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Relative position is a position where you are sitting at the table in relation to the player who raised pre-flop. It plays an essential role for your winning, particularly in Hold’em poker as you can always benefit from the fact that you are going last and you have better prospects to evaluate the moves of your opponents. For example, there are two players playing before you and first player bet and second player fold. Here the last one that is you on the button can check to close the button. It begins the cycle of actions all over among the players involved in the hand when someone bets on the flop.

We all know the advantages of the last position, but a problem occurs when a player to your immediate right makes a raise before the flop and another player after you call. Relative position can help you make money off the fish, and help you create a bigger pot when you have a hand. Usually, there are two types of relative position-

Relative to a certain player- At this position, you can entail extra bets from players sitting to your right. So, go for a seat with the loose, aggressive player on the left and fish on your immediate right. Sit to the right of the player if your opponent is playing very few hands. Also, sit on the left if your opponent is raising and re-raising every pot, it will help you react better to his aggressive play. 

Relative to a raiser- This position gives you a significant benefit of being on the immediate right of the pre-flop raiser. You can significantly let the raiser bet your hand for you when you have a relative position on the raiser, it will help create a bigger pot. 

Relative position can help you win a lot of money in online poker if played with mindfulness. Make sure that you do not play with mediocre hands if you are the first one to call after a raiser. The relative position is not as complicated as it sounds as all you have to do is just look out for a table calling a pre-flop raise. 

From grabbing eyeballs in Big Boss to keeping her cool in a sexist interview, there is so much more to this ever-talented, gentle and humble human being:

    •    Job Choices: She was going to be a pediatric nurse prior to the age of 19 when she took a decision of joining the adult-film industry and now she is one of the most sought after actresses in Bollywood.

    •    Charitable Causes: Sunny Leone has associated herself with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and various other charities and NGOs. She has gone vegetarian and has championed the cause of adopting stray dogs in India instead of purchasing expensive pets, and for this, she was named PETA India’s Person of the Year, 2016. In addition to this, she funds an entire school in Mumbai constituting of over 300 students.

    •    Well-mannered and Gracious, always: Sunny Leone often comes under attack by various sexist and misogynistic elements in the Indian society. Bhupendra Chaubey’s interview with her in 2016 took a toll on Leone because of all his sexist remarks, but she didn’t lose her cool even for a minute and won the hearts and support of numerous Indians all over. The vivacious actor doesn’t let it get in her way, ever. She resorts to social media to thank her fans who always stand up for her and always insists on being positive. She is a gem of a person, indeed!

    •    Roots: A less known fact is that Sunny Leone was originally named Karenjit Kaur Vohra by her parents. She grew up in Ontario, Canada but was raised in a typical Punjabi family who loved watching Bollywood flicks and had strict parents. She leads a life just like all of us here in India.

    •    Penthouse Pet of the Month: Sunny Leone is the only South Asian Indian model to ever be featured in the Penthouse Pet of the Month issue in March 2001. 

    •    Married to the man of her dreams: Daniel Webber is the man who is Sunny Leone’s significant other. They share a very tight bond. So tight, that no script is ever sent to Leone without her husband’s approval. She makes sure that her husband knows everything she is up to. She started dating him in 2009 and it's all been uphill ever since! Daniel and Sunny make a perfect couple because she always makes it a point to show her love and gratitude in the media and never resists or hesitates from making her love for him a public affair.

    •    Religion: Sunny Leone tries her best to maintain a link to her Sikh traditions. But she is unlikely to let go of her career due to religious purposes. She makes it a point to pray regularly and visits the temple often, too. 

    •    Filmography in India: Sunny Leone has appeared in over 25 Bollywood films since her appearance on Big Boss in 2011. That’s pretty impressive because she is the first adult movie star to ever enter Bollywood and make it so big! History has been made!

    •    Sunny Leone is a Feminist, no Doubt: She has always encouraged women to fight for their rights and always be independent. In her opinion, women should not have to fall back on men, husbands or their boyfriends for support, they should stand up for themselves because nothing can be more empowering than that. 


Well, thanks, Sunny, you are truly an amazing Baazigar, both inside and out. 


After the grand success of poker events at IIM Lucknow, IMT Ghaziabad, ISB Mohali, and IIT Kanpur, PokerBaazi launches Nucleya 2017. In our continuous efforts to promote poker in India, we have collaborated with Delhi Technological University (Formerly Delhi College of Engineering) this time. If you are looking for a perfect poker weekend, then DTU is calling you right away. With around 300 colleges participating and more than 40,000 people attending it, Engifest is certainly one of the sought-after events by Delhites. Bass Raja- Nucleya is the most popular EDM artist in India and needs no introduction. So, time to keep your feet-tapping in check and get ready for some awesome experience.

There are limited entries, but Baazigars are exceptional indeed. All Baazigars are invited to join this super amazing night. You don't need any special pass as you can just show your PokerBaazi verification email as your entry pass. From Fashion shows to DJ’s and bands to Live poker experience, there is nothing you would want to miss. There will be various freeroll tournaments designed surely to test your intelligence and patience.

