Apr 24, 2019


What All It Takes To Create Statue of Unity And A Career In Poker

With the advent of social media, every hot topic goes stale sooner than it could have a few years back. We all have read about the facts about the world’s tallest statue, the Statue of Unity, a representation of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. However, the only thing which was not acknowledged by the masses is the toil of the makers of this statue and what all it took to create such a massive figure.

Creating such a stupendous statue is not only about being right about the ratio of brick and mortar but much more than that. Here is a quick look at what it takes to create a gigantic figure and juxtaposing it with creating a career in poker.  

Hard work: Neither Rome was built in a day nor did the Statue of Unity. It takes huge amounts of dedication and patience to carry forward such a responsibility and has a desirable result. Such is the case with poker, to develop skills like a professional, it requires hard work and dedication from the player. It is a fact every acclaimed poker player would vouch for.

Determination: Around 3,000 workers’ and 250 engineers’ never say never attitude was responsible for a creation that the world now looks up to. Standing tall at 182 meters, the Statue of Unity has surpassed many statues in the world such as USA’s Statue of Liberty (93 meters), Japan’s Ushiku Daibutsu (120 meters) and even China’s Spring Temple Buddha (153 meters). Therefore, it is a symbol and representation of the determination with which the workers and even poker players work with.

Forward Planning: According to some sources, the managing committee which took this responsibility of creating an infallible plan which could withstand the sands of time. It took them around 15 months to complete the planning part of the project, keeping in mind all the obstacles and the weather conditions. A poker player usually inhibits futuristic thinking and hence opts for efficient bankroll management so that nothing could hinder his/her progress.    

Self-confidence: History has seen many famous landmarks’ construction being opposed by the people of the place. The famous Eiffel Tower’s construction was opposed by the people of Paris, they believed that it would be a mere heap of iron. However, through the course of time, we all know the amount of admiration it receives and the same happened with the Statue of Unity. On another note, in India, many players are discouraged to pursue a professional career but they tend to count on their self-confidence and excel eventually.

To conclude, the Statue of Unity is indeed a symbol of the labour and efforts of the people who turned this project into reality, this is similar to what a poker player exhibits on the felts. The goal oriented nature, focus, and strategic thinking are the ingredients to have a successful poker career or in fact for creating such a gigantic statue.

PPL Winter'18 Edition

 PokerBaazi, India’s most trusted poker website, has done it once again. We are still working with unceasing efforts to jolt our users by launching exciting tournaments with minimal buy-ins and mammoth prize pools.

The love, support and the rapport that we share with our users have earned us the title of being the most trusted poker website. This is what keeps us going and inspires us to deliver the best-in-class for our beloved users.

PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) 2018 has taken the industry by a storm as it comes back with thrilling tournaments every season. PPL Winter Edition 2018 does exactly that with a massive guaranteed prize pool worth INR 5 Crore. This enormous number is surely something which could dip you in adrenaline like never before.

The daily spotlight events are designed to offer prizes ranging from INR 15 to 50 LAC, but the WOW factors are thrown in with events such as the HighRoller 6-Max (50 LAC GTD) (5RE) and the coveted The MoneyMaker (1 CRORE GTD).

Apart from this, the factor which sets aside PokerBaazi’s PPL from all the other tournaments is that it will be having TWO LEADERBOARDS, one which is for this edition (worth INR 10 LAC) and the other is the Yearly PPL LEADERBOARD (worth INR 25 LAC). However, the yearly leaderboard entails an eye-popping prize that is a HARLEY DAVIDSON!

The story does not end here. Starting on 10th December 2018, PPL Winter’18 will host its first highlighting event, The Bout (25 LAC GTD) with a tiny buy-in of INR 5000+500.

The cherry on the top is that we have come up with an idea of giving tickets to various PPL tournaments via our groundbreaking Baazi Rewards. All one has to do is ace at several cash games that we host and earn a ticket.

