Aug 20, 2018


PokerBaazi Premier League Summer Edition will commence on the 18th of this month. We are here with the second in this interesting series that is going to help you ease out your PPL journey. The player in contention today is someone who hasn't have any big scores in PPL as yet. So, who is this player & why is this player on the list? Let's find out.

We are talking about a passionate poker player hailing from the financial capital of the country, Mumbai! We are talking about a player who has proved that poker is a game of skill and the only way to master it is to treat it that way. We are talking about a player who has put a stamp on the fact that a mind sport like poker is not a game for just men, but women can easily dominate it too. We are talking about Anjali Kochhar, famously known by her moniker 'Smoothie12'.

Just so that you don't start to think that may be a one off victory in a poker tournament doesn't make a big deal, we would like to point out some of Anjali's recent scores. On 13th March this year, 'Smoothie12' outshined a big and strong field to ship The Endeavour 15 LAC GTD tournament on She followed it up by conquering one of the other majors on PokerBaazi, The Summit 10 LAC GTD tournament. Just a month later, she showed everyone that this Baazigar is here to stay for long. She won The Endeavour once again! More recently, she had a final table finish in the Baazi Super Sunday 15 LAC GTD tournament.

All in all one can easily deduce that this superwoman is for sure someone you need to watch out for this PPL.

The Summer edition of the PokerBaazi Premier League will be held from 18th to 24th June, 2018. The league which has grown to be India’s most prestigious league will carry a massive 4 CRORE + in guaranteed prizes. There’s also a mad prize for the 2018 PPL yearly leaderboard. A Harley Davidson to the winner & prizes worth 25 LAC.
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Fellas, PokerBaazi Premier League Summer Edition is round the corner and so are we here with an interesting series that will make you aware of the players you gotta keep a watch on. Our first player in this series is someone who doesn’t need any introduction.  Let's find out more.

You really don’t need to use words to define this guy. In an early age, he has managed to build a list of achievements that is more than enough to do the talking. We are talking about Kartik Ved, who the poker community lovingly calls ‘TheInternetKid’. Well, players do fall prey to this ‘Kid’!

Hailing from one of the largest metropolises in India, this 24 year old wizkid from Pune has already had experience on multiple sides of the felt. Off the felt, Kartik runs a poker stable allowing many other young poker enthusiasts to learn poker the right way and build a rightful career out of it.

On felt, he has had numerous wins and deep runs in online and live national and international events. Kartik got attracted to online poker in 2014. He came 3rd in the HighRoller event of the inaugural Baazi Poker Tour held at Goa in 2016. Two years since and he hasn’t showed even a bit of dryness. Among others, his recent applaudable feat includes winning The Summit 10 LAC GTD tournament on on back to back Thursdays last week.  

Talking about the PPL, it is not something new for ‘TheInternetKid’. In the last edition, the Spring’18 edition held earlier this year, Kartik landed 5th on the leaderboard. He, for sure, will leave no stone unturned to race it up to the 1st rank on the yearly PPL leaderboard which awards a fancy Harley Davidson to the winner.

The Summer edition of the PPL, which is India’s most prestigious online poker league, will carry a massive 4 CRORE + in guaranteed prizes. The Main Event is a whopping 1 CRORE Guaranteed tournament.

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 How you doin people? 

Comedy and drama are the pillars of our society, and what better way to define these pillars than to remember one of the greatest sitcom of all times. ‘Oh my god !’ yes, F.R.I.E.N.D.S is back with a version 2.0 and no, ‘ we were not on a break !’. Let’s ‘Pivot’ our imaginations a little, and create a scenario in our minds of our beloved cast of F.R.I.E.N.D.S in a “Poker Tournament” organized at Central Perk, with all of them strangers to each other and ready to play the game of their lives! And ofcourse, Gunther is the dealer and guess who will be his first choice as the Big Blind, Rachael! Ross too has a crush on Rachael and he sits next to her, making him the Small Blind. Phoebe is just happy to be there. Joey has his eyes on the muffins kept on the counter! Monica is competitive as usual and just wants to win the game and Chandler is trying to cut the tension by his sarcastic jokes and the only person laughing at them is Joey!

The game has begun and now let’s scrutinize the game play of each person

Monica- She is person who is focused the most on the game. She is so competitive that sometimes she even goes violent if her hole cards and community cards do not result in a perfect 5 card deck! She is also the loudest person on the table and shouts after every round she wins!

Chandler- Chandler is the richest guy on the table who raises so much money in every round that the other members find it pensive to even cope with. Whenever he doesn’t have a good set of cards, he passes a sarcastic joke which makes it too obvious for the other players!

