Oct 16, 2018


Baazi Rewards : PPL Tournaments Tickets

It was 21st August 2018 that our innovative Loyalty Rewards Program, called the Baazi Rewards; had debuted on the Indian poker stage with a bang. A month or so on today, it has become a template in its domain and has undoubtedly won the love of all those it was intended for. Plus, you can now also win tickets to major tournaments in PokerBaazi Premier League through Baazi Rewards.

Imagine a world where you can follow your passion for poker without any second thoughts. We know of your love for poker and we also understand that regardless of what your proficiency level is, you may make a few bad moves and end up taking the heat.

We are here to save the day for you through our Baazi Rewards.

Baazi Rewards is a revolutionary Loyalty Rewards Program that is launched by PokerBaazi and it pays you for just being your best at your game- even when you’re not exactly winning someday! It would incentivize you with loyalty points for the duration of time that you would play cash games on company’s gaming software and apps, and you can encash these loyalty points for hefty prizes at each preset level.

Yes, it is that revolutionary.

You can win!

Baazi Rewards have been in the news since day one. We have awarded over INR 1.5CRORE in CASHBACK AND LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM together since August 21, and the numbers are rolling up every hour. We are presenting some of the top winners of our distinguished Baazi Rewards below.

Just one question: if they can do it, why can’t you?

  1. Pramod “PG111111” Gupta claimed a Goa Package at Premium level 16 in just 28 days.
  2. Kanishk "GOONER1317” Upreti claimed a MacBook Pro at level 21 in less than a month.
  3. Pulkit "IFOLDFULLHOUSES" Goyal was rewarded with Vegas package at premium level 22 in just 15 days.
  4. Utkarsh "OSWALD99” claimed ONE PLUS 6 at level 15 in just 10 days.
  5. Bobbe “FURIOSAA” Suri won a Samsung S9+ at level 18 in a month.

There are several more players who have won BIG with us and we shall publish their names subsequently.

Two good!

The Loyalty Reward Program, called Baazi Rewards, comprises two options (called LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM and CASHBACK) and you are free to take one.

  1. The former option features top prizes like a Jaguar XF supercar, a see-me-once trip to Vegas and tickets to PokerBaazi’s popular tournaments. You can also win premier gadgets like MacBook Pro, iPhone X and OnePlus. This is also the default option and it comes with lifetime validity.
  2. The latter would help your bankroll swell as we would credit your cashback amount as applicable every week. Just a reminder, you can switch among the two options only once a calendar month.

Key features

  • The Loyalty Rewards Program comes with an unlimited validity.
  • The taxes for all prizes (claimed under the Baazi Rewards) will be borne by PokerBaazi.
  • Players can win up to 50% back at the Premium Levels.

Now win tickets to major PPL Tournaments through Baazi Rewards

Players can win tickets to various PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) tournaments through several Premium Levels in Baazi Rewards.

The upcoming INR 4.5+CRORE worth PPL Autumn’18 Edition features several tournaments and you can win tickets to them by playing your favourite cash games and going up the Premier Levels as follows:

Level 5

PPL #23, ValueTown 15LAC GTD (5RE)

Level 9

PPL #4, The Big 20LAC GTD (RE)

Level 10

PPL #9, The Endeavour 30LAC GTD (RE)

Level 11

PPL #14, The Vegas 30LAC GTD (RE)

Level 12

PPL #27, ME Warm Up 20LAC GTD (5RE)

Level 13

PPL #32, BSS 20LAC GTD (5RE)

Level 15

PPL #19, The Summit 20LAC GTD (5RE)

Level 17


Level 18

The MoneyMaker 1CRORE GTD

Level 21

PPL #20 HighRoller 50LAC GTD (5RE)


We’re sure this would have got you excited, and you can visit this link to know more about our Loyalty Rewards Program: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/baazi-rewards-info .

Remember, it all begins with a decision to try!

OMG= PPL Autumn’18 Edition + Prize Pool of INR 4.5+ CRORE GTD

"PokerBaazi will launch its top two events- MoneyMaker and PokerBaazi Premier League together as one event with a jaw-dropping prize pool of INR 4.5+ CRORES. It’s all 'Advantage YOU' this October with PokerBaazi! "


Incepted in 2015 and 2017 respectively, the PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) and MoneyMaker (MM) have together created shockwaves in India’s passionate online gaming community because of their top-end winnings categories. Their timeline is a glorious sum of PokerBaazi’s highly player-centric and game-based initiatives.

Fast forward to 2018, and they have together bettered themselves with higher Guaranteed prize pools, lower Buy-Ins, and a massive fan following. What’s even better, you can win a ticket to the PPL through the company’s recently released Baazi Rewards and we shall release more information about them a few days from now!

