Apr 09, 2020


Are you looking to binge on some ceaseless sessions of card games and maybe earn some real money? Has poker been one of those games that you wanted to ace and experience the glamour that comes with it? It’s alright if you wish to enjoy online poker games but don’t know how to play Texas Hold’em poker. We are here to get you closer to your poker dream and help you win BIG by playing even the worst poker hands with ease.

Assuming you are aware of the basics in online poker games such as poker hands ranking and basic poker sequences, suits and how the betting rounds/streets work, the immediate next thing you will need to act on is forming relevant tactics and tips to build your game.

So, let’s get to know some easy-peasy tips on how to play online poker Texas Hold’em games today.

Poker Hands Check: Texas Hold’em Poker Game Tips

Although it takes minutes to learn how to play a poker game, it takes years to ace as a pro. This is why one needs to start off on the right track to work your way quicker and stay ahead of the crowd.

Don’t forget to observe your opponents

Always notice how other players are making their moves on the felts of every poker game. When learning how to play Texas Hold’em poker, you need to make rough estimations of their chip stack and the changes in their betting style according to their chip stack.

If a player is consistently playing bets that are not more than INR 100 and suddenly bets worth INR 400, you should know that he/she is holding a solid poker hand and not bluffing.

Never let the players see the flop for free

If you believe you have hit a pretty solid poker hand that should be played at least till the flop is rolled out, go ahead and raise big without hesitation. Your confident big raise will automatically chuck out the fishes from the poker hand through quick folds on their end.   

You need to realise that your chances of winning a poker hand depends a lot on your preflop poker game that relies on how you drive your opponents to fold when you hit a strong hand.

Folding after the flop isn’t a sin

When you are learning how to play poker and get better at the game, it’s a common practice to often stick around even after hitting a below average hand and unnecessarily increase the gravity of your defeat.

For example, you are holding a pair of 7 and the board runs with Kh – Jc – 9c and your opponent raises by a minimum bet. Consider this bet as legit and fold to avoid losing out a bigger chunk of your poker bankroll.

Position is an important factor

Position plays a crucial role most times in online poker games. You always have a great advantage when you’re playing in position as you can play more poker hands and watch your opponent’s moves as opposed to playing out of position. So, make good use of this precious information.

Texas Hold’em: How to Play During The Turn and The River?

  • If you’re a card short to hit a straight or a flush by the turn, try to get to the river with bare minimum expenses.
  • If the table has three cards of the same suit, be ready to flush out the thought of winning that hand against a flush (unless you could hit a full-house or better).
  • If you believe that you have hit the best possible hand after the turn and your opponents are showing willingness to stick around, make it really expensive for them.
  • If the board runs with three consecutive cards, be aware that you might be playing against a straight.
  • Be wary of a full house in a poker game if the community cards include a pair or a three of a kind.

Use these handy tips today and put them to test with some incredible poker games on the Most Trusted Website in India, PokerBaazi. Currently, we are hosting several Texas Hold’em online poker games and tournaments that are running chop chop throughout this month. Browse through to get started at winning in LACS every single day.

Free Entry Tournaments (FETs) 30LAC GTD

FETs are free entry tournaments hosted online for new players who are looking to build their poker game from scratch and win at poker every day from a guaranteed prize pool of 30 LAC GTD a month for FREE! These FETs go live every 30 minutes round the clock and are your best deal to learn how to play Texas Holdem Poker and Omaha poker without spending a penny.

PokerBaazi BankRoll Builder Series (6LAC+ GTD)

7 days, 29 events, 6 LAC+ on offer, the PokerBaazi BankRoll Builder Series (PBBS) is for players who are testing the waters of online poker. Scheduled to hit your screens between 24th February and 1st March, this Texas hold’em poker tournament series will surely be a delight. It offers over 6 LAC worth of real cash prizes for buy-ins starting at just INR 15. 

To pull you to the edge of your seats, we have for you two interesting poker game formats: Win the Button (WTB) and Progressive Knockout (PKO).

To know how these poker formats work, visit: Kick-start your poker journey with PokerBaazi BankRoll Builder Series.

Sunday 1LAC GTD

Presenting your boring-weekend redeemer - Sunday 1LAC GTD. Why laze around when you can pocket thousands! Join this 1 LAC GTD poker promotion for a token-sized buy-in of INR 100 only. Else, you can take the smarter route of making a minimum buy-in of INR 1000 using code SUNDAY100 and get a ticket to the tournament.

Why would this be a smarter move? It would be, because you can use this deposit to further your winnings by playing other online poker tournaments or cash games.

