Jul 20, 2019


Team India Consistently Playing at the WSOP Felts!

Team India is performing immensely well at the WSOP felts. This time it’s our star, PokerBaazi Founder & CEO, Navkiran Singh making it to the headlines.

Here’s the update from the WSOP 2019 between June 26th & July 4th:

Event #59 ($600 Deepstack Championship)

June 26

Seven Indian poker pros entered Day 2, however only one of them made it to Day 3. It was Naresh Veeravalli who advanced with a stack of 1.16 million.

The remaining members of Team India made it to the money, namely Paawan Bansal (78th for $2,254 – ₹1.56 Lakhs), Deepak Bothra (214th for $2,254 – ₹1.56 Lakhs), Guneet Kwatra (258th for $1,971 – ₹1.36 Lakhs), Aman Kejriwal (352nd for $1,546 – ₹1.07 Lakhs), Sandeep Varma (374th for $1,546 – ₹1.07 Lakhs) and Rajeev Kanjani (623rd for $1,058 – ₹73,240). This called off the event for our countrymen.

Non-WSOP Event

Zynga Poker WPT500 Las Vegas

The event attracted a total of 1,932 players from eight starting flights which later came down to a nine-handed final table. This final table also saw two Indians namely Nikita Luther and Ritesh Shah in attendance. Luther lost a major three-way pot towards the end which placed her at the third position with a stack of 6.7 million. Shah, on the other hand, relatively a new player, was placed sixth in chip count with a stack of 3.675.

Event #61 ($400 COLOSSUS)

June 26

The event witnessed a mammoth field of 5,238 players, with three Indians advancing to Day 2. It was seasoned pro Kunal Patni who earned the largest stack of 849,000. The others were Jaswinder Suri (362,000) and Madhav Gupta (287,000).

June 28

Day 2 of the event saw 11 Indians furthering their quest to win the title. All of them finished in the money, however, it was only Patni (9,625,000) and Siddharth Karia (2,300,000) who managed to survive and entered Day 3.



Prize Money

Kunal Patni


$7,219 – ₹4.97 Lakhs

Siddharth Karia


$4,910 – ₹3.38 Lakhs

Jaswinder “Bobbe” Suri


$2,246 – ₹1.54 Lakhs

Rohan Dhawan


$1,719 – ₹1.18 Lakhs

Sriharsha Doddapaneni


$1,521 – ₹1.04 Lakhs

Shravan Chhabria


$1,008 – ₹69,501

Vivek Rughani


$1,008 – ₹69,501

Aman Kejriwal


$860 – ₹59,297

Nishant Sharma


$804 – ₹55,436

Madhav Gupta


$689 – ₹47,506


June 29

On Day 3, the two Indians played well among a field of 107 players. While Patni had a deep run and finished at 56th position for $7,219 (~ ₹4.97 Lakhs), WSOP debutant Karia secured 89th place for $4,910 (-₹3.38 Lakhs).

Event #64 ($888 Crazy Eights No-Limit Hold’em)

June 28

The first starting flight saw a massive field of 1,187 players, with two Indian pros making it to the money. They were: Madhav Gupta (202nd for $1,380 – ₹95,151) and Aditya Agarwal (214th for $1,380 – ₹85,151).

Day 1B witnessed two Indian challengers going ahead to Day 2 among a surviving squad of 191 players. They were Ashish Ahuja (351,000) and Kartik Ved (190,000).

Others who finished ITM were Sriharsha Doddapaneni (149th for $1,349 – ₹93,013), Yudhishter Jaswal (151st for $1,349 –₹93,013), and Gokul Parvathaneni (165th for $1,329 – ₹93,013).

June 29

Day 1C attracted a colossal field of 2,830 players, among which were four Indian survivors namely, Madhav Gupta (545,000), Raghav Bansal (249,000), Siddharth Mundada (213,000) and Akshay Nasa (91,000).

June 30

The fourth and the last starting flight saw eight Indian challengers advancing further. They were Tarun Goyal (477,000), Rahul Byrraju (38 big blinds – 451,000), Kunal Patni (15 big blinds – 184,000), Rohan Rishi (15 big blinds – 177,000), Naresh Veeravalli (13 big blinds – 152,000), Meherzad Munsaf (11 big blinds – 134,000) and Sanjay Taneja (5 big blinds – 64,000).

