May 27, 2018


PokerBaazi wishes the entire womanhood “a very Happy Women’s Day”.

Here’s to the strong womanhood:

May we know It

May we be It

May we raise It

Women are the womb to mankind. They give birth to us, raise us, make us a human by soul and in the process make us life ready. A mother’s sacrifice, a sister’s care and wife’s love are like the three fundamentals of existence. On this day, salutes the presence of females in the biotic ecosystem. Not only do they win their home but also the harsh outside world. The international poker world is also blessed with players like Venessa Selbst, Kathy LiebertAnnie Duke and others and the Indian Poker community can also boast of players like Maria Kirloskar (PokerBaazi team pro), Muskaan Sethi, Nikita Luther, Suchi Chamaria, etc. In a country like India, where Poker is misunderstood players like above have outshone success in the field. Maria Kirloskar is the Pokerbaazi Team pro. She has won thousands of hearts with her excellent gaming skills. Her journey started with the big stage at the IPC in Goa in 2012. Since then her poker career was no less than a roller coaster ride. One of her deepest runs in the live circuit is the 11th place finish in a 300+ field in IPC ’15. She also took down the 15th position in IPC ’16 in a 230+ field. The multiple scores on various national and international online poker sites prove that her online gaming is not far behind. Maria loves’s Daily Deepstacks and Sunday tournaments. Another note-worthy Indian player is Muskaan Sethi. We all know that Muskaan is a gem of a poker player. She has been awarded by the President for her excellence in poker. This woman got an informal attachment to poker at the young age of 12. She is an entrepreneur and social worker by profession but returned to serious poker gaming 4 years back, in full force. Now, not only she but also her game is a treat to the spectator’s eyes. India can also boast of poker pro-Suchi Chamaria. She is one lady who stepped into the poker world holding the hands of her male counterpart – poker pro-Aditya Agarwal who is her husband too. But soon, her dedication and intelligence brought her poker status at par with her husband. She is presently the Team Pro at PokerMet. The list of bright female poker players in India is quite huge. As the days are passing by, the list
is getting longer. Kudos to all the leading ladies who are ruling the poker world, shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts- at times surpassing the poker men as well!

May the female participation in poker increase by leaps and bounds in future!


The fourth edition of our beloved MoneyMaker also ended with flying colours at dawn, yesterday. The felt saw active participation of players from all around India and needless to say that this initiative by was a grand success like the other times. is very proud to announce the winner of The MoneyMaker 4 - Mr Guruprasad Gupta. He bagged the coveted winner's bracelet and prize money of 30 LAC

The tournament had an initial buy-in of INR 11000. There were two different procedures to register one's participation. One could either deposit INR 30,000 by punching in the deposit code or play the satellites by investing as low as INR 22, win it and secure a ticket. This time the felt was 659 players strong and 497 players availed the re-buy benefit. The felt was exciting as usual and many notable Indian poker players graced the tournament with their game like  Madhur Khosla-4th Position, Zarvan Tumboli-10th Position, Pranay Kapoor-12th Position and Nishaanth Shanmughasundaram-15th Position.
Guruprasad Gupta is one of the most celebrated Baazigars. His performance on has always been spectacular, In early 2017, he won the PPL Special Edition Package in PPL RUSH.  After that, the 2017 Dhanteras season again brought Laxmi to his doorstep when he secured the 8th position in the HI Leaderboard of the Diwali Cash League. 2018 also didn't let him down. On March 4, 2018, he took down The Marvelous March Daily Leaderboard. This is all about his major wins. Apart from that, he has won huge bonus for Royal flush six times. All these achievements are proof of his mammoth poker skills and extraordinary grip over the game.
According to the champion, the final table brought along a number of memorable hands. Mr Gupta steered through the felt, towards victory by busting 7 players one by one. He had 2-1 chip lead over the others. Just prior to the final hand, MR. Gupta's ace kings got defeated at the hands of Sheetal Agarwal's pocket fives. Though the Champion was a bit nervous at that moment because the particular hand brought both the heads-up finalists at par but a competent player never looses his hope. In the last hand of the heads-up battle, Mr Gupta was dealt with ace-eight of hearts and  Agarwal was dealt with pocket tens. Both of them went all in. The flop hinted at Gupta's win with a heart's flush but the turn paired up. But Destiny in co-ordination with skills is the winner always, the river round was on Gupta's side.  Subsequently, a brick on the river confirmed his win The river round declared Gupta as the champion and Sheetal Agarwal had to settle for the position of the first runner-up.