The best of online gaming is just a Texas hold’em poker game away. Why not start on the Most Trusted Poker Website in India, PokerBaazi.

Pot limit Omaha (PLO) lovers, you’re going to love this poker promotion! Its Omaha season on PokerBaazi.com with the 4-card PLO Cash Drive that is live from 5th February to 5th March. During this period, you can earn up to 80% rakeback on all 4-card online Pot limit Omaha cash tables.

Love pot limit Omaha? Love cash games? Well, this is where your online poker wonderland is. Earning up to 80% rake back means Pot Limit Omaha players can now speed up towards bigger and better Baazi Rewards up to 2 times faster! That’s not all, you can also redeem your Reward Points for huge cash prizes worth up to INR 4,00,000 this month!

Read along to figure out how to crack this one for good.

How will PokerBaazi’s online Pot Limit Omaha Cash Drive work?

The more hands you play in a day, the higher you jump towards earning a big rakeback. Here’s how the hand calculation will work during 4 Card PLO Cash Drive.

  • For the first 50 hands in a day: 1x Reward Points
  • For hands 51 to 100 in the day: 1.1x Reward Points
  • For hands 101 to 250 in the day: 1.2x Reward Points
  • For hands 251 to 500 in the day: 1.35x Reward Points
  • For hands 501 to 1000 in the day: 1.5x Reward Points
  • For hands 1001 & above in the day: 2x Reward Points

Hand Eligibility:

  • Each hand should be played between at least 3 or more players
  • It should be a raked hand

Here’s an example on how the jumps will work in the points system:

If someone played 50 hands in a day, he/she will get 1x Reward Points for his/her first 50 hands, then move up to earn 1.1x points for the next 51-100 hands, then 1.2x for the next 101 -250 hands in the day and so on and so forth.

Just remember, the Cash Drive rewards you when playing online poker only on Pot Limit Omaha cash tables on PokerBaazi.com.

Up to 30% Instant Real Cash Bonus on Offer!

You read that right! Now, opt-in with our 4 Card Pot Limit Omaha Cash Drive deposit codes and enjoy up to 30% Instant Real Cash Bonus (RCB). Check out these awesome online Omaha poker bonus codes to get huge Real Cash bonuses on each of them.

  • Use online Omaha poker code PLODrive30 on a minimum deposit of INR 50,000 and get 30% instant Real Cash Bonus.
  • Make a minimum deposit of INR 10,000 using deposit code PLODrive20 and enjoy 20% instant Real Cash Bonus.
  • Make a minimum deposit of INR 1000 with online Omaha poker code PLODrive10 and get 10% instant Real Cash Bonus.

What can I get with Reward Points on PokerBaazi?

What are Reward Points exactly?

Reward Points are the sole gateway to our industry leading Loyalty Rewards Program, Baazi Rewards. They are PB’s most coveted premium rewards collection that all Baazigars can earn for free by unlocking them at different levels through the Reward Points you gain by playing poker online for cash.

The 4 Card PLO Omaha Cash Drive now allows you to collect more Reward Points per hand so that you can earn these coveted rewards much faster than usual.

How Baazi Rewards work with 4-card PLO Cash Drive?

  • Play on as many 4-card online Pot limit Omaha poker cash tables as you can.
  • You will earn coins with each hand you play. These coins will generate Reward Points on cash tables of online Pot Limit Omaha poker.
  • Climb the Baazi Rewards ladder up to 2 times faster and claim your favourite rewards!

Here’s a list of some of the exciting Baazi Rewards:

  • Jaguar Xf on Level 53
  • Toyota Fortuner on Level 52
  • Premium Vegas Package worth INR 25 LAC on Level 51
  • 10 LAC Redeemable (Withdrawable) Chips on Level 49
  • MacBook Pro on Level 43
  • iPhone 11 Pro on Level 41

Online Pot Limit Omaha Strategy and Tips

If you’re not confident with your online Omaha poker skills yet, here are some online pot limit Omaha tips to sharpen your skills and make bold moves!

Limping should be your last option

We all know online Pot Limit Omaha poker players do not generally limp. It’s mostly aggressive play on the PLO cash tables because if you open limp, you open multiple windows for your opponents behind you who will most likely raise right away.

In cases when you believe your starting hand is not good enough, you should fold. Certainly, there may be situations that will lead you to assume limping would help you win the hand, but the harsh truth in in online Pot Limit Omaha poker is mostly raise and fold.

