customer support is 100% helpful and available 24/7. I have enjoyed an amazing experience with PokerBaazi’s app. It truly deserves a 5 star.”

  • Jignesh “LUCKBAD” Rao who won a ticket to 6-Max BOOST DST 1 LAC GTD (RE)

I have been playing on PokerBaazi since long and the structure and the Loyalty Rewards program is definitely a better program... PokerBaazi’s customer support team is supportive to the core. They are brilliant at guiding and helping you understand the module of day-to-day cash rewards and all other technical aspects as well. 

I am happy to be a part of the PokerBaazi family and would forever continue to be one. Luck and support always!

                                                                               - Riyaz “Rkriyaz” Khan who won 6,000 Real Cash Chips

“My journey of online poker started almost 1.5 years back and after playing on many sites, I would say that the PokerBaazi Loyalty Program is truly the best in the industry as u get the real value of your loyalty. Through Baazi Rewards, I claimed few tourney tickets and around 50-60k Real Cash Bonus till date and that too in just 40 days. In short,


  • Nishant “ACETOP” Chandna who won a ticket to the BSS SuperStack 15 LAC GTD (RE)

 I have been playing on PokerBaazi for a year now. I was introduced to PokerBaazi through one of my cousins and was pleased to know that how fantastic and convenient it is. I would also add that their customer support is one of the best features of PokerBaazi as they support their customer in the best way possible and quickly.

Their newly-launched Loyalty Rewards Program is top class. You can claim any time whenever you want big tournament tickets, tours and packages and lots more which are beyond imagination.

You can claim whatever you want without any hurdles. I would highly recommend it to all poker enthusiasts to sign up here and make the most of this brilliant rewards program launched by PokerBaazi.

Last but not least, cheers to PokerBaazi and all PokerBaazi team members for delivering the best always.

  • Mukul “mukulmukulsharma” Sharma who won a ticket to ValueTown 5 LAC GTD (5RE)

“PokerBaazi is a very nice platform for all the poker players. I am playing on PokerBaazi for three years. The new version of PokerBaazi app is fantastic and as a must mention, the Rewards and Cash Back program are simply outstanding. Cheers to PokerBaazi.”

  • Yash “PARANOID” Dutt who won a ticket to PPL The ValueTown 15 LAC GTD (5RE)

 It’s indeed a moment of pride for us to serve all our Baazigars the best. Hope all our readers enjoyed reading our user’s opinions about our Loyalty Rewards Program. Now it’s time for you to create yours and share it with us!

Top 5 Poker Superstitions 

Poker is a funny game. It can make even the most capable of players look silly on a given day, should they underestimate or overstep a shot. There can be no playing down the fact that it is a game that catches players between its superior psychological and analytic skills and BIG financial gains.

But that’s also exactly where it makes players superstitious!

Superstitions in Poker

Innumerable poker players believe in superstitions and then there are others who feel superstitions are useless and mastering your skills is everything. But observing superstitions is still a common sight in almost all major poker tournaments.

These superstition may vary from always wearing a certain t-shirt for the game to always sitting in one particular direction and so on. And it can be anything, maybe a starting hand you’re good at or a particular bad hand that always makes you lose the game, or even a specific position at the table. Funny thing is it works just the same for both online and offline games.

Here are a few:

  1. J-J are “bad”: Pocket Jacks make for a very strong starting hand but it takes some hard practice to get it going your way. Thus being the most misplayed hand in the game, it is considered a bad hand and accounts for one of the most popular superstitions. Amateur players might not be able to play this hand well in a consistent game so probably a superstition like this is not going to go anytime soon.


  1. Doing “strange” things in a game: There are people who’d do unreasonable things to either keep them focused or clear their head in a game. If you’re a fan of this game, you would even notice people doing strange this even in tournaments that are being telecasted across the world. Some even sit in a particular posture throughout the match thinking it would pay-off!


  1. Wearing soiled or new clothes: There are different views on this superstition. Some players take the former route while others take the latter. Some even repeatedly wear the same outfits for tournaments on end to emerge as the better one.


  1. Red is the colour: Since the colour red is considered as a symbol of good luck, many players believe that wearing the colour red would bring them great luck and ultimately winning the game. Some of them also believe that red colour scares “bad spirits” away.


  1. Picking cards with left hand is unlucky: There is no point laughing this around. While you may think that doing a work with left hand is considered inauspicious in some East Asian countries, the situation fares no batter in European and American continents either! Picking cards with left hands is considered very bad and you possibly won’t ever find a poker player doing it.

