Apr 24, 2019


PPL Special Edition 2019 - Day3

Last night the felts of PokerBaazi witnessed a thrilling end to the 50L GTD Endeavour event. This is the very first time that the PPL series has played host to a multi-day event, and after its successful conclusion, we can be sure to expect more such events in the future.

Kanav “sokopa” Parwal had the run of his life last night, taking down the event for a hefty payday of INR 11,17,789 after defeating popular poker pro Nishant Sharma (INR 7,83,297) heads up. Meanwhile, the 15L GTD event saw Nikhil “blastupinside” Arora overcome an extremely tough Final Table line-up to clinch the title along with INR 4,13,910 in prize money.

Let’s take a look at the highlights from Day 3:

PPL #11: SuperStack 8-max 5L GTD

The Day kicked off the an 8-max SuperStack event with a guaranteed prize pool of INR 5,00,000. A modest INR 1100 gave you a seat to the event, and it saw 567 entrants with 72 eventually making it to the money. First place was taken by Pranav “GarviGujarat” Desai, good for a payday of INR 1,07,163. He defeated Rony “bisadip176” Chowdhury (INR 75,127) heads up to record his first title of the PPL SE.

PPL #12: 5-Max Turbo 5L GTD

Next up we saw a 5-max turbo event with a guarantee of INR 5,00,000. This new format attracted 365 players, taking the prize pool up to INR 7,30,000. 45 players were paid in this event with INR 1,53,300 reserved for the Winner. Vishal “bhai9” Marwaha took that spot after defeating “A7K9” (INR 1,07,310) heads up to win the title.

PPL #13: 6- Max DST 15L GTD

This 6-max DeepStack event kicked off at 7PM and recorded a massive field of 584 players, taking the total prize pool up to INR 21,90,000. 72 player were paid out in this event, with pole position being taken by Nikhil “blastupinside” Arora (INR 4,13,910). The final table saw plenty of regulars in “d00mtr00p3r” (2nd for INR 2,90,175), “borntrouble” (3rd for INR 1,86,588), “gaug17” (4th for INR 1,38,189), “kornkid” (5th for INR 1,03,587), “england” (6th for INR 83,001), “tilt83” (7th for INR 69,204) and “FishStars” (8th for INR 55,188).

PPL #14: DAY 2 – The Endeavour 50L GTD

117 players came back for Day 2 of The Endeavour, and while each was already in the money, everyone’s eyes were on the smashing first place prize of INR 11,17,789. The total prize pool in this multi-day event reached INR 64,95,000 owing to the huge turnout in the 2 starting flights. After nearly 7 hours, it was Kanav “sokopa” Parwal who was the last man standing following a gruelling Heads-up battle with poker pro Nishant “nishant177” Sharma (INR 7,83,297). Here are the final table payouts:

1 – Kanav “sokopa” Parwal (INR 11,17,789)

2- Nishant “nishant177” Sharma (INR 7,83,297)

3- “dilbaghsingh” (INR 5,07,909)

4- Arjanveer “holdbaby” Chadha (INR 3,75,41100

5- Dhaval “Rehab77” Mudgal (INR 2,79,934)

6- Rahul “pokeraddictive” Mech (INR 2,26,675)

7- Anujkumar “aatmaan” Kodam (INR 1,87,705)

8- Akshay “sherlock52” Nasa (INR 1,49,3850)


The final event of Day 3 was a 5 LAC guaranteed PLO event and attracted a field of 580, taking the prizepool up to INR 7,25,000. 72 players were paid out in this event and it was Mohammad “chandlerbing” Azhar who finished on top of the field, recording his first win of the season along with a payday of INR 1,37,025. Second place was taken by Gaurav “gaug17” Sood (INR 96,062).

Congratulations to all the Winners of Day 3!

Day 4 kicks off at 4PM today and is headlined by two massive events:

  • PPL #18 PLO HighRoller 25L GTD at 7PM
  • PPL #19 The Vegas 30L GTD at 8PM

Check out the complete Schedule here.

The PPL SE Leaderboard is currently led by Gaurav “gaug17” Sood and his 3153 points, followed by “akj290” and “GarviGujarat” with 2790 and 1901 points respectively. Check out the complete standings here.

Good Luck to everyone for Day 4!

PPL Special Edition 2019 - Day2

The PPL Special Edition witnessed another action packed day of poker yesterday with the conclusion of Day 2 and Events 6-10. Headlining the Day was Event #9 The Bout (25L GTD), which saw rising star Gaurav “gaug17” Sood beat a massive field of 594 players to take home the title along with INR 5,61,330 in prize money. He also went on to finish third in the final event of the day, taking him to the top of the PPL SE Leaderboard after Day 2 of the 5+ Crore GTD series.

Let’s take a look at the yesterday’s highlights:


Action kicked off at 4pm with PPL #6 – a 5 LAC guaranteed event which saw a total of 583 entries. The INR 1100 buy-in event witnessed a star studded final table headlined by the eventual winner – Vikram Kumar. “Lungi”, as he is popularly called, walked away with a handsome payday of INR 1,10,187 after defeating PokerBaazi Team Pro Maria Kirloskar (INR 77,247) heads up.

PPL #7 7-Max 5L GTD FO

Next in line for Day 2’s action was a 5 LAC guaranteed FreezeOut event which roped in 188 players, each of who put up an initial buy in fee of INR 2500. The top 24 players were paid out and it was “dybalamask” who was the last man standing, taking home the title and paycheque of INR 1,20,750. Second place was taken by “Illusionist”, who received a payday of INR 84,650.