Among the eight was also PokerBaazi’s Founder & CEO, Navkiran Singh with a healthy stack of 19 big blinds – 228,000. 

July 1

Day 2 witnessed all the 15 of our countrymen leaving the felts finishing in the money. Seasoned pro Madhav Gupta led the Indian contingent secured the 188th place for $5,938 (~₹4.09 Lakhs). The others were Lawrence Sanjay (271st for $4,424 – ₹3.05 Lakhs), Ashish Ahuja (432nd for $3,013 – ₹2.07 Lakhs), Siddharth Mundada (461st for $3,013 – ₹2.07 Lakhs), Naresh Veeravalli (731st for $2,202 – ₹1.51 Lakhs), Raghav Bansal (780th for $2,015 – ₹1.38 Lakhs), Kartik Ved (853rd for $1,859 – ₹1.28 Lakhs), Rohan Rishi (890th for $1,859 – ₹1.28 Lakhs), Rahul Byrraju (937th for $1,729 – ₹1.19 Lakhs), Kunal Patni (958th for $1,729 – ₹1.19 Lakhs) and PokerBaazi pro Navkiran Singh (985thfor $1,729 – ₹1.19 Lakhs), Meherzad Munsaf (1,038th for $1,622 – ₹1.11 Lakhs), Akshay Nasa (1,064th for $1,622 – ₹1.11 Lakhs), and Sanjay Taneja (1,073rd for $1,622 – ₹1.11 Lakhs).

Event #75 ($1,100 NLH MonsterStack $1M GTD)

June 30

Outshining all the other Indians with the best performance by our team in the series so far was by Ankit Ahuja. He ousted many in a field of 2,233 players to take home gigantic prize money worth $266,824 (~₹1.83 Crores). This was his career-best score!

Event #69 ($1,000 Mini Main Event)

July 1

This new addition to the WSOP witnessed a big field of 5,521 players, and our Indian team participated in big numbers. However, only three of them managed to survive and advanced to Day 2. They were, Paawan Bansal (30 big blinds – 890,000), followed by Nipun Java (27 big blinds – 820,000), and Sirjan Singh (8 big blinds – 250,000).

Gopal Parvathaneni busted in the money on Day 1 itself securing the 775th place for $1,499 (₹1.03 Lakhs).

July 2

It was Java who had the deepest run among the Indian group. He secured the 51st place for $11,460 (~₹7.89 Lakhs).

Others who finished in the money were Kunal Punjwani (99th for $4,772 – ₹3.28 Lakhs), Paawan Bansal (250th for $3,125 – ₹2.15 Lakhs) and Sirjan Singh (320th for $2,762 – ₹1.90 Lakhs).

Event #71 ($500 Salute To Warriors)

July 2

This event is again a new addition to the series and is hosted in order to pay homage to the US Army Veterans. A part of the buy-in is pledged to be donated to the United Services Organisation and other military charities.

Two Indian pros managed to enter Day 2 namely, Aditya Systla (160 big blinds – 310,000) and Sachidananda Sivakumar (14 big blinds – 70,000).

July 3

Day 2 saw both the Indian pros finishing in the money. Systla played impressively and secured 14th place for $5,819 (₹4 Lakhs), however, Sivakumar who had entered short-stacked was placed at the 141st place for $865 (~ ₹59,496).

Event #73 ($10,000 Main Event Championship)

July 3

Day 1A started off with a field of 1,335 players, out of which 990 players survived and entered Day 2B. Among these were five Indians namely, Abhinav Iyer (79,500), Satchit Kapur (59,100 – 74 big blinds), Vikram Kumar (45,300 – 57 big blinds), Rohan Dhawan (23,000 – 29 big blinds) and Jasven Saigal (18,600 – 23 big blinds).

July 4

Day 1B saw five more our players advancing to ahead namely, Yudhishter Jaswal (193,400), Aditya Systla (162,700 – 203 big blinds), Young Gun Siddharth Karia (123,300 – 154 big blinds), Ankit Ahuja (111,100 – 139 big blinds), Minissha Lamba (83,500 – 104 big blinds) and Kunal Patni (66,500 – 83 big blinds).