Few players who made it big at PPL Autumn Edition 2018 are:

  • Vinod “FIGUREITOUT” Megalmani who shipped bankroll worth 5,93,325 in PLO HIGHROLLER 25LAC GTD 5(RE).
  • Nikhil “STRINGBET710” Sayilen who seized bankroll worth 33,92,500 in PPL Main Event- The MoneyMaker 1 CRORE GTD.
  • Vivek “ISHOVEONYOU” Rughani who earned bankroll worth 6,05,900 in The Vegas 30 LAC GTD (RE).

A jump in the bankroll and a giant leap in ones’ career is what PPL Winter Edition has been set up to serve. The aforementioned information stands as a testimony of how we have transformed the lives of Indian poker players with utmost care and perfection.

We have left no stones unturned by weaving such mind-boggling tournaments, with the enticing prize of Harley Davidson. Therefore, it becomes an obligation for our users to take action and devour the prizes we offer at PokerBaazi Premier League Winter Edition.

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Marvel And Poker Go Hand in Hand

5 years shy of a century, Marvel comics co-creator and loved by the generation that grew up on spider-man, iron man, hulk to name a few, Stan Lee finally bid adieu to his fans. People who grew up on his marvelous writing, alliteration driven names and of course the ever famous Stan “The Man” Lee’s signature word “Excelsior” which means “ever upward”. He taught every player that a bad beat will never stay because you shall move “ever upward” always.

His characters have portrayed massive amounts of vigour, strength, valour and of course taking risks. All of which a poker player will always need for their game.

The Hulk:

The Hulk is a prime example of why anger during a game will never be beneficial to any player. His anger, albeit useful to ward off the evil, it didn’t bode well in his aspects of being a better team player or even for himself. So if you wish to be aggressive and be someone who is angry at the felts, think again.


Iron-man as we all know, has a keen sense of panache and style. Also he does play stellar poker. Iron man does have a sense of obsession where he forgets to eat or sleep. This is what many players tend to do and it can hamper their life, family and of course their health. Some players obsess over a bad beat and keep playing themselves into a rut. So as a player, know when to balance yourself out.


Let’s face it, Thanos does want to destroy the world, which we all secretly want because TRAFFIC!! But that being said, that sense of morbid insanity cannot be healthy especially if you are a player on the felts. Obsessing over a bad hand or replaying a loss, will only make matters worse. Learn to walk away from the things that you have no control over, but also learn from those mistakes.


Juggernaut is one massive mound of human. He has super human strength and of course his only reaction to everything is destroy. As a player on the felts, destroying your opponent shouldn’t be the driving force for playing your game. Strategic planning goes a longer way.

These are just some of the amazing and of course tear jerking memories of these wonderful and evergreen characters. Stan Lee not only gave us memories, he created something so massive, that no one can come close to what he has produced, put through and most of all sustained it all through the years. Stan Lee, you will never be forgotten.

‘Nuff Said!

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 Narcos Season 4 is Here! 

- Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria

Who thought when Netflix set out to document the rise of cocaine trade in Colombia it would give ‘binge-watching’ a whole new meaning! Narcos follows the gripping journey of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and the relentless pursuit of the law enforcements officers as they battle the war on drugs. The much-awaited Season 4 has released and has switched locations for the series to Mexico and follows the Guadalajara Cartel.

 Decades after his death Pablo Escobar remains as talked about as he was during his heydays. Despite being a criminal he worked harder than most people would ever imagine. Larger than life Escobar has valuable lessons for a lot of us to take home.

 #1 Rise To Power 

Escobar was the son of a farmer and schoolteacher. He learnt the tricks of the trade by starting small. Once he knew he had what it takes there was no stopping him.

 Striking resemblance to the journey of a poker player; start off as a fish playing small stakes grinding your way up into a fierce shark playing higher stakes and remember, there are no shortcuts!

 Life Lesson: Hardwork is a two way street, you get back exactly what you put in.