Your favourite league is back as your one-stop answer to all big bang events that offer a hefty prize pool. We have combined your two most favourite poker bigshots - PPL and MM to offer you an unbeatable and jaw-dropping winning proposition. 

The Now

India’s most prestigious online poker series, the PPL is back with a bang! Its latest avatar is an exciting inclusion of its famous sibling- the MoneyMaker. The PPL 1 CRORE Main Event would thus now pave way for a similar MoneyMaker event with a buy-in of just 10K.

The Wow

PokerBaazi’s king’s move aka the PPL had debuted as the first of its kind online league in the dynamic online gaming space of India. It then had a prize pool of INR 12 LAC but it has now swelled to an incredible INR 4.5+ CRORE in less than three years- and you can scale the new prize pool in 7 days flat!

This year, each PPL season has a Leaderboard with prizes worth INR 10 LAC plus a Yearly Leaderboard that has a prize of INR 25 LAC and a Harley Davidson bike for the winner.

Isn’t that something that makes you go WOW?

The How

It is simple! You need to enrol for the PPL Autumn ’18 Season and go on your usual way of gunning down the top prize. You only need to play the best poker of your life for these seven days and hopefully, you would be able to scale the target! And guess what, we have surprise package for you.

Surprise Package

PokerBaazi’s class-leading Baazi Rewards have made a mark for themselves for their incredible Loyalty Rewards Program. This reward system is special because they would award you for simply playing the game and on the time that you spend on the company’s platform, regardless of whether you win or lose. The Baazi Rewards would also offer entries to various PPL events and MM subsequently and you know this is going to be the best deal for you.

The new levels with PPL Tickets will be available very soon.

 Advantage YOU!

This translates into more bang for bucks as you get an inside-out chance to make your dreams come true. For this time, you only need to focus on one major event or series at a time.

  • The Guaranteed prize pool is INR 4.5+ CRORES.
  • Another big plus is that there are two Leaderboards instead of one. One leaderboard is for PPL (and is worth INR 10 LAC) and the other is the Yearly Leaderboard (worth INR 25 LAC). The top prize for the latter is a Harley-Davidson bike that you can drive around the city as a mark of your victory!
  • The minimum Guaranteed event for each day is kept at INR 15 LAC. There is also an INR 50 LAC High Roller and one MM tournament waiting for you.
  • The Satellites start on 19th September 2018.
  • There would be exciting giveaways on Facebook. You can Like, review them and share your views so that you don’t miss on any further updates.


Four Years Ago, Poker And Me Were Worlds Apart Until…

It was February 2014, 
I was a freelance artist who used to create portraits and painting on canvases for people. It was fun being that way because it allowed me to express my creativity while also earning me some cool bucks. The reason I was also good at drawing and painting was because I was crazy about art classes when I used to study in school. My parents weren’t that kind towards it and weren’t even that supportive since my art I guess they were right, partially!

Poker to the rescue

Over the next few months, I realized that somehow this painting thing wasn’t taking me anywhere. I was not earning enough plus the art materials were also becoming costlier.

It was then that my dear friend told me of poker. He told me about an underground casino that invited people who looked like they belonged to the place and knew what their best and worst hands were. But here was another problem- I was a nobody at poker or even cards and it was hopeless for me.

With the income declining rapidly, I thought to give it a shot as the winters were setting in. I played a few freerolls and once I thought it was all good, I went up to the casino owner one fine day and told him that I’d like to play a game. It was a room filled with beautiful bright lights, some soft music and a huge table in front of me. I was very nervous and it was showing in my face! He directed me towards a certain table and asked me not to take any other seat.

A hard-earned victory

I took the table and after a brief introduction of everyone, we sat down. I was observing the good poker players from the bad ones as they were trying not the play the cards but were trying to fox others. I too tried my hand at both smart play and a little bit of bluffing- and won the first few hands easily. This calmed me down a little bit and suddenly I was in the game! I continued to play until late night and while I lost a few hands owing to over-excitement and wrong moves, I came winning out a lot many. I even won the complete game on that table that night.

As I was checking out of the casino that fine night, the casino owner called me up and said, “I had deliberately asked you to sit there because they were all novices!”  I felt like I had no words to thank him. He could have made it my last game  but he chose to be the better man- and I would always remain grateful to him for that.

I met some of the nicest people that night and while it has been four long years since, but I still go to the same casino every single weekend to play poker. Painting is still my first love but Poker became a way of life for me, it turned my world upside down and I love it.

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Poker – X-Men Battle

The story fast forwards to 4018 AD in a parallel universe where X-Men, both from Charles Xavier’s side and Magneto’s side, are busy figuring out which the better side is. What is in it for the humans? Well, the outcome also decides the future of the human race as well.