Don’t get excited with Pocket Aces

In Pot Limit Omaha, pocket aces is not a great hand as compared to Texas Hold’em. If you have a pair of aces with a 4 of hearts and 6 of spades, you should most likely choose to fold. However, if you have a pair of aces (hearts) and 5 of hearts and a 3 of clubs, you can hold on to see what the flop rolls out for you. 

Position remains crucial

The fact that Pot Limit Omaha gives each player 4 or 5 cards to choose from and hit the best possible poker hand makes this variant all the more challenging.

If you are the first or the second one to act on an online Pot Limit Omaha poker table, choose to play lesser hands. Sit back and observe how your opponents are behaving on the table and make your moves accordingly. This is an important Pot Limit Omaha poker strategy.

Level up your game on the PLO felts and live your best poker times with our 4-card PLO Cash Drive!

Don’t Leave Empty Handed!

Playing poker online can be tough if you are new to the sport. Play free poker and win real money with no deposit on India’s Most Trusted Poker Website, PokerBaazi today. Did you know you can win from INR 30 LAC EVERY MONTH by playing online poker Free Entry Tournaments every 30 minutes on the PB app? Get on it right away!

BIG things are coming up for all online and live poker enthusiasts across the nation. Stay tuned to our social media channels and blog space for latest updates.

Poker grinders, your favourite week of the month is here with the ultimate PokerBaazi promotion! 7 days of grinding in a series of 35 tournaments with 40 LAC+ on offer, the Baazi Grinders Series is back with a bang with its February Edition. The edge-of-the-seat action with adrenaline pumping formats are here with the (40 LAC GTD) Baazi Grinders Series (17th – 23rd Feb). As always, this PokerBaazi promotion is your favourite blend of huge guarantees and great buy-ins, this time with a twist!

If you are new to BGS, you must know the Baazi Grinders Series is an online poker promotion that has been loved by many in the industry due to the following reasons:

  • It acts as a platform for growth of new players across India
  • It offers a gigantic guaranteed prize pool worth ₹40 LAC!
  • The buy-ins start at just ₹50 against prize pools as HIGH as ₹5 LAC!
  • Two new exciting poker formats have been added: Progressive Knockout and Win the button.
  • The Grinders Series offers exciting PokerBaazi Leaderboard All you have to do is play as much as you can.

Here’s a helpful link on how to play online poker: Preflop poker strategy

PokerBaazi promotions make sure that they include online poker tournaments of different stakes for all kinds of players to claim a shot at stardom. The Baazi Grinders Series is a PokerBaazi tournament series developed for low-stakes players as well as those transitioning to mid stakes with guarantees ranging between INR 40K and INR 5 LAC for buy-ins starting at just INR 50!

While all this is about winning and losing, the Baazi Grinders Series offers Leaderboard prizes to players who participate the maximum! Believe us when we say, this PokerBaazi promotion does not focus on winnings or defeats.

As we said earlier, this PokerBaazi tournament promises to offer leaderboard prizes worth over INR 3.4 LAC. Here’s the detailed break-up of the Baazi Grinders Series Leaderboard prizes:

Rank Prize
1. 75000
2. 60000
3. 42000
4. 35000
5. 30000
6. 28000
7. 25000
8. 21000
9. 18000
10. 15000

Highway to the (5 LAC GTD) Main Event!

Highway to The Main Event

Grab the biggest slice of the pie! Use poker deposit codeGSFEBPB20 – on a minimum deposit of INR 5000 and get direct entry to the (5 LAC GTD) Main Event of the Baazi Grinders Series to be held on 23rd February at 8 PM.

Enjoy Mind-blowing Poker formats

You’re up for some exciting online PokerBaazi tournaments this month. This edition of the Baazi Grinders Series will host several tournaments with two new formats: Progressive Knockout (PKO) and Win the Button (WTB).

Read along to know how these online poker formats work:

What is Win the Button?

Win a hand, win the dealer button – it’s as simple as that! What it does is that it lets you be ahead in the game because you now get to watch your opponents work their moves and adapt everytime.

Also, win hands multiple times and keep winning the dealer button! Nothing gets better than this.

What is Progressive Knockout?

Keep sending more and more players to the deep end to win their bounty every time. When you eliminate your opponent in Progressive Knockout format, you get half of their bounty value and the part that remains gets added to your own bounty value. Time to switch on your hunting skills! The chase begins soon.

Tiny buy-ins, massive guarantees, thrill-infused poker tournament formats, the Baazi Grinders Series is everything a regular poker grinder looks for. Crank it up a notch this Feb with some killer Grinder’s action and claim your stake from that huge guarantee of INR 40 LAC+ this month on PokerBaazi.

