Jan 19, 2020


The Indian Poker Series (TIPS) is truly a world-class live poker tournament series that caters to Indian poker players but is held at international venues. Working closely with the series since the beginning, PokerBaazi is proud to be associated with such a unique and spectacular event.

Want to enjoy the best of live and online poker? We’ve got a surprise for our Baazigars. Being an official satellite partner of the series, we are giving our players an opportunity of a lifetime. PokerBaazi is hosting satellite tournaments throughout the week for AS LOW AS ₹130. Join to stand a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Rozvadov, the Czech Republic. We will be covering your lodging, airfare and tickets to The Indian Poker Series (3rd – 10th Feb 2020) to be held at Europe’s biggest poker room, King’s Resort.

Satellite Schedule:




Step 1 Satty (RE)

Tue to Sun, 8:15 PM


Step 1 Satty (R+A)

Tue to Sun, 9:15 PM


Step 1 Satty (RE)

Mon at 7 PM


2 Seats GTD Step 2

Mon at 9 PM



Are you not a great fan of tournaments, and like to play cash games? If yes, worry not because you can reach level 21 on Baazi Rewards and claim a package worth ₹1,25,000 to the Czech Republic. This package will include a ticket to the Main Event of the series, 7-night stay, visa fee and airport transfers.


Whether you’re a lover of cash games or tournaments, heading to Europe’s biggest poker room is definitely in your cards!

Over 6 players ended up on the felts at TIPS during the second edition in 2019. Here is what poker pros Pranav Khandalkar and Vinayak Bajaj had to say about their experience with us.

1. Pranav Khandalkar

A regular poker player of the Indian circuit, Pranav seemed elated as he went down the memory lane. He said,
My trip to Rozvadov was wonderful. Playing in European field was a wonderful experience. King’s is an excellent host. However, I would also like to thank PokerBaazi for handling everything from visa to travel seamlessly. I extend my gratitude to the Baazi team who gave me a chance to play in an international field.

2.  Vinayak Bajaj

Last seen at the Baazi Poker Tour in Goa, this online poker regular managed to win tickets to not only The Indian Poker Series (TIPS) but also to the German Poker Championship (GPC) via our satellites. Sharing his experience with PokerBaazi, he said, 
I got to fly to the King’s Casino, Rozvadov twice this year, for TIPS and for GPC through PokerBaazi and the experience was surreal. These were my first international poker trips and I feel I could not have asked for more. Talking about our satellites, he added, “You might also bump into some big names randomly like I did into TonyG. Also the best part about King’s Casino is their tourneys have low buy-ins because of larger fields. I think everyone should give a shot at this. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

What are Satellites?

Major tournaments with massive guaranteed prize pools generally come with slightly higher buy-ins. but you don’t have a suitable bankroll. You can simply join a satellite tournament for cheaper buy-ins and compete to win a ticket to that major tournament.

Helpful Read : How Poker Satellites can be your ticket to winning big

About King’s Resort

King’s Resort, earlier named King’s Casino, houses Europe’s largest poker room. Opened on 26 June 2003, the casino was soon hosting international biggies such as the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and has been hosting the World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) since 2017. PokerBaazi is the exclusive Indian partner to all King’s Resort

Over a month’s time is left for you to book your seats and enjoy live poker at Europe’s grandest casino. Register for our satellites now!

Tournaments on PokerBaazi

Whether it’s live or online, we’re home to some of the biggest and most rewarding tournaments  in the Indian poker scene. Join us at the start of every month to play the highly accessible Grinders series, which begins with buy-ins as low as ₹30 and winnings as high as ₹1,00,00.

Check: PokerBaazi Offers & Promotions

If you’re a high stakes player looking for the best of live action, then make your way to Goa from 2nd to 14th January to play the Baazi Poker Tour featuring a 7 CR GTD! Sattys are now running as low as ₹20!

