Jan 19, 2020


Offering high-end poker tournaments at our premium venue (PokerBaazi LIVE), the Baazi Poker Tour – LIVE - ends with fireworks! With players who have earned big names even at the international front of poker, to players who are working towards that in attendance, BPT offered a wholesome poker experience.

The series attracted a mammoth player field of over 1400 entries across seven days of nail-biting, edge-of-the seat poker experience. And of course, it ended with being one of the most rewarding poker tournament series comfortably crushing the advertised guarantee!

Let’s dive into the exciting details of the various poker tournaments of the BPT poker series:

INR 10K Kick-Off Event (25 LAC GTD)

The opener of the live poker tournament series played host to a total of 286 entries collecting a total of over Rs26 LAC for the prize money! This huge field was bested by none other pro, Ashish Ahuja for the top prize of Rs6.18 LAC!

As the final nine were announced, Ahuja wreaked havoc at the final-table eliminating six players single-handedly. It ended with Ahuja and poker champion, Sriharsha Doddapaneni locking horns for the title in a heads-up battle. Ahuja had taken a lead with 26.90 Million in chips against Doddapaneni’s 16 million. After two hours of intense competition, a champion was announced in Ahuja!

Final Table Results (INR):

  1. Ashish Ahuja – Rs. 6,18,200
  2. Sriharsha Doddapaneni – Rs. 4,16,700
  3. Bikash Rai – Rs. 2,68,000
  4. Vaibhav Shah – Rs. 1,94,900
  5. Chirag Sodha – Rs. 1,48,400
  6. Nishant Sharma – Rs. 1,191,00
  7. Vikas KN – Rs. 98,900
  8. Phanindra Akkina – Rs. 79,300

INR 15K Big-Bounty Event (15 LAC GTD)

The Kick-off event brought in a total of 193 entries helping in smashing the advertised guarantee. The prize pool came to a staggering number of Rs17.56 LAC! While the original structure required players to play until 20 levels, the play ended during Level 19 when the final nine-handed table was formed.

This title was taken down by a 22-year-old, Kshitij Kucheria who has been in the circuit for just over six months! He has proved that it’s all about skills at the poker tables. He was crowned with the title and top prize of Rs4.70 LAC (including 8 bounties) in a heads-up play against Deepanshi Tomar.

Other notables on the Big-Bounty tables were Gokul Krishna (11th for Rs39,400), Kunal Patni (12th for Rs65,400), Anuj Yadav (18th for Rs27,000) and Ritesh Khatwani (21st for Rs35,200). 

Final Table Results (INR):

  1. Kshitij Kucheria – Rs4,70,000 (includes 8 bounties)
  2. Deepanshi Tomar – Rs3,22,100 (includes 4 bounties)
  3. Chirag Sodha – Rs2,10,900 (includes 6 bounties)
  4. J. Raju – Rs1,57,000 (includes 4 bounties)
  5. Gangadhar Raaj – Rs1,36,300 (includes 6 bounties)
  6. Anmol Srivats – Rs1,12,500 (includes 6 bounties)
  7. Nishant Sharma – Rs1,10,800 (includes 8 bounties)
  8. Abhishek Rathod – Rs66,200 (includes 2 bounties)
  9. Bobbe Suri – Rs70,400 (includes 6 bounties) 

INR 100K HighRoller Event (1 CRORE GTD)

The first major tournament in the series, Rs100K HighRoller Event was taken down by none other PokerBaazi CEO, Mr. Navkiran Singh for a handsome payday of Rs31.82 LAC! Although he had entered the final table second in the chip count, his chip stack was a pretty distant one from Rohit Mishra who led the table at the moment.

Final Hand Recap

The game ended with Mishra limping in with 6h – 6s against Singh’s Ad – 10c. As the board ran with 4s – Kh – Jh – Qs – 7 h, Singh hit a Broadway straight which announced him the clear winner!

Some of the familiar faces seen at the HighRoller tables were Deepak Singh (10th for Rs2.31 Lakhs), PokerGuru Ambassador Ashish Munot (11th for Rs2.31 Lakhs), former BPT champion Gokul Krishna (12th for Rs2.31 Lakhs), PokerGuru Ambassador Ashish Ahuja (13th for Rs2.11 Lakhs), Millionaire Legends champion Anish Patra (14th for Rs2.11 Lakhs) and Anmol Srivats (15th for Rs2.11 Lakhs).