Event number eight of the PPL SE was next up and featured a DeepStack Turbo format, attracting a field of 480 players. The top 54 players made it to the money, with “BIT00Poker” receiving the biggest chunk of INR 1,20,600 after defeating “miyagi” (INR 84,540) heads up.

PPL #9 The Bout 8-Max 25L GTD

The featured event of Day 2 was The Bout – which boasted a massive guarantee of INR 25 LAC with a buy in amount of INR 5,500. 594 players signed up for this biggie, pushing the total prize pool up to nearly 30 LAC. 72 players made it to the money, with a min cash good for INR 9,207. After over seven hours on the felts, we finally found our winner in Gaurav “gaug17” Sood - who has been turning heads with some extremely impressive performances off late. Sood walked away with a smashing payday of INR 5,61,330 after coming out on top of a heads up battle with “dilbaghsingh” (INR 3,93,525).

PPL #10 8-Max 15L GTD

The final event of the Day was an 8-Max 15 LAC guaranteed event which saw a total playing field of 490 players. 63 players were paid out, with a massive INR 3,57,026 reserved for the winner. That spot was eventually taken by “coldplay12”, who defeated “NaNki” heads up to secure the title. Second place received a payday of INR 2,50,267. Yet again, Gaurav Sood put up an impressive performance in this event, finishing in third position for a payday of INR 1,60,965 along with some invaluable Leaderboard points.

Congratulations to all the Winners of Day 2!

Day 3 kicks off at 4PM today and will be headlined by Day 2 of the 50 LAC guaranteed multi-flight event, The Endeavour at 8PM. Complete schedule here.

The PPL SE Leaderboard race is warming up now and after Day 2 we currently see Gaurav “gaug17” Sood sitting atop the pack after a great day on the felts yesterday. He currently holds 2325 points, 3 cashes and 1 win from the 7 events he has played thus far. Here are the complete standings: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/ppl-leaderboard.

Good Luck to all the Players for Day 3!

PPL Special Edition 2019 - Day1

The Special Edition of the PokerBaazi Premier League kicked off in style with Events 1-5 being played out on the felts last evening. Day 1 of the 5+ Crore GTD 8-day series witnessed huge numbers, and was headlined by two major events – Flights 1A and 1B of the 50L GTD Endeavour and the 25L GTD BSS SuperStack. Let’s take a look at how each event unfolded:

PPL #1: Flight 1A The Endeavour (50L GTD)

The first flight of this 50L GTD event saw a field of 633 entrants (245 re-entries) each putting up the initial buy in fee of INR 5,500. This event also marked the very first multi- day event seen in the PPL series thus far. Each flight would play down to 10% of the field (including Re-entries) with all the remaining playing making it to the money in Day 2.

After nearly 5 hours of play, the flight came to a close with Dhiren “Sharpshooter” Rupani (4,65,551) finishing on top of the 61 survivors who will move into Day 2. Finishing with the second biggest stack in this flight was “blastupinside” (4,63,736). Some of the familiars who made it through with healthy stacks include durrrr1310 (3,47,551), goacartel (3,04,682), effuno (2,96,306), thatssosick (2,83,762), Rehab77 (2,65,432), and boomtlt23 (2,20,995).


Next up was the BSS Pot-Limit Omaha tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of INR 5,00,000. It attracted a field of 293 players which included 149 re-entries, taking the total prize pool up to INR 7,32,500. After about 5 hours of play, we found our champion in Vaibhav “vane_shadow” Temani – who finished on top of the field for a payday of INR 1,96,310. Finishing in second place was well-known player Guruprasad “fish_calling” Gupta, who took home INR 1,13,537 for his finish.

PPL #3: BSS SuperStack (25L GTD)

Event number three for the day was the featured event – the 25L GTD BSS SuperStack event which roped in a massive field of 615 players (296 Re-entries). INR 5,500 was the entry fee to this event and we saw the total prize pool rocket to INR 30,75,000 – with the top 63 players making it to the money. Plenty of pros made it to the final two tables of this event but it was eventually Nishant “nishant177” Sharma who stood his ground after taking a lead in the final two tables and maintained his position till the very end. Sharma took home a whopping payday of INR 7,84,125 after defeating “intervntion” (INR 4,45,875) heads-up.

PPL #4: BSS MegaStack (5L GTD)

Next up was the BSS MegaStack Event. 295 players (including 125 re-entries) signed up for this one, taking the prize pool up to INR 7,37,500. The top 30 players made it to the money with Ankit “akj290” Jajodia finishing on top of the field, taking home INR 1,97,650 in prize money. “Praveenmac” finished in second place, scoring a payday of INR 1,14,312.

PPL #5: Flight 1B The Endeavour (50L GTD)

The last event of the day was the second and final flight of the 50L GTD multi-day event, The Endeavour. As expected, plenty of players came back for this one, either with hopes of improving their stacks or simply making it through the Day. A field of 666 players (304 re-entries) signed up for this one with 62 players making it through to Day 2. Leading them all is “thepokerplayer” with a stack of 4,23,595, followed by “Sidddhu” and his stack of 4,17,360 chips.

Other notables include “holdbaby” (2,62,407), “angel89” (2,61,309), “rohit22rm” (2,51,291), “aatmaan” (2,27,759), “miyagi” (2,23,039), “Mr_Robot” (2,18,018) and “sherlock52” (2,05,209).

Congratulations to all the Winners of Day 1!

Day 2 kicks off at 4PM today and is headlined by The Bout (25 LAC GTD) at 8PM with a buy-in amount of INR 5,500.

The PPL SE Leaderboard race is underway and Nishant “nishant177” Sharma currently leads the table with 1436 points, followed by “akj290” with 1140 points and “internvtion” with 1015 points respectively.

Good luck to all the players for Day 2!


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