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When you put all your chips at stake in a particular hand, it is referred as all-in. It doesn’t prevent future action by other players. Your opponents cannot hide anywhere once you have moved all-in, either they have cards or they will be forced to fold. In no-limit, there is no cap on the amount you bet and you can slide all your chips forward and go all-in. This step can indeed change the game completely. It is often used as a semi-bluff though it’s the most confident move you can make. It can also be a stone-cold bluff if you have got nerves of steel. If tried against an opponent with better cards, you are indeed out of pocket or tournament.

When to go all-in?

  • You should go all-in if you are thinking of making a bet more than half your chips.
  • When you haven’t got many chips left.
  • If you are 100% sure that your opponent is one card away from winning and going all-in will stop him from grabbing that card.
  • When you are 100% sure that you have got the best hand.

Ending hand- Learn how to combine patterns, bluffing and position. Develop a skill on how to create a good ending hand. We know it is not easy, but it should become easier once you try to get as many matches as possible.

Do the math- Do the math and calculate an equation that can help you win real money when playing online poker. Putting your entire stack will need to calculate big bets including big loses and big wins. Make sure to calculate your chances whenever you have any qualms as you will never have all the information.

No to tilt- Do not let your emotions control you. They will transfigure you to make poor decisions and you will certainly lose a lot of money. Your opponent will take advantage of your emotions, so make sure you stay away from tilt.

Be wise with opponents- Your good, awesome tactic will stop working once your opponent realizes that you are always betting on a good hand to lure people in. So, not only you are watching your opponents, but they are also doing the same to you.

You will be required to play and try this strategy a couple of times to help you decide what type of player you want to be. All-in can be the bluffer’s best buddy, but only at the right time with the right chip stacks. You should not go all-in if you have an outstanding starting hand, but everyone has folded and the pot is miserably low.

Emotional control is one of the most important parts of play online poker games that no one talks about. It can make a big difference in winning and losing a lot of money. Poker is a fusion of joy, distress, exhilaration and can take a serious toll on you if not controlled mentally. We have tons of examples where a poker player won a tournament after being down to almost no chips. When you are angry, the part of the brain that responds is the one dealing with dispositions. It reacts quickly without much thinking involved, which can lead to some grave damage. 

You Still Have Chips- In almost every tournament, you may suck out on numerous times, but you don’t have to lose your mind as there are still chips in front of you.

Make Notes- One good trait that you can add in your abilities is to prepare notes of steps you want to take and the goals you want to achieve throughout a poker tournament. This will indeed help you in the long run and keep you more assertive.

Take a Break- It is better to leave a table for a few minutes every time you lose a hand that makes you angry. Take a walk for 20 minutes to calm down and put everything in perspective. There is no point of tilting off money gratuitously. You can read here how to avoid tilt in poker?.

Be a Good Opponent- Don’t blame your opponents for the bad beats, you will indeed end up making fun of yourself. Instead, shake hands and say nice move, don’t make enemies at the poker table as nothing good can come out of it.

Finding Your Interest- You might have seen many poker players wearing headphones and listening music all time. It may be because music is something that keeps them collective, cool and calm. Similarly, you will have to find something that calms you down. It could be talking to your girlfriend or playing candy crush or your favorite sandwich.

Watch Your Diet- It is really important to keep your brain nourished while playing to be comfortable and spirited. Tournaments take a lot of time and can be stomached for hours, so it is better to avoid oily food or any heavy food that can make you drowsy. Opt for grilled chicken or juices along with fruits and power bars.

Controlling your emotions can be tough, especially if it include large amounts of money. But you should know that making bad decisions can be more disastrous than being dealt a bad beat, so these are the types of situations that you can avoid by controlling your anger. Remember, it’s a game and you cannot always win, even with good cards.

Slow playing is a strategy when you check or call a bet with a very strong hand in a hope that someone else playing will raise. The goal is to make your opponent think that you have a weaker hand when you actually have a very strong hand, eventually inducing them to continue betting and inflating the pot. You ramblingly give your opponents a chance to improve their hands when you slow play.

Situation 1

This situation ascends when you have a tight player behind you and you are on the flop. Let’s say you are holding a pair of 8 and the flop is A, 8, 5. Here you can slow play in the hope that the tight player behind you has an A and will certainly bet it. You don’t have to raise until the river if the tight player is betting. Let’ say if the flop is 7, 8, 9 and no matter how awesome you slow play, but it won’t convince a tight player behind you to take a shot at the pot. You will probably be beaten by a straight if the player bets else the player will check on you. So, here it doesn’t make much sense to slow play.