Superstitions are definitely a fascinating thing. Many people live out their entire lives based on superstitions, be it of any kind. And there are others who live theirs out by logic and reasoning.

Neither of them is wrong. But what amazes us most about these superstitions is how people work through them in a game of poker and even come out winning!

Baazi Rewards

 12 OnePlus 6 already claimed, tickets for PPL tournaments too flying off the shelves!

It was 21st August 2018 that our innovative Loyalty Rewards Program- the Baazi Rewards- had debuted on the Indian poker stage with a bang. Exactly 45 days old today, it has become a template in its domain and has undoubtedly won the love of all those it was intended for. It has spewed out over INR 2CRORE in prizes during this happy period. To make it the perfect win-win situation for you, the Baazi Rewards is now also offering tickets to major tournaments in PokerBaazi Premier League.

Imagine a world where you can follow your passion for poker without any second thoughts. We know of your love for poker and we also understand that regardless of what your proficiency level is, you may make a few bad moves and end up taking the heat.

We are here to save the day for you through our Baazi Rewards.

Baazi Rewards is a revolutionary Loyalty Rewards System that is launched by PokerBaazi and it pays you for just being your best at your game- even when you’re not exactly winning someday! It would incentivize you with loyalty points for the duration of time that you would play cash games on company’s gaming software and apps, and you can encash them for hefty prizes at each preset level.

Yes, it is that revolutionary.

You Can Win!

Here are some of the top winners of the first wing of our distinguished Baazi Rewards- the LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM. Our question is if they can do it, why can’t you?

  1. Pramod “PG111111” Gupta claimed a Goa Package at Premium level 16 in just 28 days.
  2. Kanishk "GOONER1317” Upreti claimed a MacBook Pro at level 21 in less than a month.
  3. Pulkit "IFOLDFULLHOUSES" Goyal was rewarded with Vegas package at premium level 22 in just 15 days.
  4. Utkarsh "OSWALD99” claimed an ONE PLUS 6 at level 15 in just 10 days.
  5. Bobbe “FURIOSAA” Suri won a Samsung S9+ at level 18 in a month.

There are several players who chose the second wing of our all-new Baazi Rewards- the CASHBACK. They too have won in an equally handsome manner, and some of them are:

  • AshokHanda
  • Mittpop
  • Mysteryrider
  • Fishhunter
  • EagleSong
  • Conte

By the way, this list above is only indicative because there are several more players who are winning BIG with us every single day!

Two Good!

The Loyalty Reward Program, called Baazi Rewards, comprises two options (called LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM and CASHBACK) and you are free to take one.

  1. The former option features top prizes like a Jaguar XF supercar, a see-me-once trip to Vegas and tickets to PokerBaazi’s popular tournaments. You can also win premier gadgets like MacBook Pro, iPhone X and OnePlus. This is also the default option and it comes with lifetime validity.
  2. The latter would help your bankroll swell as we would credit your cashback amount as applicable every week. Just a reminder, you can switch among the two options only once a calendar month.

Key Features

  • The Loyalty Rewards Program comes with an unlimited validity.
  • The taxes for all prizes (claimed under the Baazi Rewards) will be borne by PokerBaazi.
  • Players can win up to 50% back at the Premium Levels.

Now win tickets to major PPL Tournaments through Baazi Rewards

Players can win tickets to various PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) tournaments through several Premium Levels in Baazi Rewards.

The upcoming INR 4.5+CRORE worth PPL Autumn’18 Edition features several tournaments and you can win tickets to them by playing your favourite cash games and going up the Premier Levels as follows: -


Level 5

PPL #23, ValueTown 15LAC GTD (5RE)

Level 9

PPL #4, The Big 20LAC GTD (RE)

Level 10

PPL #9, The Endeavour 30LAC GTD (RE)

Level 11

PPL #14, The Vegas 30LAC GTD (RE)

Level 12

PPL #27, ME Warm Up 20LAC GTD (5RE)

Level 13

PPL #32, BSS 20LAC GTD (5RE)

Level 15

PPL #19, The Summit 20LAC GTD (5RE)

Level 17


Level 18

The MoneyMaker 1CRORE GTD

Level 21

PPL #20 HighRoller 50LAC GTD (5RE)

We’re sure this would have got you excited, and you can visit this link to know more about our Loyalty Rewards Program: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/baazi-rewards-info

Remember, it all begins with a decision to try!

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