Jun 25, 2019


The Dawn of Another Era!

The most phenomenal player the Indian cricket team has ever had is now starting the second innings of his life. He is a star performer and history-maker and he is back like he never left the world of cricket. He is none other than Yuvraj Singh!

A role model for many, Yuvi will be the Brand Ambassador of BalleBaazi, from the house of Baazi Games. BalleBaazi is among India’s top fantasy sports applications and bringing Yuvi along is like putting the last piece of the puzzle in place.

While talking about his association with BalleBaazi, Yuvi was “delighted”. He said this association will help him “interact with my fans on a personal level while competing with them as we select teams comprising of our favourite players.” He also added that the BalleBaazi app acts as “the best platform for passionate cricket fans to test their skills and knowledge related to the game.”

Yuvraj represents not only impeccable skills & fierce attitude, but he is an embodiment of the notion of never giving up on your goals and successfully surpassing the obstacles that come in that path. Much like fantasy cricket players on BalleBaazi who witness all the ups and downs as a player, but never lack determination and the spirit to succeed.

“It’s a matter of immense pride to have Yuvraj in the Baazi family. The world knows how Yuvraj brought a paradigm shift in the Indian cricket scene with his ‘Never Give Up’ attitude for his country. We, at BalleBaazi.com, boast of similar traits in our core values. We look forward to a long and productive association with Yuvi”, added Saurabh Chopra, Co-Founder, and CEO, BalleBaazi.com.

It’s an honour to have one of the greatest star players of International cricket as the face of BalleBaazi!

Visit the BalleBaazi app and their social media channels to get updated about everything fantasy sports!

Weekly Marvels of PokerBaazi!

PokerBaazi feels privileged to be hosting the cream of the Indian online poker circuit along with providing a platform for the growth of the new-comers, the rising stars of the community. A holistic approach is given in order to provide a promising and steady platform for the growth of our Baazigars. We host tournaments with guaranteed prize pools as little as INR 1000 to a massive INR 2 CRORE!

We feel fortunate enough to witness all the action that our highly-skilled Baazigars create on the PokerBaazi felts. Here is the weekly sum-up (June 14th- June 20th).

FriYay 10 LAC GTD

It was Kolkata-based online regular, Jayjit Ray a.k.a. england who took down this event for a payday of INR 2,20,900. Ray has shot to online fame in the Indian poker circuit with the mentoring of poker biggie Aditya Agarwal.

Value Town 10 LAC GTD

This INR 1100 buy-in tourney was shipped by Akash “nikita69QQ” Shekhar for a winning prize of INR 1,76,563. Initially, he was a regular cash game player but has eventually jumped into the field of MTTs.

BSS SuperStack 25 LAC GTD

The showstopper among our daily featured tourneys was won by Vaibhav Sharma a.k.a. WakhraSwagNi walking away with a whopping top prize worth INR 5,02,500. He has had some major deep runs on PokerBaazi including securing third place in the MoneyMaker for a payday of INR 12,37,285.

The Bout 10 LAC GTD

Sameer “Killersam” Tavanandi started-off his week with a massive win worth INR 2,35,300 for shipping this event. He is a regular player on PokerBaazi and has shipped major tournaments in PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL).

The Endeavour 15 LAC GTD

It was none other than Anirudh “flash1” Reddy who was crowned as the winner of this tourney taking home INR 3,08,133. Reddy has been a consistent player on PokerBaazi. His most recent major win was registered in the recent PPL- Special Edition.

The Vegas 10 LAC GTD

Online poker reg, Rajat “happyfish” Mahajan shipped this event for a top prize of INR 2,20,900. Mahajan has been around in the Indian online poker community, his career featuring some deep runs and major winnings.

The Summit 15 LAC GTD

A consistent winner across all Indian online poker websites, Rahul “chanakyax” Bhura took down last night’s event. He walked away with a massive winning prize worth INR 3,69,495.

Our Baazigars work hard to be able to consistently be in the headlines. More power to all of you. Good luck!

Team India, Letting the World Know They Are Here For the Deepest Runs!

WSOP 2019 is witnessing Indian pros moving mountains on the poker felts. Our countrymen are seen having deep runs in the major events such as the BIG50, Millionaire Maker, and The Marathon.