Non-WSOP Event

July 4

Venetian DeepStack Championship Poker Series Event #88: $400 PLO Bounty $30K GTD

It was none other than PokerBaazi Founder & CEO, Navkiran Singh who represented Team India and had an impressive run at the event. Surviving a field of 183 players, he won $11,517 (~₹7.88 Lakhs).

The game has gotten more crucial, let good luck and skills be on your side. Wish you all the best, Team India!

We’re At It Again!

You can be the best but you can always work towards bettering yourself. At PokerBaazi, we strive to never stop improving with an in-house tech team helping us in this quest. Apart from designing some crazy promotions, events and series, and of course the amazing loyalty reward program, Baazi Rewards, our team takes care of all issues individually.

This time, our team has worked hard to introduce a new format on the PokerBaazi app- 5 Card PLO. A variant of Pot Limit Omaha which is loved by many in the poker community- good news for all!

In this game, a player has to use 2 hole cards and 3 community cards to make a hand. The only difference between 4 card variant and 5 card variant is that in the former a player is dealt with 4 hole cards and in the latter 5. It seems that it would be exactly the same as the one offered before, but we must tell you that it’s way more exciting & action-driven. It can spice up your entire gaming experience.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before diving into this newer, adrenaline-pumping game:

  1. Premium hands such as AA and KK find their value reduced. Try to play with hands that connect well to the flop.
  2. Set your ranges well. Do not forget that others have those 5 cards as well!
  3. Be cautious with your draws (straights & flushes). There are high chances that your opponent might have a better one.
  4. Having more cards on the table means more effect on your bankroll. Therefore, take decisions wisely and plan accordingly.

Apart from this, we have also introduced One-Touch Tournament Info feature. This slide-key gives you all the information (players/blind levels/stacks/position/places paid) without you leaving the table. Another game variant set to launch in August is OFC (Open-face Chinese) Poker. We are excited to introduce a new form of poker to the Indian online poker players.

Known for offering novel experiences to the Indian online poker circuit, PokerBaazi team runs only on our love for poker and the poker needs of our players.

We are also hosting the second edition of India’s biggest online poker tournament, 2Cr GTD GameChanger between 21st & 25th August. To win tickets to the multi-day tourney visit our social media handles.

PokerBaazi Adds Another Poker Variant to Their App!

PokerBaazi.com has grown to become India’s Most Trusted Poker Website and with good reason. Apart from the stellar promotions, break-through events and series, and the most rewarding player loyalty program Baazi Rewards, the company is backed by a team of brilliant professionals. Not only is this a team that is highly competent and innovative, but what truly sets them apart is their attention and regard for their valued players.

Constantly improving and setting new benchmarks, the company has gone on to create plenty of milestone events in the domestic online poker circuit. From the PPL to the MoneyMaker, GameChanger to ValueBomb – PokerBaazi.com has raised the bar for both players and operators alike. One of the biggest assets that the company has today is their homegrown software - which was created from scratch by Avneet Rana and his team.

The PokerBaazi software has seen a lot of improvement, particularly over the last year or so. While there were certain issues that players brought to the notice of the team, each has been addressed individually and rectified to ensure a smooth and seamless gaming experience. Some of these include the top-up feature in cash games, auto-seat selection, auto-table switching, player notes, faster load time, auto sit-out (next hand/cash games/tournaments/all), satellite info in the tournament lobby, BB count (in tournaments), My Stats, Game Stats (cash games), Hand Strength and of course the portrait mode gaming feature – which has become a trend among both operators and players.

The above tweaks in software have no doubt made gaming more enjoyable on the platform, but the process is a continuous one. This time around, PokerBaazi team is out with some exciting variants of the game. The latest to come out are as follows:

  • 5 Card PLO – Pot Limit Omaha is a thoroughly enjoyed game in the Indian circuit, and the introduction of 5-card PLO comes as great news for all PLO lovers! After all, 5 is better than 4!
  • Open-Face Chinese (OFC) Poker- A comparatively newer variant of poker, OFC is loved by many across the globe. We are elated to offer yet another form of poker to the Indian online poker players. Date for OFC launch will be out soon.

Along with 5 Card PLO, the tech has also powered the following feature release as part of their continuous efforts in enhancing the playing experience:

  • Tournament Info (mobile app) – Information about an ongoing tournament (Players/Blind Levels/Stacks/Position/Places Paid) will now be available on the table via a slide-key. This will eliminate the need to leave the table and open the tournament lobby for this information.

