Nov 14, 2018


Poker is a popular card game. Most people play it because it is fun. Poker is a brain game. People are always looking for strategies and game play to win more money. It requires skill, attention, and focus. These qualities are required in every other aspect of the life. Over time, studies have shown that studying statistics and probability can have a strong impact on the player’s game.

Following are some of the reasons, why playing poker will not only make you richer, but also smarter and a well-rounded person:

1. Reduces Stress
Many University studies have shown that online poker reduces stress and decreases the effects of post-traumatic stress, depression, and anxiety. In a research by Dr. Jeffrey Cummings, it is proved that playing poker reduces your chances of developing the brain disorder like Alzheimer.

2. Encourages Logical Thinking
While playing Poker, many players use their intuition to rely on while making decisions. But, apart from that logic is one of the most effective tools to help you guide towards the next move against your opponents.

3. Enhances Discipline, Patience, and Concentration
If you have an idea or a strategy and you don’t have a discipline to carry it out, then all that effort will be gone in vain. Poker is a great way to practice staying disciplined. It helps you to learn to keep an eye on your goal. Timing is very important in poker. Waiting is the key to getting the most out of your game. A smart player with no patience will definitely lose to a less smart one who is calm, cool, and controlled.

The right information is necessary to make the right decisions. Poker helps the player to think about different outcomes and plan their attacks accordingly. This requires a great deal of concentration.

4. Makes you a Better Investor
Poker sharpens your financial abilities. While playing poker, you need to calculate the odds and assess risks. Poker helps you strengthen these abilities.

5. Cope with Losses
Losing is an integral part of Poker. No great Poker player has made his way without losing. However, no one wants to lose. To live a fulfilling life, you should be able to rebound from defeat. Every time you lose a game of Poker, you learn to cope with the losses.


On most days, there is nothing more infuriating than not being able to focus on a game whether it's an online or a live poker game. Meditation could be the answer to all your problems. Meditation has proven successful in improving the mental and physical health of individuals. It can work as a form of exercise, especially for your brain, where it helps to train and strengthen the gray matter (in the brain). Brain functions will be enhanced once you embrace the art of meditation in your life. It will help you focus better, even in the most boring of tasks and can help you process information in a new and informative manner.

There are three significant types of meditating – concentration, open-awareness and guided. The objective of concentration meditation is to acquire the single-minded attention that is directed at a particular object – a candle flame, a word, etc. Frequently returning your attention to this object will develop your ability to remain calm, focused and not stressed.

You need to find a quiet spot to meditate. Sitting in one spot for a longer period of time could prove to be helpful as well. You can choose to meditate at whatever time you feel like, as long as you’re relaxed at that time and will not be disturbed. You should be sitting comfortably, wearing comfortable clothing that isn’t too tight that it will cut your blood circulation. You could set a timer for about 5-10 minutes when you just start meditating because your body will require time to adjust itself to the meditation. Post this, you can increase the time taken for each session of meditation. Once the timer is set, it is time for you to relax your eyelids. 

Post this, you should direct your attention directly to the focus of concentration. Most people tend to focus on the rhythm of their breathing. If you get distracted, simply redirect your attention to the pattern of your breathing. This form of meditation is to relax you and not stress you out! It is difficult to set aside difficult thoughts, especially in the beginning, but it is absolutely essential. You need to feel a certain sensation of merging with the object of concentration. In this case, you could feel like you’re one with your breathing because you’re that relaxed. Don’t worry, this is normal and should be continued.

As mentioned before, this method is carried out in order to improve your concentration. You still need to know the poker rules to win the game. You cannot always have notes and pointers to take you ahead. There will be times when you need to know the facts and details in your mind because of the number of times you have gone over the details. This is where meditation can be a boon to you. It will help invigorate your senses and your brain, help you feel alive and focused again and will help you keep going while playing poker game.

It is very difficult for people to get themselves to meditate. A lot of people think that they are not cut out for meditation. This is such an incorrect notion. Everybody and anybody can conform to the rules of meditation and rejuvenate themselves (almost instantly)! 


Despite its European origins, Poker is considered a truly “All American” gambling game. It is a relatively easy game to learn, but difficult to master. If you are planning a trip to the gambling capital of the world, here are some things that you might not expect, but which you must know. Read on…

If you have played the game of poker at home or with friends in a club, it is not that you stand a really good chance of winning. There isn’t much that you can draw from your experiences of playing poker at these places into your real game at a poker room in Las Vegas. The game here doesn’t resemble what is shown to you on TV or in the movies. 

    •    First off, do not expect to be playing for free. Keep in mind that this is Vegas and someone has to pay for all the food, alcohol, the shining chandeliers and the dealers and the gorgeous waitress’ salaries. The house is entitled to and will take a fee, also known as a “Rake” from every pot. This rake has an upper limit that depends upon the limits you’re playing under.

    •    Don’t expect a stream of food and beverages to be sent to the people. There are very few poker rooms that allow you to eat at the poker table. If you happen to be playing at one of these, do not set it on the green of the table where it stands the chance of being spilled easily. Use a plastic holder instead.

    •    Don’t expect to be playing with all the wild cards. That happens only on TV.

    •    Don’t expect a cheerful and merry environment. Most patrons are serious and brooding. A little joke and some laughter here and there is normal, but do not expect anything more than a light, customary conversation from other patrons.

    •    Don’t expect that you will be able to cut, reshuffle or deal the cards. A professional dealer is provided by the house, who does this job. It is expected that you tip this dealer if and when you win a pot. Remember that the only time that you will be allowed to touch the cards is when you have to look at your hole cards. Even then, you are not supposed to pick them off the table. 

