May 27, 2019


Know The Subtleties of Poker Strategies!

Looking for newer, easy-to-remember poker strategies? You have clicked on the correct link. These strategies might not teach you to win each time you play but, it could definitely increase your winrate.  

Never try to play every hand, be aggressive!

Playing several hands only for the love you have for the sport is not a sensible move. It simply cuts your chip stack significantly. Instead, try to maintain a tight range with strong or decent holdings, and play them aggressively.

Don’t be the first limper on the table!

Limping in the pre-flop round shows how weak your hands are. The reasons to avoid limping are you would most probably not win the pot the way you would have if you had raised . The next reason is that the other players will be tempted to play for better pot odds, making it less likely for you to win.

Fold, whenever necessary!

A smart, experienced player will always bow down and fold if he/she thinks they have poor hands. Although, it is human nature to always try and win at anything but in poker, things do not work in that manner.

PB Tip: When you decide to fold, write down the details of the holdings to better assess your decision after the session gets over.

Attack, when you smell weakness!

According to many observations, players never check when they can call multiple bets. Therefore, if they do check, they might have weak holdings. This is the moment when you can play aggressively and take them down.

Always play in good games!

Every player aspires to win and increase their bankroll. If you want to win, you need to look for tables which have weaker players in your comparison.

While you can take advantage of the mistakes committed by the weaker players, it is advisable to play with the biggies as well. You may ask why? We believe playing with the best of all will give you opportunities to learn about newer strategies and tricks.

Hope to see your strategy game on point at the PokerBaazi felts. We wish you all the best!


Being A Keen Observer Can Take You Places!

A huge difference between live poker and online poker is that you cannot easily get the ‘tells’. Although the most tangible, physical tells cannot be noticed in online poker, there’s a lot that is given away even by the best players.

Let Us Discuss A Few of The Poker Tells That Are Given Away on The Digital Felts:


Bets in the post-flop are a big tell. It becomes a little tricky to decipher what is going on in your opponent’s mind. Some of them may bet bigger amounts with good hands to pass their move as a bluff or to earn a larger payoff. Other kind of players would be someone who bets generously in relation to the size of the pot with a bluff so that no one calls it.

Check-raising on the river

The reliability of this tell is really high. If you find yourself check-raised on the river while you are in possession of decent but not nutted hands, it is time to exit that hand. There are high chances that the raiser will have the absolute nuts or have relatively strong holdings.

Limp-calling frequently

Poker is not made for passive players. A passive player could win occasionally but their win rate will be pretty low. If a player is having a passive approach and is limp-calling when someone before him/her raises, he is not doing a good job at the table.

Long pause, followed by a big raise

A player in pursuit of showing that he/she has weaker hands, gives away the biggest tell of all. Most of the times, he/she is in possession of a premium hand and is ready to take you down.

Big blind auto check

People usually auto check or fold if they have trashy hands. Players choose to do so if they are trying not to waste their time on poor holdings.

Look for these tells the next time you sit on a poker table. We are sure it will help you strategize better!

Cut The Rapid Growth of Competition!

Entering the world of Poker can become a bit overwhelming as you receive the fruits of your toil immediately after you showcase your talent on the felts. While Poker has the ability to put you on cloud nine, it can surely instigate a bitter start to your Poker journey. With the Poker industry growing rapidly, there is an increase in the level of competition. So, in order to cut your competition, the smartest move is to study the most common mistakes committed by newbies. Let’s dive in to discuss some of the key pointers to keep in mind.

Monitor your frequency of bluffing: Bluffing is an art which requires skills, it does not depend on whether you are a regular or a new player. However, the timing of your bluff should be chosen very carefully. Look for players who might decide to fall back against your bluff and if you already have this talent, never try to misuse it.

Strike a perfect balance between listening & talking: If you find yourself in a tricky position and you’re nervous, try to strike a conversation to make yourself comfortable. While doing that, you could also take out information from your opponents.

If you think you are ahead in the game, always resist yourself from showing your cards or what was your strategy behind playing a particular hand?

Never try to play as much as you can: Being a new player, you might want to play as much as you can to sharpen your poker skills but this is exactly what you have to avoid. Understand the concept of a ‘premium hand’ early on in your career as this will help you build your game. Observe and learn how to play weaker starting hands. It’s always better to learn from the mistakes of others.

Bet-sizing: The underlying fundamental is to maximise your bets if you have a stronger hand and minimise in order to put a check on the amount you could lose. Although this is another skill which is developed with experience but being alert always helps.