Team has also brought in some experience enhancements including free flowing gaming animations among other stability upgrades.

Avneet Rana, Director of Technology at Baazi Games, has been the backbone of the entire tech team through the years. No words can do justice to the kind of work that goes into the technology of a gaming company – let alone one which includes three different platforms - PokerBaazi, BalleBaazi and RummyBaazi.

While sipping his favourite cold coffee, Avneet spoke about these new developments. He stated “Being in the gaming industry, it is a necessity to keep introducing new features in our apps. This helps in keeping up the excitement of our players. Having an in-house tech allows us to stay at par with the latest trends.”

The company has already created a name for itself as innovators in the poker industry, and with the backing of a smooth interface and seamless gaming experience, they’re all set to take online poker in India to new heights.

For now, sit back, explore and enjoy these new features on India’s Most Trusted Poker Website, PokerBaazi.com.

Be the Ultimate Champion!

India’s biggest online poker tournament, GameChanger first rolled out between February 20 & 24. The massive success of it jolted down the Indian online poker circuit. The event attracted a humongous player field of 3,777 contenders among which Bangalore-based Prashanth Sekar took down the title. This time, it’s back to destroy all the records and from the ruins will rise above another champion!

Make it to the Headlines Spending Half the Prize!

The second edition of the event is scheduled from August 21st- 25th. While the first edition broke all the records making it the biggest multi-day event in the country, this time it comes back with a twist. The buy-in of the tourney is cut down to half of what it was earlier- INR 5500 instead of INR 11000 but the guarantee (INR 2 CRORE) remains untouched. So why compromise, go get those big numbers!

Multi-day Marvel!

GameChanger 2.0 will feature 4 starting flights with the fourth one having turbo format. This will help players enter the final day with the healthiest stack and provide multiple opportunities to qualify for Day 2. Day 2 (August 25th, 6 PM) will witness all surviving players contending to be the ultimate champion, with the entire field already in the money.

Satellites to the Rescue!

If even INR 5500 bothers you, then we are offering satellites to enter the starting flights only for INR 275! These satellites are running every day (Monday- Saturday at 8:30 & 9:30 PM). On Sundays, we are hosting four satellites to enter each starting flight respectively between 5:30 PM and 8:30 PM.

Exciting Offers!

We are also giving away free and discounted tickets via contests, free entry tournaments and Baazi Rewards. Stay tuned and visit our social media channels for the latest updates and offers on the same!

There is still time to buck up and set your goals. Hone your skills if you aren’t confident and play satellites to enter this biggie with the mightiest chip stack. All the best!


It’s Back to Let You Roll in Big Winnings!

The driving force of PokerBaazi has always been our players and our shared love for poker. Being able to cater to all kinds of players: low-stakes, mid-stakes and high-stakes is an achievement our team cherishes. Baazi Grinders Series is back again to let the players hit the pavilion with happy faces and deeper pockets!

It’s Your Straight Drive to Becoming a Pro!

The July Edition of Baazi Grinders Series has already hit the PokerBaazi felts on 1st July 2019. This week-long poker bonanza is featuring a whopping guarantee of INR 40 LAC distributed across 35 tournaments. That means you can play five tournaments every day with a minimum guarantee of INR 4 LAC. So why play passively and look for singles!

Supporting the players to sharpen their skills and become confident, Grinders Series will be featuring buy-ins ranging between INR 55 & INR 2750 while the guarantees range between INR 15,000 to INR 5 LAC. You can also play consistently and win leaderboard prizes worth INR 3 LAC!

Baazi Grinders Series is known to be a platform for the newbies to claim their stardom in the Indian online poker community. The last edition saw many new faces coming to the forefront having won big prizes and we are sure it’s going to be the same yet again.

Your Shot at Poker Glory!

Grinders Series is all set to catapult you in your career as a professional poker player or maybe make you realize that you have what it takes to be one! Being easy on the pockets, it’s all you want to enter the world of professional poker in style.

Additionally, PokerBaazi will also be hosting the second edition of the historic success, 2Cr GTD GameChanger 2.0. It will roll out between 21st August & 25th August with an eye-popping buy-in of INR 5500. So get ready to ship this mega tourney in HALF the prize as before (INR 11000). Stay tuned to our social media channels to win a free ticket to this multi-day marvel!

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