Here is a recap covering the achievements of Team India between June 12 and June 18:

Event#28 ($1K NLHE – Day 2)

June 12

A total of 264 players returned to compete on Day 2 with six of them from the Indian team. All six of them made it to the money with seasoned pro Aditya Sushant having the deepest run among them. He secured the 13th position for a paycheque of $17,409 (~₹12.09 Lakhs).

The rest of them who posted scores were, Paawan Bansal (64th for $4,283 -₹2.97 Lakhs), Yudhishter Jaswal (99th for $2,738 -₹1.90 Lakhs), Muskan Sethi (180th for $2,144 -₹1.48 Lakhs),  Nipun Java (275th for $1,753 -₹1.21 Lakhs)and Ashish Ahuja (309th for $1,612 ~₹1.11 Lakhs). This announced the end of this event for Indian pros.

Event #26 (The Marathon $2,620 NLHE)

June 12

Abhinav Iyer is proving to be the most consistent player from the Indian cadre. After making it to the money in two major events namely, The BIG50 and the Millionaire Maker, he was the only one from our team to make it to Day 3 of the event. Amidst a field of 188 players, Iyer secured 75th place for $5,444 (~₹3.78 Lakhs).

Event #30 ($1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha)

June 12

The event opened with a full-blown field of 1,527 players. Indian pro and PLO specialist, Pranay Kapoor was seen chasing the PLO bracelet. He survived Day 1 with a healthy stack of 127,000.

Seasoned pro and owner of two WSOP bracelets, Nipun Java also made it to Day 2 with a stack of 69,500.

June 13

Day 2 witnessed only one from the Indian duo surviving in the money. It was Pranay Kapoor who secured the 95th position for a payday of $2,077 (~₹1.44 Lakhs). Sadly, Java went to the rails empty-handed.

Event #31 (No-Limit Hold ‘em 6- Handed)

June 12

The field consisted of 754 players among them were two Indians who booked their slot for Day 2 namely, Aditya Agarwal (90,500) and Yasheel Doddanavar (103,500).

June 13

Day 2 resumed with 140 players in the field with only two Indians competing. While Aditya Agarwal busted out of the money, Doddanavar survived with a massive 685,000 in chips.

June 14

On Day 3, Doddanavar’s dream of winning the coveted bracelet shattered as he finished securing the 16th position for $18,325 (~₹12.82 Lakhs).

Event #19: Millionaire Maker ($1,500 No-Limit Hold ‘em)

June 12

After a five-day run, this major event saw its conclusion with John Gorsuch taking down the title for a payday of $1,344,930 and his first WSOP bracelet.

14 players had entered this event but only nine of them finished in the money. Among those nine only Ashish Ahuja (133rd for $8,893 -₹6.17 Lakhs) and Abhinav Iyer (274th for $6,657 -₹4.61 Lakhs) managed to be on the felts until Day 3.

Event #25 ($600 PLO Deepstack)

June 12

The last day (Day 3) saw the action on the felts created by 12 players. It was Andrew Donabedian who won his first WSOP gold bracelet with a winning prize of $205,605.

There were two Indians in the money namely, Abhishek Goindi (52nd for $3,606 -₹2.50 Lakhs) and Deepak Bothra (83rd for $1,856 -₹1.29 Lakhs).

Event #32 (Seniors No-Limit Hold ‘em)

June 13

Permitting players aged 50+, the event opened with a huge player field of 5,917 players. It was USA’s Dominick Scarola who was in the chip lead with a stack of 990,300 chips to enter Day 2.

We also had our countryman, Sanjay Taneja on the felts however, he could not make it to the money.

Event #34 ($1,000 Double Stack No-Limit Hold’em)

June 14

2,944 players started off on Day 1A with only 1,096 of them proceeding to Day 2. Among these were five Indians, Vinod Megalmani (304,300), Dhaval Mudgal (171,100), Raghav Bansal (149,300), Paawan Bansal (68,000), and Ashish Ahuja (50,700).

June 15

Day 1B kicked off with 3,201 players, out of which 1,229 players made it to Day 2. Among these were 13 surviving Indians with Yashaveel Doddanaver in the lead with 415,000 chips. He was later joined by other Indian pros on Day 2 such as Deepak Bothra (261,200), Aditya Sushant (146,100), Yudhishter Jaswal (142,800), Nishant Sharma (97,200), Kunal Patni (96,900), Madhav Gupta (95,100), Gokul Parvathaneni (69,400), Sharavan Chhabria (67,300), Sriharsha Doddapaneni (62,100), Sajal Gupta (51,000), Nipun Java (50,100), Kartik Ved (29,100).