Final Table Results (INR)

  1. Navkiran Singh – Rs31,82,300
  2. Rohit Mishra – Rs22,02,800
  3. Shashank Jain – Rs14,33,300
  4. Raghav Bansal – Rs10,37,900
  5. Romit Advani – Rs7,95,600
  6. Santosh Suvarna – Rs6,29,400
  7. Abhishek Goindi – Rs5,26,100
  8. Ankit Wadhawan – Rs4,23,900

INR 35K Main Event (2 CRORE GTD)

The winner of the highlight of the series needs no introduction when it comes to tournaments! It was Guatam Sachdeva who outlasted a total field of 609 entries across the 3 starting flights of the event. He walked away with a gigantic pay-cheque of Rs43.21 LAC!

Sachdeva made his way to the heads-up battle against poker pro, Nishant Sharma after sending Himanshu Dewan, Vishrut Jain and Vikash Mantri to the rails.

Here’s how the final table payouts looked like (INR):

  1. Gautam Sachdeva – Rs. 43,21,600
  2. Nishant Sharma – Rs. 27,28,900
  3. Vikash Mantri – Rs. 17,03,100
  4. Navkiran Singh – Rs. 12,42,200
  5. Ayush Garg – Rs. 9,73,800
  6. Vishrut Jain – Rs. 7,31,300
  7. Siddharth Karia – Rs. 6,21,100
  8. Himanshu Dewan – Rs. 5,00,900
  9. Jai Saha – Rs. 3,60,900

INR 25K MegaStack (50 LAC GTD)

The MegaStack event gathered a total of 223 entries easily crushing the advertised guarantee which reached the total of Rs52.40 LAC! The one who walked away with the lion’s share worth Rs12.65 LAC was Devang Patel.

Comfortably leading the table, Patel didn’t take much time to eliminate his heads-up nemesis, Sanchit Pande to go on and take down the title!

Some known names of the Indian poker industry who were in attendance for this event and made in in the money (ITM) were Alok Birewar (16th for Rs64,500), PokerGuru Ambassador Naresh Veeravalli (17th for Rs64,500), Vaibhav Khurana (18th for Rs64,500), Jyoti Ranjan Nayak (19th for Rs56,600), Sriharsha Doddapaneni (21st for Rs56,600), Eka Vedantham (22nd for Rs50,300), Abhishek Rathod (23rd for Rs50,300) and Santosh Suvarna (24th for Rs50,300).

Final Table Results (INR)

  1. Devang Yadav – Rs12,65,500
  2. Sanchit Pande – Rs8,87,200
  3. Arjun Pasricha – Rs5,70,200
  4. Vishal Bajaj – Rs4,22,400
  5. Harsh Bubna – Rs3,17,100
  6. Vivek Rughani – Rs2,53,600
  7. Apoorva Goel – Rs2,10,700
  8. Kavish Kukreja – Rs1,68,700

INR 20K PLO Turbo (20 LAC GTD)

This 100x finale event of the Baazi Poker Tour (BPT) hosted 96 entries. Over a 12-hour-long session went on to eventually announce a champion in Tanmei Relwani. He pocketed the top prize worth Rs5.80 LAC against Jasven Saigal.

Towards the end, it was close competition between the two, Saigal 11.40 Million in chips against Relwani’s 12.60 Million. Relwani eventually won the title after rivering a flush.

Saigal: 9s – 8d – 8s – Js

 Relwani: Ks – 5d – 9d – 4c

Board: 10h – 3d – 10d – 9d – 7d

Final Table Results (INR)

  1. Tanmei Relwani – Rs5,80,000
  2. Jasven Saigal – Rs4,10,000
  3. Ravi Priya – Rs2,60,000
  4. Anmol Srivats – Rs2,00,000
  5. Alnoor Pujani – Rs1,50,000
  6. Siddarth Singhvi – Rs1,20,000
  7. Jayjit Ray – Rs1,00,000
  8. Deepanshi Tomar – Rs80,000
  9. Ankit Jajodia – Rs60,000

PokerBaazi team congratulates everyone who were a part of the Baazi Poker Tour (7 CRORE GTD). We extend our gratitude towards all the Indian poker players who helped us make BPT a tremendous success yet again!

Pineapple open-face Chinese poker is in the take-off stage in the Indian poker industry. With poker pros and newbies all trying their hand at open-face Chinese poker for real money, you need to get a hang of it to enjoy latest promotions!

