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Online poker game is all about making right decisions and is more associated with passion. Some play it to boost their ego, some play it to just enjoy and some play it to win real money online. If you have already concerted on purpose to online poker India real money, then it’s time to achieve that goal. We bring you 30 poker tips for beginners to remember:

  1. Make your poker account password as strong as possible by using combinations of character, numbers and various symbols.
  2. Try to use only one Email account to play poker online and never save the password on your system.
  3. Protect your system from the virus by installing antivirus.
  4. You should always have a reason and a plan whenever you are betting, keeping different factors in mind.
  5. Consider seeing the size of the bet relative to the size of the pot.
  6. You may not have to bet an amount that gets called the most, bet an amount that wins you the most.
  7. If you are not the one extremely re-buying in the first hour then re-buy and add-on tournaments can be very profitable.
  8. You don't win anything with out-folding half the field in a tournament unless you're playing double or nothings.
  9. You can play poker for fun once in a while.
  10. Playing poker when drunk can be hazardous to your bankroll.
  11. It is usually not a bluff when a tight player raises you.
  12. Wearing sunglasses and hat won’t make you a better player.
  13. You can avoid tilt by not looking at your account balance during a session.
  14. If you are unable to handle swings well, then you can try to play a lower variance game.
  15. You might need a friend after a bad beat to open a rakeback account registered in his name.
  16. Try to avoid signing up with unreliable, small and unknown rakeback affiliates.
  17. You can build your bankroll easily with kickback bonuses.
  18. Some poker rooms take funds from your account if you avoid playing with them for too long and some start throwing money at you if you stop playing with them for a while.
  19. You can have more money in the pocket with the combination of a rakeback and first deposit bonus.
  20. Your bankroll will grow subsequently if you keep improving your game and make it your priority in the beginning.
  21. You can easily win the game if you enjoy it the most and feel more comfortable in it.
  22. You can start with full ring games which have less difficult decisions and lower variance.
  23. Your buy-in would dictate what bankroll you need in no-limit games.
  24. You can multi-table across multiple poker sites if traffic at your game is low.
  25. You can avoid Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) by learning to use a mouse with your other hand too.
  26. Add one table at a time gradually and don’t start multi-tabling too soon.
  27. You can keep yourself out of trouble just with good starting hand selection.
  28. Position at the poker table is really significant and can be relative too.
  29. Try reading your opponents besides reading poker books and forums.
  30. Don’t play too few hands, but don’t play too many hands either.

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Poker is known as the forerunner of all prevailing card games and attracts people of any age, nationality and gender, etc. It indeed sharpens the skills and if played well, nourishes the wallet. It has garnered many players from all over the globe for the varied reasons. Some play for fun, some play to boost their ego and some play only for money. The reason could be anything but the goal is to win the game. If you are wondering why to play poker, then you are on-board with us as we are going to give you a few tips on safe and enjoyable experience for your online poker game in India.

Keep Cool and Calm

Let the excitement of playing poker for the first time not chunk your trail to a fun experience. You should prepare yourself without focusing much on expectations. It might be the experience you want to apprize forever.

Observe the Pros

Playing with a pro is considered as an endearing part as you get to learn a lot about Poker Site India Play and Win Cash. You can also warm up yourself by watching online poker tutorials and learn from them before you get on the platform. Try to learn as many tactics as you can from them.

Focus on learning and not just winning

Winning is important, but learning is more important than winning at your initial stages. Try to keep the game fun without worrying much about outcomes. No matter, if you win or lose at your first game, but you can definitely master a game with time and dedication.

Experiment with risk

This is one of the reasons why poker is a game of skill since it encourage you to take risks and let go of the fears. The game lets you meet new people and you can learn new skills from them. You will get to meet a lot of like-minded people.

Don’t be afraid to leave the game

Don’t just stay in the game for your ego. If you feel uncomfortable at any point then you can leave the game to take a break and take yourself out for a walk to get a recharge.

Whether you play Indian poker sites to win money or to learn skills or to meet compatible people, just don’t forget to enjoy the game.


The emotional aspect is as important as technical aspect while playing poker. Tilt is an expression which is used in the poker game and can be referred to a situation where a player is annoyed or frustrated while playing the game. The reason for tilt in poker can be many including interior and exterior factors. External factors may include relationship issues or financial crisis. Internal factors may include bad beats, opponent’s table behaviour and cold cards.

Declutter your thoughts

You must remove all kinds of worries you have before you start playing poker and this is one the most important thing to remember in poker. You cannot win poker with personal worries in your head as you need to be very alert while playing the game. Resolve your issues first and sit for the game only when you are ready.