June 16

After a gruelling gaming session on Day 2, there were 4 survivors from the Indian contingent were, Yasheel Doddanavar (1,412,000), Ashish Abuja (1,181,000), Aditya Sushant (846,000) and Vinod Megalmani (668,000).

10 Indian players were eliminated, out of which four posted scores namely, Madhav Gupta (716th for $1,690 – ₹1.18 Lakhs), Dhaval Mudgal (723rdf or $1,690 – ₹1.18 Lakhs), Gokul Parvathaneni (890th for $1,499 – ₹1.04 Lakhs), and Kartik Ved (907th for $1,499 – ₹1.04 Lakhs).

June 17

After Day 3 ended, only Ashish Ahuja made it to Day 4 with a stack of 6,725,000 chips, placed at 14th position in a field of 40 players.

The others from Team India who managed to finish ITM were, Yasheel Doddanavar (68th for $8,685 – ₹6.06 Lakhs), Aditya Sushant (136th for $4,501 – ₹3.14 Lakhs) and Vinod Megalmani (139th for $4,501 – ₹3.14 Lakhs).

June 18

The last representative of the Indian team, Ashish Ahuja saw his dreams of winning the desired WSOP bracelet go in the drain. He secured 14th place as he walked home with the prize money worth $37,421 (~₹26.06 Lakhs).

Wynn Summer Classic $1,100 NLH $1.5M Guarantee (Non-Bracelet Event)

Indian pro Kartik Ved was among the final 18 players who survived from the initial field of 2,472 players.

Event #37 ($800 No-Limit Hold’em Deepstack)

June 16

A total of 671 players survived the Day 1 session. A majority of the players who busted out of Event #34 ($1,000 Double Stack No-Limit Hold’em) joined this event. Among them, the most famous were Nishant Sharma (292,000), Kunal Patni (241,500), Gokul Parvathaneni (102,500) and Paawan Bansal (93,000).

There were also two other Indians in the surviving batch namely, Tarun Goyal (140,500) and Rajat Jain (77,000).

June 17

Day 2 saw three Indians finishing in the money, Kunal Patni (165th for $1,778 -₹1.23 Lakhs) Gokul Parvathaneni (304th for $1,422 -₹ 98,985) and Nishant Sharma (349th for $1,292 -₹89,936). The others who busted out of the money were Paawan Bansal, Tarun Goyal, and Rajat Jain.

June 18

The event concluded with three of our countrymen finishing in the money namely, Kunal Patni (165th for $1,778-₹1.23 Lakhs), Nishant Sharma (349th for $1,292-₹89,936, and Gokul Parvathaneni (304th for $1,422 -₹98,985).

Event #40 ($1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha)

June 17

This event attracted 1,216 players and after a tough 12-hour-long session, only 200 of them made it to Day 2. Among them were three Indians with seasoned pro Sajal Gupta (512,500) in the lead. The other two were Aditya Sushant (159,000) and Nipun Java (42,500).

June 18

Day 2 witnessed Gupta and Sushant leaving the felts securing 77th place for $3,340 (~₹2.32 Lakhs) and $2,357 (~₹1.64 Lakhs) respectively.

Event #42 ($600 Mixed NL Hold’em/PL Omaha Deepstack)

Day 1 attracted 2,403 players which by the end of the day whittled down to 191. Among these survivors were four Indians namely, Raghav Bansal (723,000), Kartik Ved (462,000) & Ashish Ahuja(458,000), and Yudhishter Jaswal (302,000).

There were some major deep runs registered by our skilled Indian team at the WSOP. We hope this continues.

Team PokerBaazi wishes our stars good luck!

Beginners Guide To Online Poker

Are you testing yourself in the waters of professional poker? Are you looking for everything that can help you make your initial phase as a professional player much more profitable and fulfilling? You have clicked on the right link.

Here are a few pointers that will help you as you start off as a professional player:

Try sticking to one single format

If you are starting off as a poker player, always look for formats which support your gameplay. Resist playing 6-max hold’em cash games because that’s where everyone else is. This increases the chances of you losing a lot as these tables are filled with poker pros. You should try and play other variants if you wish to be profitable.

Instead of aiming to be a jack of all, be a master of one. Find your comfort zone and sharpen your skills required for the same format.