The tourist season is on in the poker capital of India, and so is the winning season. PokerBaazi LIVE, PokerBaazi.com’s latest venture into the live poker world offers you a perfect combination of luxurious life and poker. If you consider yourself a poker enthusiast, make sure you visit us at Casino Pride 2 to enjoy a rewarding gaming experience every day.

Get Introduced To a New Side of Live Poker

Each day becomes more rewarding at PB Live. Make your trip to Goa lucrative with our 15K GTD Daily FreeRoll which we host from Monday to Friday at 5 PM. Make it to the three places and walk away with a massive prize worth 5,000 each for FREE!

Daily Freeroll

Another treat to your bank account would be our Baazi 5 LAC FreeRoll. All you have to do is play for 24 hours or more in a week at PokerBaazi LIVE and get a ticket to the 5 LAC GTD Goa FreeRoll Tournament held every Sunday at 3 PM! What’s exciting about this tourney is the winner takes home a staggering first-place prize worth 1 LAC! 

Baazi 5 lacs FreeRoll

If you manage to cash in at this tourney, 50% of your winnings will be credited to your PokerBaazi LIVE bankroll, and the remaining 50% will be credited as Real Cash to your PokerBaazi Account. 

Travelling to Goa during weekdays for work? Don’t worry, we have something for you to enjoy at the felts – Weekly Sit’N’Go! Do not have much time to relax and savour the gifts the poker capital of India has to offer? Say bye to this worry as well. This live poker tournament follows a fast-paced format which lets you enjoy the game and win big even if don’t have much time to spare. Hosted every Wednesday at 7 PM, you can register yourself by paying a buy-in worth ₹5,000.

Weekly sit’n’go

Please note: To be eligible for the above promotions, it is mandatory for a player to have a PokerBaazi.com account. If you do not have one, our floor staff will help you create one instantly. 

Please Visit : Signup Here

Additionally, PB Live also hosts cash games throughout the week. You can visit us at any hour of the day and enjoy playing your favourite card game. 

Upcoming Promotion: Baazi Poker Tour (7 CR GTD)

The third edition of the Baazi Poker Tour is ready to set ablaze both online and live poker felts in January 2020. Spread across 15 events, this hybrid of offline and live tournaments can be entered via our satellites running live. You can join these tourney for as LOW as ₹20. 

Whether you love online poker or live poker, we have it all! Come join us and make this poker extravaganza all the more exciting.

It's every poker player's dream to take down the $1 million bracelet at the WSOP, but not everyone has $10,000 just lying around to buy-in to the event. If you've ever found yourself in a similar situation -missing out on a tournament with juicy cash prizes because your bankroll didn’t permit it - then you're not alone.

While we would all like to be playing high stakes and crushing the country's biggest tournaments, the opportunity to take down poker's biggest cash prizes are simply limited by the bankroll you have on you. 

But does it have to be that way?

Chris Moneymaker's legendary win at the 2003 WSOP, where he converted $86 into $2.5 million, is a self-explanatory story for how poker satellites (or sattys) can help players scale their earnings with a relatively limited bankroll.

If you haven't heard of his win and are reading this in disbelief, then let's quickly go over what a satellite is and how it helps you make big money with a relatively small bankroll.

What is a poker satellite?

Let's say you want to take part in a tournament offering a 20 LAC Guarantee, but the buy-in is ₹5,500 and you only have a bankroll of ₹20,000. Obviously, it's madness to spend more than a quarter of your entire bankroll on just one tournament so, even though you’d love to take part, you decide to sit this one out.

You then notice a tournament for ₹275, which, instead of offering cash as the prize, offers a seat to the 20 LAC tourney. To get a seat to the bigger tournament, all you have to do is win (haha)!

This qualifying tournament that offers you a chance to the bigger tournament at a discounted price, is called the satellite tournament or satty, for short.

Now, you might be asking yourself: "Why should I spend money for shot at a ticket when I can just play a smaller tournament with cash prizes?"