Bad beats

It is considered as one of the primary reasons for the tilt. The foremost thing to remember in such case that bad beats happen to everyone and players can be lucky. The apt thing to prevent tilting in bad beats would be to pacing away from the table for a while.

Stay away from exhaustion

Work hard leads to success but this is not essentially a case in poker. You do not need to perform hard work but you would rather perform well with smart work. Don’t let yourself go to the level of overtiredness as you might start feeling irritated, frantic and exasperated.

Review your hand

Get into a habit of reviewing the hand and consider all important factors while making important decisions such as stack sizes, pot odds, pot sizes, betting patterns and playing styles. This is certainly the best way to avoid tilt by playing with strategy in poker and you will be bound to think this way even under pressure.

Earlier and lesser

You can try playing poker during the earlier time of the day to avoid tilt as your brain works at its peak at this time. You might face fatigue if you play for a long time which is one of the causes of tilt. Take regular breaks.

Walk away

If you feel that none of the above points are working to avoid tilt, now is the time to quit. You can just turn off the computer. Take a long walk and come back once the tilt is over. Make sure the game is meant to control all the peripheral factors and let the tilt not control your game.


Not having enough bankroll, considering every player the same and playing too many tables are some of the common mistakes made by the poker players. Poker is a deceptive game and you never know when you end up making a blunder. Many players either due to naivety or due to arrogance make inane errors. As Pokerbaazi Premier League (PPL) season II is approaching, we bring you the list of common poker mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Don’t get carried away with opponents

Loose players take risks by playing through more flops and bet on starting hands that are not pronounced. Tight players don’t see many flops and fold weak starting hands. They bet only on hands that stand a high chance of winning. You might associate risks with the loose player if you are new to the game but just because someone is playing loose that doesn’t mean he is a loose gun.

Miserable Bankroll Management

You might have read a lot about how to manage your bankroll in poker with poker room bonus and rakeback. You might risk a lot more if you are not befittingly bankrolled for the table stakes you are playing at. Managing bankroll is really important since you will raucously experience winning streaks and losing streaks.


This term is related to loose play. In this, you give a call to a minimum amount that is required to maintain a stake in the first round of betting. By doing this, either you are telling others that you have a weak hand which is indirectly asking them to take an advantage of you. If you had decided to limp to trap your opponents then that will make you lose value with strong hands.

Say no to pitiable starting hands

In poker, you just can’t afford to start off on the wrong side. You should always have a reason to play a hand and should never try with the hope of getting lucky. Always use a good starting hand or else wait for the vilest result if you enter a pot with a bad hand.

Don’t play too many tables

Don’t do multi-tabling until you constantly make a return over a continual period when you play one table. Only after making a profit, you should add a second table, rinse and repeat. You might reacha level when you are multi-tabling and you go broke. You can fix it by dropping the requisite number of tables until you make a profit. 

Bankroll is the money that a person has kept separately for playing poker. It is one aspect of the game which we can control and sufficient bankroll is essential to act as a pillow against variance. Bankroll management is the practice where you play within definite limits to evade using all of your bankroll due to bad runs of cards. You basically decide on how much money you can risk in any given time. This is called playing within your bankroll. It is indeed considered a vital rule to win poker game and without the bankroll management skill, you augment your chances of going broke.

Changing Levels

Poker is known for its deviations where you swing from good runs of cards to bad runs of cards. Let’s say your bankroll is floored below 20 full buy-ins then you better drop down a level to play within your bankroll until you get enough back up for the next level. If you lose 5 buy-ins, move down to the limit below. Don’t just start the game unless you have at least 20 buy-ins.

Taking a shot

You might fancy about taking a shot sometime just to see how well you do at the game. Do not buy-in for the full amount at the next level up when taking shots and not get carried away by big win at higher level.

Your style, your pick

You may be able to lower your verge of 300x big bets in limits down to 200x if you are a winning player since your adjustment is more stable but it may not be the case when you are an aggressive player or when playing for a living.

Poker Money is only for Poker

Try to keep the poker money aside and it means that the money in your bankroll is only to play poker and not for paying your rents, bills etc.

Don’t play when on tilt

If you notice any signs of tilt, then it is better taking 10 to 20 minutes break to cool down and evaluate your play. This becomes very important when you have taken couple of bad beats.

It is very significant to learn bankroll management skills when you are enthusiastic to make money from playing poker. You can always remember some of the safe bankroll requirements such as 40 buy-ins for the tournament and 20 buy-ins for the NL holdem if you are yet not accustomed with the skills.

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