In our last blog in the OFC 101 series, we discussed about the basic strategies and tips to play open-face Chinese poker. We covered various significant aspects such as the importance of the first five cards, how fouling and scooping are different concepts in OFC and much more.

Today, we’re going to talk about various exciting OFC poker variants and their working. If you’re someone who loves to play games that set you at the edge of your seat, then you’re up for a treat!

Here we go!

What is fantasy land?

In order to understand the new variants of OFC poker, first we should know what is fantasy land. In this part of the game, players are awarded additional points. If a player manages to set Queens or better in the top row, they qualify for a ‘fantasy hand’. This means once that round is complete, an additional round is dealt- only this time, the player who had a fantasy hand is dealt with 14-17 cards in one go depending on the variant of the game. 

 Let’s dive into the details of OFC poker variants:

  • Regular OFC

Upon setting QQ (pair of queens) or higher on the top row without fouling, a player enters fantasy land. In Regular OFC poker for real money, a player is dealt with 14 cards in one go with one card to be discarded. If he/she manages to qualify for a recurring fantasy land, they get 14 cards once again.

  • Progressive OFC

Open-face Chinese poker becomes more interesting with the progressive format being introduced. Similar to regular OFC, if you set QQ (pair of queens) in the top row, you get 14 cards in the next round. However, if you manage to KK (pair of kings), you will be given 15 cards and 16 cards if you place AA (pocket aces) on the top row. You will be given 17 cards if you manage to place three-of-a-kind/trips in the top row. This means you get 4 extra cards to make the best possible OFC poker hand!

However, if a player enters recurring fantasy land, he/she will get 14 cards in the next round.

  • Ultimate OFC

Similar to the progressive OFC format, fantasy land in ultimate OFC deals the same number of cards basis of the cards placed in the top row by a player. The only distinction between the two formats is that the number of cards dealt upon entering fantasy land is the same as in progressive OFC, and not change no matter how many times a player qualifies for recurring fantasy land.

If you’re someone who lives for adventure, then play open-face Chinese poker for real money on PokerBaazi. We bet, it’s going to be food for your soul!

Stay tuned to our social media channels and blog page for latest online poker promotions around pineapple open-face Chinese poker and more. See you at the felts!

Open-face Chinese poker is becoming the star of new-age poker internationally and the Indian industry is not far behind. Also known as pineapple open-face Chinese poker, this new poker variant is slowly becoming a subject of attention because of the thrill-infused format it follows.

Come join the latest rage of the Indian online poker industry by starting off with a few tips and tricks to play OFC poker:

  • Significance of the first five cards

According to many poker pros, it is best to first focus on setting your first five cards that increases the value of your hand. Getting worked up for fouling should be a secondary reason for worrying.

  • Difference between fouling and scooping

In order to succeed at an open-face Chinese poker table, it is necessary for you to know the difference between fouling and scooping.

While you lose all your royalty points when you foul, you still score points when you scooped.

  • Playing AK isn’t that difficult in OFC

Although there are several ways to play AK in no-limit hold’em, there’s pretty a set way to play AK in standard OFC poker.

Example: Ac, Ks, 8h, 7c, 5c

The Best to Play this Hand is:



8h, 7c, 6c 

While, the king in the top row open a chance of fantasy land, the any 4, 5 or 9 would offer high chances of good draws. The ace is a pretty decent card to set in the middle. Although there are chances of fouling but if the next 8 cards fall out on the right spots, you’re definitely ahead in the game. We think, it’s worth taking risk!

  • Don’t give up already with bad cards

In OFC, you don’t have an option to drop so it’s better not to give up seeing bad cards. This is where crisis management needs to be applied. We think, it’s always better to at least lessen the gravity of losing points.

  • Look for the correct operator

Yes, it’s always better to choose the best online poker promotions out there offered by different operators.

Recently, your favourite online poker app, PokerBaazi offered you to double up your Baazi Reward points on the OFC tables. You could play OFC cash games for real money, climb up the Baazi Reward levels up to 2x faster and claim your favourite Baazi Reward now! 

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Are you a thrill-seeker? Does getting in a competition makes your day? Well, that’s what India’s most trusted poker website, PokerBaazi’s cash tables offer you! With stakes dropped down to as LOW as 0.25/0.5 and now the introduction of Happy Hours, sticking to the cash tables is the only option you have!

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Here are some of the exciting rewards you can now claim 3x faster during Happy Hours:

  • A brand new iPhone 11 Pro on Level 36.
  • A MacBook Pro on Level 38.
  • A Vegas/Australia Package on Level 40.
  • Jaguar Xf on Level 48.
  • Real cash prizes up to ₹10 LAC!