Poker is the best thing that could happen to movies- Do you agree? You got to if you are a poker addict and a movie buff too. What’s there not to! With all the mystery, drama, romance, and thrill involved in the tourney of tables, poker adds more intrigue to a movie.

Filmmakers and writers are often found scripting scenes in the language of cards. A silent eye-contact followed by even silent showdown syncs well with the fate of the characters.

Not very long ago, Hollywood gave us one more reason to fall head-over-heels in love with poker once again- Casino Royale. The movie shows the British agent bragging his poker skills every now and then. Very patiently, and strategically, he sweeps clean. Both, on and off felt. After all, that’s how pokermons roll!

The celebrated character of Bond 007 has kept us awestruck ever since his birth in the novels of Ian Fleming. Generation after generation, Bond continues to flabbergast us with his alluring charm and undying spirit to win. A trait very similar to that of a Poker Player, actually, A Good Poker Player.

So are you ready to play like a Bond? Do you think you have what it takes to go beyond the usual? Are you cool and focused? And, most importantly, do you have Plan B & C & …..Z? If yes, then you got to be nowhere else but The MoneyMaker 1Crore Guaranteed, poking only on on 4th March 2018 at 6 PM. Daily Satellites are running today and tomorrow, with guaranteed seats, for free entry into the tournament.

As much on camera, poker’s uncanny glamour is widespread off-camera also. The MoneyMaker celebrates the glamour and expertise of this incredible mind sport.  It is the 4th Season of India’s first BIGGEST online poker tournament on India’s Most Trusted Poker Website- Many followed the path thereafter. Ever since its inception, The MoneyMaker has turned out to be one of the most coveted poker titles in the Indian circuit. Certainly then, the status is no less than that of a celebrity!

Tournaments like The MoneyMaker are playing an instrumental role in changing the landscape of poker in India, by setting a benchmark for the poker aspirers. The game like any other is an ongoing journey of learning and evolving. The more you learn the better you become.

Set Your Eyes On The Card and Let The Bond In You Take Over!


“How to make it big in Poker?” is perhaps the most googled question on the internet, related to poker. Poker is taking the world by storm. With the days passing by, Poker is slowly and steadily gaining its much deserved stature in countries including India where the whole concept of poker is misinterpreted. Poker has opened before us innumerable number of opportunities giving us the liberty to choose as per our need. So, if you are planning to opt for poker as your career, these are the few things that you should adhere to make your poker career as bright as the sun:
1)      Know the game: Before you get tempted to earn the huge money that poker offers, get well acquainted to the game. A career can only be           built in any field if you are remarkably good. There is no space for average work in this generation. So, before you think of investing money           to earn even more, get thorough with the game and decide without being bias whether poker is really your cup of tea or not. Playing poker           in the leisure hours and taking it up has profession are two totally different things. So, think as many times as you think you should before           getting committed.

2)      Be patient: Rome was not built in a day so give time to yourself as you develop your poker skills. Remember, talent needs practice to                   blossom. Blossoming is a time taking process and so you need to give it adequate time to yield you with good results. If you stick to your             goal and ambition, rarely do the situations betray you. Never give up because you might return back just when you were about to hit the             bull’s eye.

3)      Set your own rules: make yourself a schedule that you’d follow because discipline is very important in life. Never underestimate the                     challenges that the game poses or might pose while you play. Every simple hurdle needs to be carefully chucked out and the process of               doing so should be at your finger tips. This is how you will get prepared for bigger hurdles. Dedicate as much time and yourself that it                 needs, to be on the top because nothing can substitute the best.
4)      Build your own strategies: It might sound difficult, but devoting more and more time will spill more secrets of the game before you.                     Sometimes you may develop your own unique strategies that are basically simple but too fresh for your opponents to crack. Going by the             conventional strategies is also not a bad idea if you are able to add a dash of originality of your own. This would make it difficult for your             opponents to track down your mindset during the game.