Joey- He is the only person on the table who hasn’t understood the rules of poker! He came to table to play just because they were serving Pizza as a refreshment. He is constantly borrowing money from Chandler to play but his acting skills make him quite a bluff master! Half of his mind is also in protecting his slice of Pizza, as ‘Joey doesn’t share food!’

Ross- Ross just came to the table to approach Rachael, and invites her for the Poker Tournament! So his entire game is focused on the motive of impressing Rachael. He starts telling everyone about the origins of Poker, which everybody frowns at and ultimately tell him to stop!

Phoebe- Phoebe knows about poker a lot, since she grew up on the streets. So she using all the tricks up her sleeves and in her mind, she is also composing a song about the sweet game of Poker, which she plans to perform after the game! She also feels that ‘Rachael is Ross’s lobster’!

Rachael- She knows how to play Poker, but is a newbie and often asks Ross for help with her moves. Since winning doesn’t really matter to Ross, he willingly helps her! She doesn’t know how to bluff and a tear rolls down her eyes every time she acquires a bad deck of cards! And by the way, her dressing sense is amazing!

The game ends and guess who the winner is? It’s Monica! She defeats Chandler in the final round who was frightened of getting punched if she loses!



If you consider yourself to be a part of the current Indian poker scene, you definitely can't call tournaments a "No, No"!

But it's a fact that with booming guarantees offering super high returns on your Buyin, there's little left to surprise you. Or wait, is it?

 Think again and if you don't want to stress your poker brain, go to one of the most fascinating poker tournament destinations for Indians in the world. No, of course you don't need a visa for it. This place is free to visit. This place doesn't even have poker tables! This place never stops to amaze you. This place is none other than the Tournaments webpage on

Surprised? Don't be yet. Visit the page and see what the most trusted Indian poker website has on offer for you.

 In its latest addition to the list of tournament offerings, PokerBaazi has brought in a tournament on Wednesday nights to continue the madness of the LAS VEGAS tournament series which offered a ‘wish to die for’ trip to the sin city worth 9 LAC.

The new tournament will be called The Vegas Tournament. Though there won't be any Vegas trip this time, but the tournament will have a massive 10 LAC Guaranteed prize with a Buyin of just 2000. Yes, pinch yourself if you want to, this is for real.

You can also get a free ticket of this tournament by making a deposit of 10K with code VEGAS10L. It's ok, you may pinch yourself again!

Here’s more on this tournament :

Summer Edition PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) 2018

And we’re back with some adrenaline pumping news for you all, Baazigars!

We know that summers have kicked in their full swing and you all do not want to go out of the comfort of your house so we present to you The PokerBaazi Premier League Summer ’18 Edition, to make your summers a little more sizzling. We are not only back but we are better and bigger than ever before.So buckle your belts, you’re in here for the ride of a lifetime.

 Our team has always tried to bring in promotions for players of all stakes whether low, medium or high as we cater to all kinds of players, we have left no stone unturned to provide you all tournaments for all stakes in the PPL Summer Edition too.

With Step Sattys starting at a mere 90 RUPEES you can all grab the full PPL package worth a whopping 1 Lakh rupees and a chance at winning from the prize pool of over 4 CRORES!

Yes, we’re bigger and better this time and all because of your love!

Buyins start at a mere 300 for the side events with humungous guarantees giving you all immense value to dig in for a piece. The PLO High Roller(25L GTD)  and The High Roller (50L GTD) are also there for our high rollers!
We have some news for the small ballers too, we have step satellites and mega satellites for these events to give everyone a chance to play and win the big ones!

Now we’ll come to the big one, yes, you know it,  its 7 figures!
A massive 1 Crore Guaranteed MAIN EVENT with a buy in of Rs. 15,000 only with a guaranteed 25L to the winner!
It is guaranteed that one life is about to be changed for better after the Main Event!
It can be you too, so hurry up and get your hands on our new app to play the satellites which take place twice daily, you wouldn’t want to miss this or would you?  ;)

Now coming to the Table Leaderboard, we are giving a 3L to the winner with the total LBD being 10L. SO the more you play and perform the more you give yourself a chance to win it big here too! 

The structure of all MTT’s has been designed by our PRO team after taking suggestions and considerations from the players to make it the best structured tournament in the Indian Market. If you do not believe us, come experience for yourself!

Vroom! Vrooooom! Heard that noise? I bet you have, and have always wanted to get your hands on a Harley Davidson, we have made it a little easy for you to do it!
Top our Yearly MTT LBD and take home a brand new Harley Davidson, yes you read it right.

By now we’re pretty sure you all must be tempted to check out the specifications of the PPL so here you go Baazigars.  -

 With our ever willing effort to improve our customer service and software we invite you with open arms to play the PPL Summer Edition ’18 and see for yourself and live the change in the Indian Poker Industry with India’s Most Trusted Poker Site!

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