Kick-off the month of love with your love for poker on your favourite online poker portal, PokerBaazi today. The first online poker tournament series of the month, the PokerBaazi Monthly Value Series (PMVS) begins on the 1st week of February promising to give away a total prize pool of INR 1.3 CRORE+ GTD in just a span of 5 days (5th Feb – 9th Feb).

If you are looking for a great set of guarantees and stellar buy-ins to play real money poker tournaments, then this poker tournament is your match. With flexible buy-ins ranging between INR 500-5000 and guarantees spread across a massive prize window of 1 LAC- 35 LAC, it’s one of those poker promotions you had only wished for until now.

Wait, there’s much more. Make it to the Final Table of the (35 LAC GTD) Main Event and you get to play it LIVE among your co-contestants at PokerBaazi LIVE aboard Casino Pride 2 in Goa. That’s not all. There’s another way-in for you. You can choose to chicken dance to the Main Event with a direct deposit code “PMVSFEB20” that’s valid for a minimum deposit of INR 25,000. This poker promotion code shall be valid till 7pm of 9th February, so hurry!

Deposit Code

What else to look forward to during PokerBaazi Monthly Value Series:

1. This online poker tournament series will feature exciting game formats: Win the Button and Progressive Knockout. Let’s see how these poker formats work:

What is Win the Button?

Win a hand, win the dealer button – it’s as simple as that. What it does is that it lets you be ahead in the game as you get to study your opponent’s moves and act accordingly last in position. Also, win hands multiple times and keep winning the dealer button every time. Badum-tush (the drumroll was needed)!

What is Progressive Knockout?

Keep sending more and more players to the rails and keep winning their bounties. When you eliminate your opponent in progressive knockout format of a poker tournament, you get half of their bounty value and the remaining is added to your own bounty value.

2. In case, you make it to the Final Table of the Main Event in PokerBaazi Monthly Value Series, we shall fly you out to PokerBaazi LIVE room in Goa to compete for a gigantic guarantee of 35LAC in the final showdown of this exclusive poker tournament.

Check out the PokerBaazi Monthly Values Series’ Tournament Schedule Here:






PMVS#1 2 LAC GTD (8-Max) (RE)


5th Feb

7:00 PM

PMVS#2 The Pride 10 LAC GTD (RE)


5th Feb

8:00 PM

PMVS#3 7 LAC GTD (7-Max) (RE)


5th Feb

9:00 PM

PMVS#4 1 LAC GTD (5-Max) WTB (RE)


5th Feb

10:00 PM



6th Feb

7:00 PM



6th Feb

8:00 PM

PMVS#7 10 LAC GTD MegaStack (RE)


6th Feb

9:00 PM



6th Feb

10:00 PM

PMVS#9 1 LAC GTD (7-Max) WTB (RE)


7th Feb

7:00 PM



7th Feb

8:00 PM

PMVS#11 6 LAC GTD (8-max) (RE)


7th Feb

9:00 PM



7th Feb

10:00 PM



8th Feb

7:00 PM

PMVS#14 Value Town 10 LAC GTD (RE)


8th Feb

8:00 PM

PMVS#15 7 LAC GTD (8-Max) (RE)


8th Feb

9:00 PM

PMVS#16 2 LAC GTD (6-Max) (RE)


8th Feb

10:00 PM

PMVS#17 The Monster 5 LAC GTD (RE)


9th Feb

5:00 PM



9th Feb

6:30 PM



9th Feb

7:00 PM



9th Feb

8:00 PM


This February, let your love for poker flow at the felts of PokerBaazi by signing up for the incredible PokerBaazi Monthly Value Series right away.

Why PokerBaazi?

24x7 Support

Have any doubts about our withdrawal process, poker promotions, payment methods or promotion codes? Our Customer Support is available 24x7, 365 days a year to clear all your confusions, even on public holidays.

Win Gadgets, Vacations and More

We reward our Baazigars for their passion for poker like none other with our trendsetting Loyalty Rewards program, Baazi Rewards.

Winnings or losses do not matter in this adventure. Play as many cash tables as you can to earn maximum Reward points and claim the most coveted reward from the prize collection just like that.

You’ll be amazed to see the rewards line up; it includes the likes of Jaguar Xf, Toyota Fortuner, all expenses-paid trip to Vegas, iPhone 11 Pro, Royal Enfield, MacBook Pro and so much more. The list only gets heavier.

Legal and Safe

As per the Public Gaming Act, 1867, games of mere skill shouldn’t come under scrutiny. A game of skill is one in which the element of skill predominates over the element of chance.