5)      Exposure: after a certain period, your inner self will know that now you are ready to take up challenges that the bigger poker world would             haul at you. At that time, it is important to get your talents exposed at the right places at the right time. A proper platform is very                         important  to help you with attaining success. Only trust dependable poker websites like when you decide that now is the             time to get yourself properly exposed. Participate in “low investment but higher returns” tournaments like the Moneymaker which                        guarantees 1 crore prize pool and requires an investment as low as INR 20 and has an assured 30LAC for the 1st place, so that even if you          don’t perform too well, you don’t lose a lot of money. And if you are competent enough to survive the felt and you know it, you can image            what wonders can your participation do and how the path of your life will take a turn from that point onwards.

The basics of a good poker career are already before you now. So go out there and conquer the world of hearts, spades, club and diamonds.

In this era where everything meets commercialism at the end, sports are no different. The debate whether commercialism is necessary in every field or not is futile because change is the only constant and the wave of commercialism is a changing trend that is essential to adopt. In most of the countries, sports are no longer just a medium of entertainment or a way to build international bond. Sports have become one of the most successful professions in terms of money, fame, and glamour. Sportsmen enjoy the status of a celebrity and are idolized by masses at large. But to reach that part, the one thing that is constant is persevering hard work. A sportsman proves himself right from the grass root level that he is worthy of dependence and the celebrity stature to earn the glamour at the later stages.

Sports are greatly patronized in India, especially cricket and hockey. Excluding the corrupt practices within the management, the Indian Government puts in a lot of funding for the better performance of the players. The selection procedure is tough and these days, players rarely get selected in the budding period of their game. Most of the players join the national league quite late and thus their journey of the much deserved success starts late. Also, there are other games like carom, chess which have prestigious stature in the face of World sports but unfortunately, only cater to job satisfaction if taken up as profession, with significantly low earning. You do get a lot of respect for your skills but the monetary benefit is quite far-fetched.

On one side we have outdoor games like cricket and hockey and indoor games like carom and chess, which not only demand your hard work but also support from the management to give you success, on the other hand, we have skill based indoor games like poker which solely go by your skills and your discretion. Here there is no management, no jury, and no board of corrupt directors who judge your talents based on their own interests. Poker players don’t need extraordinary funds to maintain their game and skills. All you need is regular practice and some patience.

In games like the aforementioned ones, no one enjoys a huge payday right from the beginning. You start earning peanuts at first and then ascend slowly upwards to a pay that can be termed as truly ‘handsome’. But poker is different. You brush your skills as you want, decide time on your own and most importantly, don’t have to consider your age to start afresh. You can enter the felt whenever you want, use your skills, defeat your opponents and win mammoth amounts. So, the flow of money and your work hours, both are decided by you. Also, this might sound unbelievable to you, but poker players can win huge amounts in less than 12 hours.

Other sportsmen toil day in and day out just prove their talent to others and still don’t get proper platform but in poker, you prove your talent only to yourself. Once you yourself are convinced, you don’t need to anyone to approve any of your decisions. The amount that other sportsmen make can be earned by you in one-fourth of the time taken by them. E.g- Cricketers make money after a successful series of matches but a poker player requires just one hand or a few hours of the day to earn as much or more. There is no limit to what you take back home.

Apart from the monetary benefit, poker players also enjoy their share of the stardom in the poker world. A successful poker player is not only revered but also becomes a centre of attraction. Sports news portals, especially which are dedicated to poker news mainly, write columns after columns, centring you.

 Once you become a poker pro, you not only earn by playing but also are sought after by many poker brands who wish to rope you in as their brand ambassador and advisor- the benefit of an added income.

Celebrated poker players, who are retired, also make money even if they don’t visit the felt religiously and regularly.

So, now, don’t hesitate to commit to poker if you have the talent and skills and also wish to turn your signature into an autograph. Poker is a field for the deserved and not the reserved. It still remains untouched by the negative factors that might pose a threat in the path of any budding poker player who wishes to make it big.

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