Charles Xavier and his School for the Gifted

The children born with a special X-factor in their genes are called Mutants. These mutants have some special superpowers and they have one of the two views on humans- a group of mutants supports humans while the other does not. The former group of children lives and studies in a mansion-turned-school of the noted telepath Professor Charles Xavier. This school is called the Charles Xavier School for the Gifted.

A little away from this school are the houses of half-mutant and senator Robert Kelly, and Level 3 mutant Eric Lansher aka Magneto, and they both hate humans. They have their own group of mutants who think likewise and live with them.

Introduction of Logan aka Wolverine

Professor Xavier goes the Gandhi way of dealing with the differences but is opposed by Kelly and Magneto. They thus agree to finally sort it with big stakes- the winner decides the fate of humanity. The date is fixed for a few weeks later and the place is fixed as Xavier’s very own school.

He brings together a special group of pro poker players and mutants called "X-Men" to figure out something. The two main figures in them are Logan aka Wolverine (half man half wolf) and Dr. Jene Grey (another telepath). He polishes and refines their gaming skills for the final test, and channelizes their emotions along with their respective strengths to make them a better Poker player.

Magneto and Senator Kelly happen to be pro poker players themselves. They also have other players like Sabretooth with them who are famous for winning even WSOP.

Not just another game of poker

The game starts and senator Kelly and Magneto take the lead with chip count. Xavier’s X-Men pull up their socks and win out next few hands to level the chip count. Over a few hard-fought rounds, it is soon reduced to a heads-up between Xavier and Magneto.

A master move…

As the cards are being dealt, Logan notices Sabretooth coming behind Xavier for seeing his cards and alerting his master. Logan draws his claws and is about to spring on Sabretooth when Magneto jams his metallic skeleton. Seeing this Xavier hypnotizes senator Kelly to take off Magneto’s helmet and thus giving Xavier a free field to control the bad beat. Magneto and Senator Kelly are both shamed and defeated as they leave the Professor’s place.  

It all happened in a few seconds, but the result is that the humans are now allowed to happily coexist. They celebrate it with forming an organization called PokerBaazi whose website is now termed the most trusted online poker website in India. It organizes various poker games and tournaments for players across all playing levels and showers the winners with BIG rewards!

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 Poker- Race 4 Sequel Story

If you thought that Samsher Singh would be spending the rest of life in the jail of Zila Handia then pinch yourself and get up close with reality- for the Race isn’t over yet. The whole story proceeds with a game of poker between Sikhander and Samsher in Race 4. We understand your curiosity to know more so here’s a sneak peek into what really happens.

Racing to Poker

Samsher Singh and his son Yuvraaj manage to escape from the jail located in their hometown Zila Handia. Samsher Singh contacts Sikhander Singh and demands the full share of Al-Shifah property back and when Sikhander refuses, Samsher challenges him for a game of poker. This game is bound by the ‘winner takes it all’  condition, which means that whosoever wins also takes 100% of the property share. Sikhander agrees to it and gets ready for the poker game the next day. This is when the real Race begins.     

Race begins…

Next morning, Samsher Singh and Sikhander Singh head to Samsher Singh’s Army Base Camp where a game of poker shall decide the fate of the Al-Shifah property, thus making it a signature case of poker deciding the survival of the fittest.

Typically in any poker league in India, you would usually find 5-6 players seated at a table but in this case, it is a Heads-Up battle because it involves two people– Samsher and Sikhander. The game kick-starts where Sikhander holds hole cards: 9 (hearts) and 8 (clubs) and Samsher holds hole cards of Ace (of diamonds) and King (of spades). Samsher has around 56% chances of winning whereas Sikhander has 44% chance of winning.

Sikhander and Samsher choose to call and in the proceeding hand, Sikhander raises and Samsher follows the 3-bet online poker strategy. The flop waits to be opened but the pre-flop observes aggressive play and bets.

Sikhander then calls and the flop opens with three community cards being dealt: J (of hearts), J (of diamonds), 5 (of spades). Samsher aces the game with 76% chances of winning as he has a high-value card: A (of diamonds) and Sikhander has 28% chances of winning as he owns mediocre hands.

Game changer

Sikhander chooses to step back and check post flop just as Samsher calls. The game proceeds with the 4th community card being dealt, which is a 9 (of spades). This leads to a massive drop in the winning chances of Samsher to just 7% and Sikhander now has 93% of winning chances as he holds a pair of 9 (of hearts), 9 (of spades) and a pair of Jacks. It’s nothing less than a cakewalk for Sikhander from here!

Sikhander delivers a masterstroke as he goes all-in and Samsher is left with no other option but to show his cards. The game ends with Sikhander becoming the winner of this game hands down.

"Disclaimer: The aforementioned article displays fake news and is meant for entertainment purposes only. Also, we have deliberately changed the characters’ names. It is produced solely for enjoyment of poker fans in India. No infringement of Copyright is intended. "

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