So, don't wait anymore and sign up for PokerBaazi verification email to avail passes for this crazy night. Don't forget to put on your dancing shoes. If you have any trouble reaching the venue, please feel free to reach out our customer support.

When- 19th and 20th Feb, 2017


Shahbad Daulatpur, Main Bawana Road, Delhi, 110042.

Nearest metro station- Rithala Metro Station.

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Frustration. This is a word that many poker players are absolutely familiar with. People can get frustrated at a drop of a hat these days. Had a bad day at work? Frustrated. Had a fight with someone? Frustrated. Stood in a queue for a long time? Frustrated. Not getting good hands in a poker game? Frustrated. Patience while playing poker game is a key. Getting frustrated while playing poker can cost you a lot of money and relations. On most days, unsuspecting loved ones around you become your punching-bag and have to bear the brunt of your having frustrating days! Here are a few tips to keep in mind before going crazy and attacking the people around you who are genuinely concerned about you.

Count to 10..or Not?: This approach might not work for everybody, but when you feel yourself getting frustrated immediately, take a few seconds to analyze yourself and your reaction, before analyzing the situation. Are you about to lose your cool and lose your mind as the game has been going on for what seems like never-ending? Take a few deep breaths before playing your next move and stop yourself from making stupid bets or calls.

Try to Remember the Good Things Happened to you in Poker: Count your many blessings, especially when you find yourself in a terribly frustrating situation. Think about all the good winnings and good moves you made in the past. In order to overcome a frustrating situation, you must handle it maturely, by being patient and possessing immense self-control. These are a few characteristics that are difficult to understand, but once mastered, can help you achieve great things.

Try Playing Without Too Many Expectations: Most frustrations are caused due to expectations. Many beginners keep their hopes really high from the game and end up getting frustrated when they don't get good cards. You may read all strategy books, but these books won’t help unless you control your own mental habits. 

Try Zoning Out From Time To Time: Practicing yoga and meditation can impact your body and mind in great ways. Yoga will help distract you from all the negative elements in your life and help you exercise at the same time. Meditation, on the other hand, helps you cleanse your mind and also removes the toxicity. Mindful meditation is something everybody should practice. When you do a task, try making sure that your mind is fully focused on that particular task. For example, avoid playing the hand after a bad beat and better take a couple of hands off to calm down your frustration. 

Just remember that this a game and patience is the most critical skill required in the game. Many players play far too many hands due to the frustration of not getting good hands. This is definitely not a perfect guide to help you win the game, but it sure is a nudge in the right direction. By adopting a few of these techniques, you could lower the level of frustration as well as have a happier approach toward game! Poker is not a bed of roses for sure, but it can be made one by lowering your levels of frustration! 


The fantabulous moment for all poker players is here as PokerBaazi launches the Baazi Spring Carnival today, which promises big promotions for all stakes. Along with other exciting promotions, the website has finally revealed the big news you all have been looking up to. It’s gonna be TDS FREE BAAZI during the carnival, which means TDS on tournaments and cash game winnings will be refunded as a Real Cash Bonus. There is so much more to look forward with PokerBaazi launching massive tournaments and cash game promotions in the Baazi Spring Carnival. 


1) Hold’em Drive from 10th to 28th Feb: You can win from a grand prize pool of 10 LAC just by playing the maximum number of hands. There are three Leaderboards categorized as per different stakes, Hi, Mid & Lo Stakes.

2) Stack Challenge: The Stack Challenge is now more challenging as well as more rewarding than ever. You have to reach 7 times the max buy-in on a Hold’em table & 10 times the max buy-in on a PLO table to win up to 50000 (max buy-in of the table).


Check out the schedule and highlights of the Baazi Spring Carnival 2017:

    •    Daily Depositor’s FREEROLL worth 50K: You can get a free entry to a 50K FreeRoll, scheduled to start at 9 PM from Mon-Fri, by making a deposit of 500 or above using code ‘FR50’.

    •    Daily Specials: Prime time 10.30 PM would be massive now. Each day is different with a big guarantee being common. The tournaments will have a 1 LAC GTD prize.

    •    Hyper-Turbo tournaments introduced: This carnival has indeed brightened up your coming days with tournaments, all having 100x entry! Along with turbos, deep stacks, you will now have Hyper-Turbos added to the variety.

    •    Grand Leaderboard Prizes: The new schedule has brought along some grand Leaderboard prizes. PokerBaazi is giving away prizes worth 3 LAC for the monthly Leaderboard. The most consistent player stands a chance to win rewards worth 50K.


With so many exciting new things are happening at the moment, do not forget to check out Baazi VIP store. With the launch of one of its kind store, the Baazi VIP Store, PokerBaazi has rolled out some big inaugural offers. You can purchase Bankroll, tournament tickets, accessories, PB merchandise & latest gadgets, with the new Baazi VIP currency called BAAZI COIN. 

Enjoy the best online poker action on PokerBaazi’s new software, which has been optimized to give you a superior poker playing experience. Visit to check out all the amazing things in the Baazi Spring Carnival. Details of the promotions are available

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