    •    Do not expect that everyone you play with will either be a tourist or an amateur. Vegas is the hub of experienced, regular poker players from all around the world. 

    •    Beware of some of the cheating techniques which might be used by regulars. For example, suppose you are sitting at the table between two nasty characters who try to gang up on you. One of them bets, after which you call and then the second one raises. Now one of two scenarios may happen. Either the first one might call in the hope that you’ll stay for at least one other round, or he might re-raise to hurry you out of the pot. Eventually, together the two of these cronies might try to raise you totally, or might imply in indirect conversation that he has a full house just to mislead you. Keep your cool, think straight and clear and do not believe in him.

Don’t forget to enjoy!! As they say, there is nothing like the incredible sensual experience of playing poker in Las Vegas.


Poker is an amazing card game played all over the world. Over the last few centuries, there have been multiple versions of it that have sprung up, but nevertheless it looks like this game is here to stay. We often hear in the mainstream media, or from our parents and supposed ‘well-wishers’ that poker is only meant for people with gambling addictions or for thugs and criminals. This is not the case at all! Try indulging in poker every now and then and you will realize.

Here are a few reasons to remind you that poker is an amazing game to play:

·      You Develop Logical and Analytical Reasoning Skills: poker players are usually able to simplify and rationalize with any decision made in their lives. This is thanks to poker. It is a game of skill and tact, and it is impossible to win without these skills! Imagine having to calculate opportunity cost of using different mediums of transportation. Poker helps you with that, because that is the exact skill you utilize whilst betting on different pots during the game.

·      Poker Helps You become a Better Entrepreneur: Poker can teach you skills that may be difficult to learn in the real world. Understanding your competition, better logical reasoning, hiding your game strategies and seizing opportunities are some of the tricks that you can learn while you play poker. It will help you with your next business, significantly.

·      Money Management: this is also referred as ‘bankroll management’ in the world of poker. If you can manage your money wisely and keep an eye on the stack of chips that you have, your finances in the future will also be held wisely. Poker will teach you never to bully or ragged by your competitors. And this is an important trait to possess. You cannot look at your enemies or friends in the future and look at the risks they take and then follow suit. You have to undertake your own set of challenges.

·      Helps You Accept Defeat Better: in addition to handling situations better in the future, you will be able to accept being beaten by your competitors. Life isn’t as easy as 1,2, 3, where you will always be on the winning side. Poker players lose huge amounts of money, and still manage to return to the game only being stronger than ever before. Poker is a great way of understanding these things.

·      More Flexibility and Freedom: poker allows you to fit many other things in your schedule. You can play poker as and when you like, in the comfort of your own room as well. You will still be able to manage family time, time to be social, your other jobs and errands, etc. You don’t have to sit for long hours.

·      It’s a Really Fun Game to Play: all in all, poker is a really fun game to play and everybody should give it a shot! Don’t be quick to assume things like ‘my parents will kill me’ or ‘I’ll become an addict’. If you are disciplined and can understand a fair balance between work life and poker, you will grow to love this game.


Poker is a good blend of brain and fun. It can even be a great part-time job, especially for college students. So, have your go at it! 


There are countless places to play poker in Las Vegas. Don’t settle for just any other poker room when there are so many others that you could actually frequent! This list is going to try to help you choose amongst the plethora of choices when it comes down to making the most of your time in Las Vegas!

·      The Bellagio: there might not be a single person who will deny that the Bellagio is one of the most opulent hotels and casinos in the world and has one of the best poker rooms too. Other than the fact that it is common to spot big names in Poker like Daniel Negreanu and Jen Harman, it is also a one of its kind experience playing in ‘Bobby’s Room’. This room is specially made for extremely high rollers and was named after Bobby Baldwin. The Texas Hold’ Em Poker stakes start from $4/8! It’s that easy to start playing poker at such a huge casino!

·      The Venetian: the poker room in this hotel is awesome too. The atmosphere at this place is difficult to get at every casino in Vegas. This poker room is famous for running ‘deep stack’ tournaments. Most of the 39 poker tables at this location play Texas Hold ‘Em poker too. The smallest stakes imitate the ones found at the Bellagio.

·      Caesars: the poker room at Caesars is humongous and fun as well. There are separate rooms for tournaments, as well as automatic shufflers at the tables. There are stakes as small as $1/2 No Limit Hold ‘Em as well. In addition to this, there is a 14,000-square foot poker room in this hotel, making it one of the largest poker rooms in Las Vegas.

·      Binions: A lot of people might not know this, but Binions is the birthplace of the World Series of Poker (WSOP). It has a lot of history and should be experienced at least once (especially if you are a huge fan of poker). The poker room here is covered with red wallpaper and has over 70 tables. There is a ‘feature table’ present as well, where the final of the daily tournament is held. The Limit Hold ‘Em starts at around $2/4 only.

·      The Palms: this place is the home of the ‘Celebrity Poker Showdown’. This show has done a lot to increase the viewership of this very game (they treat it like a sport). There were poker celebrities like Phil Hellmuth, Phil Gordon, etc. There are only 10 tables available at this poker room though. The Palms’ poker room has a progressive bonus jackpot for winning certain hands such as straight flushes or four of a kind. This can really encourage people to raise the stakes and bet higher, always increasing the fun of playing poker.

There are many other poker rooms and casinos in Las Vegas! Even if you don’t get a chance to visit them all, visiting a few of the above-mentioned poker rooms will leave you a happier person. It is something you will never regret. After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!



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