If you're skeptical about the chance of winning through sattys, then you're a smart poker player. The average player's chance of winning a satty are 1-in-12, but there are many ways you can improve those odds. At the end of the day, satellites offer immense returns on you investment, so making them a part of your game is definitely worth your while.

Looking for tips on how to make the most of sattys? Read on for some essential nuggets of wisdom:

Poker Satellites

Play multi-seat satellites

PokerBaazi regularly offers 2, 5 and 10 seat sattys to its various mega-events. When more seats are on offer, then your chances of winning a ticket are exponentially higher.

It's important to remember that in such sattys, everyone who places is an equal winner. That means that coming 10th in a 10-seat satty offers more value than if you placed 10th in a low-stakes tourney with a similar buy-in.

If you see such opportunities that are within your bankroll limit, then it might be in your interest to give it a shot.

Play sattys for tournaments you are already going to enter

This may seem counter-intuitive, but it's actually one of the principles of good bankroll management. If you know you have the bankroll to play the 20 LAC GTD, then it's worth trying to get into the same tournament at a cheaper price.

Since it’s already within your budget, you are basically risking a fraction of your bankroll to earn exponential rewards. As you are already planning to enter this tournament, you're also likely to be more focused when playing.

Play against softer fields

Sattys offer recreational players a chance to play in the big league with the pros. This means that satty fields, as a general rule of thumb, are softer than the fields for regular tournaments. Players tend to have very clear play-styles and weaknesses that are easy to exploit in the different stages of the game.

While most tournaments have either a hyper or turbo structure which force shove-or-fold play, smart players can take advantage of the many openings that appear to build a stack and coast through the bubble.

Play to survive

As mentioned earlier, all satellite winners are equal. If you have a comfortable chip stack and are likely to make it through the bubble with others busting before you, then even pocket Aces are a candidate for a fold (yes, you read that right). With blinds going up fast, aggressive play early can give you the lead over surprised opponents, and keep you in the game till the end. Once the late game kicks in, the idea is to outlast the field and make it through the bubble, so tighten up!

Satellites do come with a lot of variance, but when made proper use of, they are a powerful way to make it to the poker big league. Start adding them to your game and go for the massive win!

We've got a cure for your midweek blues! 8PM is always a special time on PokerBaazi. You get to enjoy tourneys like The Endeavour 15 LAC GTD and The Bout 10 LAC GTD, which are some of the biggest you can play in online poker.

We've decided to go one step further for our beloved Baazigars though, and have upped the ante once again with the G.O.A 20 LAC GTD that will now take place every Wednesday at 8PM.

But it's not just the number that should have you excited, there's a lot behind the name as well.

G.O.A. - Goa on Arrival

Not only does this tournament guarantee massive winnings up-top for a buy-in of just ₹5500, but the top 2 winners from each week will be flown to Goa to participate in an 8-Max Sit 'N' Go featuring a 4 LAC GTD! This guarantee is made by deducting ₹50K from the weekly winners of the tournament.

Pay-outs for the Sit 'N' Go will be ₹2.5 LAC for the winner and ₹1.5 LAC for a 2nd place finish.

The 8-Max Sit 'N' Go featuring all the winners will be played on the first Saturday of the subsequent month. The package for players will include return airfare, stay for a night, airport and casino transfers in addition to a seat at the Sit 'N' Go. 

That’s not all! Players who place in the Top 2 twice in the same month will receive double the starting stack when playing live, giving you added incentive to ship the tourney more than once!

Play at PokerBaazi LIVE

PokerBaazi LIVE


PB Live


Poker in goa


The Sit 'N' Go 4 LAC GTD will be played at the PokerBaazi LIVE room in Goa, where participants will get to enjoy signature Baazi hospitality and experience the very best of live poker. The game will be live-streamed as well, so players will get to create their own little piece of poker history!