 #2 Every Business Takes Serious Work

Most poker players start off with the notion that this is easy work. Well, your mistaken my friends and who says it better than the Columbian drug lord. Whether your selling drugs or playing poker or marketing cotton candy, you are going to need to put in an effort!

Life Lesson: If your not going to put your best foot forward, don’t expect to bask in its rewards!

 #3 Mucho Dinero

 Bigger the reward, the bigger the risks.

 At the peak of his power, the Medellín cartel earned an estimated $420 million a week. The numbers definitely caught the evil eye of many. Here’s the deal, don’t go to war with half your ammunition. If you have to fight go the distance and make sure you actually win. In poker terms, be all in or all out.

 Life Lesson: Compromise or side stepping an issue only delays the problem temporarily.

#4 Robin Hood

 Pablo was known for his philanthropic efforts, which earned him nickname ‘Robin Hood’. He is known to have built hospitals, stadiums, and housing for the poor in Columbia.

Charity is synonymous with Poker, with professional players donating their winnings to various causes worldwide. The community also has an unspoken rule of helping each other and not taking unfair advantages.

Life Lesson: Don’t forget where you come from. Help those in need and always have the back of those who support you.

#5 Courage

 Pablo’s courage goes undeterred, a take away for beginners on the felts. Having not played many hands, new poker players are often afraid to make a mistake or afraid to lose. Practice and strengthen that game and learn to trust your instincts.

Life Lesson: Nothing gives the fearful more courage than another’s fear.

 Well we can’t wait to bring out the popcorn and get our hands dirty for Season 4! Happy binge watching!

Grinders Series Special Edition

PokerBaazi has been on its toes for curating new tournament and leaderboard concepts since the first day of their existence. Baazi Rewards is a perfect example of the groundbreaking concepts our team has introduced in the poker industry.

With a massive 60 Lakh GTD, our Grinders Series special edition (12th- 18th November) is a delightful platter put together for our users for all the good reasons. The Baazi Grinders Series is a seven-day fun and frolic event which is also a desirable prospect for the player’s pockets.

Two eventful days have passed but the excitement still remains. Out of seven days, players do have the opportunity to perform well for the remaining days to top the leaderboard as it carries prizes worth 3 Lakh (real cash) to add to the other wins.

The past two days have proven to be promising for many players namely:

  • Shekhar “shakyshark” Singh who bagged bankroll worth 1,05,000 in Grinders#4 Monday MegaStack 5 LAC GTD (5RE).
  • Kaushik “Kaushik1989” Tibrewal who shipped bankroll worth 1,10,000 in Grinders Tuesday Megastack 5 LAC GTD (5RE).
  • Prabhat “greatgatsby” Paliya who earned bankroll worth 30,135 in Grinders 1 LAC GTD (RE).

Such gigantic prize pools resulting in huge earnings are surely a calling for our users who can realize their dreams, projecting their skills while sitting at their homes.

We can say this with pride that PokerBaazi’s Grinders Series 2018- November Edition is a window of opportunity as it offers huge additions to the players’ bankrolls with minimal buy-ins.

The events to look forward to in the tournament are:

  • Wednesday Whoop 5 LAC GTD, Buy-in: 2000+200
  • Thursday Monsterstack 5 LAC GTD, Buy-in: 2000+200
  • Friday Superstack 5 LAC GTD, Buy-in: 2000+200
  • Weekender 5 LAC GTD, Buy-in: 2000+200
  • Main Event 10 LAC GTD (RE), Buy-in: 1000+100

To have a better understanding of the events and their buy-ins visit the link belowhttps://www.pokerbaazi.com/baazi-grinders-series

It surely is an enticing offer which can turn your aspirations into reality such as a vacation with your loved ones or multiplying one win into many at PokerBaazi’s various events. By incorporating a certain set of skills and behavioural changes along with gameplay prowess can work wonders to catapult one’s career in the poker industry.

So it is precisely the right time to participate to win big, better and still keep up to win the Leaderboard prizes. Do not miss the opportunity to end the year with a bang and turn your experience worth boasting about.

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