Additionally, we ask our players for their KYC documents to ensure safe and secure online transactions.

 So, what’s the wait! Get started with the best poker tournaments and real money games on India’s most trusted poker website now!

Want to play online games and earn real money? Does the thrill of playing money earning games make your life a whole lot fun? If yes, you’ve landed on the right real money games website in India, PokerBaazi.com.

PokerBaazi (PB) is an online gaming portal that offers real money games in India. Leading the industry on the innovation front by example, PB is one of the best poker money game apps to win real money in India. We offer a wide array of online poker tournaments and real money cash earning games of different stakes and sizes to cater to players of all calibre. Thus, there’s a boatload of opportunities to earn real money that’s all up for grabs for each one of you!

Check out the details of all the real money poker games we offer in India.

1. PLO-4 Cash Drive

It’s Omaha Season on PokerBaazi with the action at the 4-Card PLO (Pot limit Omaha) tables all set to heat up. So, make space and time to hit the app between 5th February- 5th March 2020 as PB is offering up to 80% rakeback on all 4-card PLO cash tables.

What does this mean? Well, now you can climb up the Baazi Rewards ladder up to 2X faster and make your way to our exciting premium prize list sooner than before. The trendsetting Loyalty Rewards program offers some gigantic winnings such as Jaguar Xf, Toyota Fortuner, all-expenses paid trip to Vegas, iPhone 11 pro as well as many levels where you may earn real money prizes worth 6 figures. If you’re a PLO expert, then this is the best way to earn real money in plenty and boost your winnings this month.

2. PokerBaazi Mega Value Series (1.3+ CRORE GTD)

Your returns on the felts do not get any better than this. Earn real money online on our app during the upcoming PokerBaazi Mega Value Series (PMVS) between 5th - 9th February. Promising to offer the best value for your time and money, this online poker tournament boasts a massive guarantee of INR 1.3+ CRORE through buy-ins starting at just INR 500. You just found another great reason to play real money games in India today.

3. Baazi Grinders Series (40 LAC GTD)

Want to earn real money on our app without a major dent in your pocket? The extremely low stakes Baazi Grinders Series is everything you’re looking for.

Get ready to maximise your winnings with minimum spends with this real money online poker tournament series this month. Slated to hit the nationwide screens between 17th -23rd February 2020, the series will reward top 10 players from a guaranteed prize pool of INR 40 LAC.

4. PokerBaazi BankRoll Builder Series (6 LAC+ GTD)

Your bankroll booster pack that lets you earn real money will be seeing you between 24th February- 1st March 2020. Spread across a chain of 29 online poker tournaments in 7 consecutive days, the series will feature token buy-ins starting at just INR 15. We’re making your path to the winner’s corner as smooth as it can get with negligible investments. Ready to see that bank balance soar?

Check Out Here- Start Your Poker Journey with PokerBaazi BankRoll Builder Series

5. PokerBaazi Premier League (7.3 CRORE+ GTD)

Bigger games, bigger names, the PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) is back and now! Enter the new financial year like a king with this grand opportunity to contest in this mega real money earning game tournament.

Over INR 7 CRORE up for grabs and buy-ins starting at just INR 100, this poker tournament series is guaranteed to witness sublime action between 28th February -8th March 2020. Is that buy-in still too much for you? Join the satellites running live for unbelievable buy-ins starting at just INR 10 and win free tickets to PPL! As you can see, PB is offering limitless poker to earn real money like never before.

PPL 2020

To know about poker satellites :How poker satellites can be your ticket to winning big

6. EndBoss (5 CRORE GTD)

There’s nothing bigger, there’s nothing sicker, because the bankroll only looks better when it’s 7 zeroes thicker! Playing money earning games is getting better with each passing month on PokerBaazi. We present to you India's biggest poker tournament to earn real money featuring a colossal guarantee of INR 5 CRORE. You’ll be amazed to know that the winner of the series will go home with INR 1 CRORE up top, no conditions applied!

EndBoss is a multi-day online poker tournament scheduled to go live between 15th -19th April for a buy-in of just INR 10,000.

You may also enter the tournament directly via satellites that shall go live on the PB app on 10th February, 2020. Stay tuned to our social media channels and the official website to enter the tournament and catch regular updates to this amazeballs.

Can’t choose the ideal platform to earn real money? Worry not, our app is a money earning gaming app for both android and iOS in India. However, if you wish to multi-table, our web app is the most preferred platform. It’s time to get your game on with India’s Most Trusted Poker Website, PokerBaazi. See you at the felts! 

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