Focus on learning how to manage your bankroll efficiently

If your bankroll management skills are underwhelming then it’s time to develop this skill. Without this even, the biggest and skilled poker player can say bye to their career as a professional player.

To put it roughly, players who play cash games and sit-and-go should have at least 25 buy-ins for the games they are paying. Multi-tabling players are expected to spend a maximum 2% of their bankroll on a buy-in of a tournament.

Be vigilant & analyze your own gameplay

Experienced poker players always keep track of their winnings and losses. You can find tracking software to help you analyze your results on the felts.

Eventually, a database is created which can be used to analyze trends in your gameplay.

Try to hire a coach

Professional poker players also coach budding poker players in both India and abroad. Their expertise in the field can help you identify leaks in your own game and also introduce you to newer strategies which have not yet reached the public eye.

The hindrance is the coaching is expensive. However, if you can manage to do so then your progress will surely speed up.

Consume training content

With the poker industry taking a giant shape globally, there is a massive pool of training content available both online and offline. There are websites referred to as “poker training websites” which publish educational content for the players.

Apart from this, there are blog pages like ours that publish regular strategy articles with tips from the pros.

Follow these small but significant steps in the initial stages of your career. We think you’ll be surely shipping those major events with millions promised for the top prize!

To choose or not to choose…that is the question!

While many poker players think that it is realistic to make money through cash games, there are equal chances to make it big playing tournaments. A majority of the players choose to specialize in one of the two formats, the others comfortably swing between both the disciplines. So what aspects should be considered before choosing a certain discipline?

First, let us know the basic differences between the two formats.

The Fundamentals


  • Must play until you run out of chips.
  • Must be present during registration.
  • Rebuys are not permitted unless the format says so.
  • Blind levels increase at predetermined intervals.

Cash Games

  • You can sit down and leave whenever you feel like
  • You can rebuy chips as per your discretion
  • Blind levels are static

The two fields do not have significant differences but this results in a major difference in the style of play. Let’s discuss a few factors that should be taken into consideration before deciding which format to choose from.

Time Commitment

It goes without saying that cash games give you the luxury to sit down and leave whenever you feel like, and if you don’t have much time this is the best option to choose.

On the other hand, tournament formats require you to give more than 8 hours in case you survive throughout the game. This is the case in most of the larger field MTTs.

So tournament format is for those who are either professional players or someone who is sure about their time commitment.


A major section of professional players choose cash games over tournaments because the variance is a lot less in cash games. Although, you can put a check on the variance by playing smaller field events if you are a regular MTT player you have to get ready for some variance.

A cash game player could play without any profits for over a month in extreme cases. An MTT player could go for over 6 months without making profits. This is the case for online regulars. For live tournament players, the time span could even increase to over a year.

However, it should be noted that there is a sense of prestige and acknowledgment associated with tourney players. Taking down a massive field MTT, reaching an FT filled with poker pro is definitely a noteworthy achievement.


Both disciplines require different skill sets. The differences mostly depend on the stack size. In cash games, players usually start with a pre-determined stack, in most cases 100bb. Also, in case your opponent is playing with a shallower stack, then you will have to change your course of action. However, generally, players play with 100bb.

In cash games, players start with 100bb or even 150bb, but as the blind levels increase your stack will decrease significantly. This factor decreases the range of hands you can profitably play. In tournaments, players play a decent amount of games where the chip stack gets below 20bb and this sends you to the push-or-fold stage. In this stage, players make only pre-flop decisions as the stacks are not healthy enough to enter the turn or the river.

Playing with 20bb is a rare sight in cash games and therefore tourney players do develop a specific set of skills to dodge such situations. Players use Nash and ICM strategies to calculate pre-flop push/fold ranges. It’s a difficult skill to incorporate in one’s gameplay but playing with 100bb needs a higher degree of skills according to the masses. Therefore, cash games are considered as a difficult format to play.

Players also feel that there is a time constraint in tournaments because each hand starts with a different structure which is not the case in cash games.

Thus, being a good cash game player cannot make you a good MTT player and vice versa. This is one of the major reasons why professional players decide to choose one option out of the two. Both the fields require a different set of skills and focusing on one makes you increase your potential.

The other side of the coin here is that your experiences of the late-stage of tourneys will help you when you are short-stacked in cash games. Developing strong 100bb skills in cash games can help in the early stages of tourneys.

Therefore, choosing one field or making the most of both formats is the player’s decision to make.

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