Become emotionally strong: Tilting on the felts has been one of the most common phenomenon, but we all know that this beast can be tamed. However, achieving this goal too needs experience. If you are a newbie and you manage to do this, then you have checked off a major part of your learning goals.

We wish you all the best. May you fulfil all your poker endeavours.

Take The “Bull” By The Horns!

Even the best poker players have fallen prey to the adversities caused by Poker bullies. While many have gone south due to the bullies’ dominance on the table, there are some players who have developed the skills to outsmart them.

Below Are A Few Pointers Which Can Help You Defeat The Bullies in Their Own Game:

Ace your continuation bet game:  Bullies try to establish their dominance with their strong bets. They find it fulfilling when they win pots pre-flop before the showdown. However, in order to get back to them, never feel discouraged by their confidence even if you have strong but not winning hand such as K-Q or K-J. Try to four-bet in reply to their three-bet. This will help you get ahead in the game, if not, you all head to the flop.

The size of the game is a significant factor: The chances of becoming a victim of Poker bullying gets higher if the table is short-handed or a 6-max. So stand out right from the beginning of the game by strongly playing average hands. You might find yourself getting involved in larger pots than you ever planned to be in, but if you manage to survive then you are here for a long and maybe, a winning haul!

Be a vigilant player on the table: Keep a close eye on all the members of the table and their stack-sizes. Look for the right time, bluff some and oust the bully off the table. This move will act as an announcement that you are not going to give up.

Adjust your range: Bullies love to mindlessly over-bet in order to win the pot pre-flop. It’s always advised to fight back with stronger holdings. Be a thinking, rational player and look for the different combinations of winning hands you could have. They typically look for opportunities to mine your fear, don’t give them the winning trophy so easily. 

A concluding note to our Baazigars: Always remember to be rational in your approach whenever you feel vulnerable. The Initiators Of Creativity in The Field Of Poker!

With enormous prize pools, exciting features and interesting formats, has always been initiators in the Indian online Poker industry. From The MoneyMaker to the PPL to the ginormous GameChanger, every new event witnessed an overwhelming response from the poker community, creating and recreating new records along the way.

One of the latest features is Multi-Day format tournaments, and these have gained immense popularity in the domestic poker circuit. While these tournaments are a no-brainer when it comes to value for money, there is still a lack of clarity amongst many players as to HOW EXACTLY these tournaments work. Let’s take a look.

The Format

A multi-day tournament features two or more starting flights which lead up to the Final Day. These are much like qualifying tournaments/rounds. Each day, a bunch of players qualify and book their spots in the Final Day. Qualifying is simple – all you need to do is survive through the starting flight, and of course, the bigger the stack, the better! Every starting flight concludes when 10% of the playing field remains. The only way to play on the Final Day is by qualifying; direct entry is not allowed.

Players can choose to play as many starting flights as they wish, and upon qualifying multiple times, will take forward only their biggest stack onto the Final Day. While there are various formats even within Multi-Day tournaments, at each flight ends when 10% of the playing field remains, and thus, every player to survive any starting flight will make it In The Money (ITM) and of course, into the Final Day.

For example, let’s assume there are 3 starting flights which attract playing fields of 150, 200 and 250. Each starting flight will end when there are 15, 20 and 25 survivors respectively, and the Final Day will start with 60 Players – all ITM.

Multi-day tournaments typically have gigantic prize pools with very low buy-ins. Having multiple opportunities to ship an event with a massive prize pool makes it all the more exciting and of course, challenging!

The 1CR GTD Value Bomb

If you haven’t played tournaments in this format, a golden opportunity awaits you. India’s Biggest High-Value TournamentValue Bomb is set to hit the felts of PokerBaazi on June 5. The tournament will feature 4 starting flights (including one Turbo flight) and boasts a massive guaranteed prize pool of INR 1 Crore – all for a buy-in of only INR 2500!

June 5, 6, 7 and 8 will feature Flights 1A, 1B, 1C and 1D at 7PM, with 1D being a Turbo format. Day 2 (Final Day) will kick off on June 9 at 6PM, and will conclude with the crowning of the Champion. With a buy-in of 2500 and prize pool of INR 1CR, players have a shot at an ROI to the tune of 4000x! What’s more, freebies and discounted tickets to the Value Bomb are available on our social media handles, so be sure to check them out! 

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