This is the most irresistible online poker promotion can get. Go grab your favourite rewards right away!

Baazi Poker Tour – A treat for tourney lovers!

Are you looking for thrill, excitement and glamour of live poker tournament? Well, that’s everything Baazi Poker Tour’20 is about! The online segment of the series just ended and the live tourney leg of it kicks-off on 8th January, 2020. With a whopping prize pool of INR 7 CRORE GTD on offer, it’s a week-long live poker extravaganza that you wouldn’t want to miss!

Play poker for real money and walk away with deeper pockets by joining the highlight tourneys of the series. The showstopper, the Main Event offers a colossal guarantee worth ₹2 CRORE for a buy-in of ₹35,000 or you can join satellites on 9th or 10th January for just 1/10th of that buy-in (₹3,500)!

Another biggie in the schedule is the HighRoller (1 CRORE GTD) designed for the poker pros of the Indian poker industry. Join the race to win from that massive prize pool for ₹1,00,000. Make a smarter move and book your seats in advance via our satellite running on 8th and 9th January for just ₹10,000 – that’s only 10% of the buy-in!

Here’s the complete tournament schedule of the live segment of the Baazi Poker Tour:

BPT Live

Check out the complete satellite and tournament schedule here: Baazi Poker Tour

PokerBaazi has been known to break records and set new benchmarks in the Indian poker industry and the Baazi Poker Tour (BPT) is just another testament of those efforts.

Whether you love live poker or online poker, PokerBaazi is here to meet all your poker needs! See you at the felts!

Open-face Chinese poker is the latest rage in the country as it offers a break, filled with thrill and excitement. Are you a thrill seeker? Does that adrenaline rush make you an invincible poker player? Well, if that’s the case we must tell you that PokerBaazi offers several formats of Open-Face Chinese poker that keeps you on the edge of your seats. We offer three exciting OFC poker variants: regular OFC, progressive OFC and ultimate OFC. Now that’s thrilling enough to get all of the adrenaline junkies hit the OFC tables!

You might say that you’re all-in but don’t know how to play open-face Chinese poker.

Here’s a Useful link: Learn how to play Open-face Chinese Poker & Win 2X Baazi Reward Points!

Now that you know OFC poker’s basic rules, let’s learn how to play OFC during the initial stage of the game.

  •  Learning The Point System Is Crucial

In order to build hands that let you score the highest on an OFC table, you need to learn the point system. Want to hit a strong hand in OFC? Build it keeping in mind the scoring system. For example, a four of a kind in the middle row gives you 20 extra points.


  • Setting of the first five hands is Critical

Many poker pros/experts believe that it is wise to try and go for the highest scoring possible hand right from the beginning. Worrying about fouling can be taken care of later in the game.

  • Position Remains Crucial in OFC

Not being in position makes it difficult for a player to freely act towards building the strongest hand with the first five cards. Entering fantasy land becomes much more difficult because you need to act aggressively to do the same.

However, if you find yourself in position, think and act towards entering fantasy land only.

  • Keep track of all live cards

While you’re working to set the strongest open-face Chinese poker hand, you need to keep an eye on your opponent’s cards. Be aware of what’s happening on the table. We’re pointing this out only because players tend to get engrossed in setting their own hand.

  • Observe your opponents

Keep an eye on your opponents’ hand. If it looks like he/she will end up setting a foul hand, try to play safe. Don’t make risky moves such as trying to enter fantasy land.

It’s time for you to reap the maximum benefits out of your newly acquired open-face Chinese poker skills. Currently, PokerBaazi is hosting OFC Cash Drive, a month-long online poker promotion that doubles your Baazi Reward points.

Double up your Reward Points with OFC Cash Drive

Get in on the open-faced, fast-paced action of pineapple open-face Chinese poker and start earning up to 2X Baazi Reward points till the 11th of January. There’s still time for you to catch up, climb up the Baazi Reward levels faster and claim your favourite prizes!

The exciting prize list offers rewards such as Jaguar Xf, iPhone 11 Pro, a trip to Vegas, MacBook Pro, redeemable chips up to 2,50,000 and much more.

Play open-face Chinese poker for real money by opting in with deposit codes and get up to 30% real cash bonus.

You’ve got enough reasons to ease your cravings of online poker adventures. You know what to do now!  

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