So looking forward to hitting the live felts? Here’s what you need to do to make sure you get there:

  1. Participate in the weekly G.O.A. 20 LAC GTD tourney every Wednesday at 8PM on PokerBaazi.
  2. Place in the Top 2 for an all-expenses paid trip to the 4 LAC 8-max Sit 'N' Go at PokerBaazi LIVE in Goa. ₹50K will be deducted from your winnings to build the prize pool.
  3. Join 6 other winners on the first Saturday of every subsequent month and play for a 1st place prize of ₹2.5 LAC
  4. Enjoy yourself and smile for the camera at the live-streamed event!

The PokerBaazi Live room is also home to some exciting promotions and events, making your time there all the more wonderful.

So mark your calendars every Wednesday, because it’s time to book your ticket to G.O.A.

At PokerBaazi, we strive to build a holistic platform for growth of all kinds of players. Recently, we hosted two of our flagship poker tournament series – the PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) and the Baazi Poker Tour (BPT) – both of which were phenomenally successful.

We host our monthly online poker tournament series, the Baazi Grinders Series for players who are still working their way up to higher stakes.  It’s a series which promises higher earnings with low spends.

The treats Grinders Series offers!

In the month of November, this series boasts a guaranteed prize pool of ₹40 LAC spread across seven days (4th – 10th Nov)! The main event of the series promises a massive prize pool of ₹5 LAC GTD for a small buy-in of just ₹1100! Wait, there’s more. You can avail an express entry using deposit code – NOVGS – on a minimum deposit of ₹5000. It’s scheduled to roll out on 10th November at 8 PM. So brace up, you still have time to prepare for a major win!

The players who set the Grinders felts on fire last month were both poker pros and newbies. We are glad to have the opportunity of offering an exciting and lucrative platform to our players.

Here are all the Main Event winners of the Baazi Grinders Series (October Edition):


Tournament Name



Grinders#4 Monday MegaStack 3 LAC GTD

Siddharth siddchat” Chaturvedi


Grinders#9 Tuesday MonsterStack 3 LAC GTD

Devvrat “flopCheck” Arya


Grinders#14 6-Max Wednesday SuperStack 3 LAC GTD

Sagar “sagarpupul” Choudhury


Grinders#19 Thursday MonsterStack 5 LAC GTD

Jeevendra jeeven” Arora


Grinders#24 Friday SuperStack 3 LAC GTD

Yagyavalk yagyavalk” Bhatt


Grinders#29 Saturday MonsterStack 2 LAC GTD

Aditya gooner67” Punn


Grinders#34 50K GTD

Akhilesh “Aone1” Singh


What to look out for this Baazi Grinders Series: 

  • Each day offers a minimum guarantee of ₹4 LAC with a microscopic buy-in of ₹55!
  • You have seven days to climb up the leaderboard and win prizes from ₹3 LAC. All your winnings and even losses are accounted here, so play as much as you can and win more!
  • Avail an express entry to the Main Event 5 LAC GTD using a deposit code. This means, you get a free ticket and you can use this deposit amount to further your winnings!

Deepen your love for poker with PokerBaazi’s monthly marvel. It’s all about massive winnings with little expenditure. A series where players can observe and learn about the nuances of competitive poker alongside professionals without a significant dent in their bankrolls.

Here is the daily tournament schedule:

GS Schedule 1


GS Schedule 2


GS Schedule 3


GS Schedule 4

GS Schedule 5

GS Schedule 6


GS Schedule 7

The Showstoppers are getting prepared!

Parties never end on PokerBaazi. We now offer you our industry-leading online and live poker tournaments, the BPT and the PPL which are coming back soon. Preparing to take the players by storm with their success yet again, the BPT promises a massive guaranteed prize pool of ₹7 Crore. The series is going live between 2nd and 14th January 2020. Stay tuned to our social media channels for the latest updates and come join us at our live room, PokerBaazi LIVE in Goa!   

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