Situation 2

If you have the best hand and there is a bet to you, then it is obvious that you will call the bet to hide your strength and let the opponent (bluffer in front of you) make the next move. The move is a bit obvious as you can simply call again if the player bets again on the turn. The best thing you can do in this situation is to look weak and take a long time to make your call.

Situation 3

Slow play is certainly profitable on the flop if your opponent (bluffer behind you) is a kind of player who bets at every pot. The secret would be to determine what he will do at the turn, you can call the bet on the turn and check on the turn if you know he will try his luck at the pot again. If you are not sure about his, then it is really essential that you take control of the betting.

It is indeed a sober way to disguise the strength of your hand and put many extra bets into the pot. However, you should only slow play when you have a very strong hand. Many weak players slow play way too much, but this is one of the reasons which make your bluffs very easy to pick off.

Poker is a fabulous game and you need to train yourself a lot before you can actually turn your learnings into real money in online poker. Do your research and study the rules of the poker variant if you haven’t started playing yet. Visit any live tournament venue in India to get the feel of the game. Once you realize this is your palate, you can start with the basics of the game. Don’t let the ‘basics’ confuse you as they are the key to master the game. There are tons of useful resources including free sites, videos, forums and books, etc. from where you can learn poker free and fast.

Videos- Poker videos are one of the popular ways to learn the game, but ensure that you are actually learning something from each video. Also, you will want to make sure that you are watching the right kind of videos. If you want to grab a knack on hand reading, then watch videos related to hand reading only. Advance to next set of skills once you have good knowledge of hand reading. There are many free videos available on YouTube and they are really useful.

Read- Read books, articles and focus your study on the hands you had trouble with. Read prudently on bankroll management, psychology, how to control emotions and tilt. You can also read our blogs, we release one new article on a daily basis so that you have plenty of content to learn and enjoy. Our topics vary from basic concepts to hardcore strategies of the game.

Forums- After having a basic idea of the game, it’s time to share your knowledge with other players on the forums. You can also clear your qualms related to any strategy. You might find these forums littered with trolls and jokes, but there are some genuine forums where players are friendly and willing to help. These forums are only beneficial when you balance the ‘give and take’ concept.

Play Poker- Once you have your feet wet, you can start playing poker on any trusted online poker site in India. Most of the sites offer 100 % joining bonus. At PokerBaazi, you can use the special initial deposit bonus code WELCOMEPB to earn a 100% poker joining bonus- up to Rs 7000. We have three existing professional poker players at PokerBaazi and you can certainly learn a lot from their experienced wisdom via their featured blogs and webinars.

Repeat these steps to learn a new topic to build a solid foundation of the game. Read articles on that topic, watch videos and post questions related to that topic on forums. Make notes what all you have learned, choose a new topic and start again.

Betting escalates with each betting round and expectedly or startlingly, you could possibly undergo a situation where you could be facing a very large bet. You might have hit a really great flop for your hands, but things are pretty sour on the turn and river. In many common scenarios, poker players even pros will call that big bet on the river, even when they know that they’re beaten. The river is the most important locale of any game and this is where you can win a lot of money or can lose a lot of money. It is indeed really stressful as there is no impending hope for you and you know where you stand. It is your capability to make a right decision, which can take you a long way. There is no acknowledged formula to know if calling on the river is right or wrong. Here are some tips you can remember to make a right decision.

Don’t get wrong

Don’t misconstrue that bogus disposition when there is a big bet coming from your opponent as a bluff. Many players make such a big bet move so that it is read as a bluff in order to expect a big call and win a huge pot.

Know how to deal

Poker is a game of strategy and you should always have an idea of what you are going to do on the river if you get that probable card or if your opponent checks, bets small or bets big. You cannot just wait for the situation to stand up and then decide.

Read to lead

If you notice your opponent’s bet is not steady, if he has been checking and suddenly make a big bet, then he might be bluffing or he wants you to think that way. Of course, it depends on how well you have been reading his moves and accordingly require some grave thinking. You can also make notes with the help of online poker software.

Know when to give up

You might need to rethink about the value of your strong hands if your opponent is just checking and calling and suddenly makes a large bet. When you have a strong hand, make your bet large enough that makes your opponent think twice before calling that bet.

If you are not consistently evaluating tendencies of each specific player and not working out on your strategies accordingly, you are indeed going to lose a lot of money there. Remember, a bad fold is much more profitable than a bad call.

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