Nov 14, 2018


Whoever said that going to university is easy and fun got it ALL wrong. It is hard, and therefore, playing online poker in India, along with university life can be a bit tricky task. You need some amazing time management skills to make sure that you devote your full attention to both activities whilst simultaneously not burning out and keeping time for yourself too!

Time Management: As previously mentioned, if you’re not going to get a diary (online or a physical diary), or remember to complete your assignments as well as be there for your poker games on time, you might land yourself in a little bit of a pickle. 

• Lots of Studying: University work is not as easy as it looks. Writing research papers, completing group assignments along with individual assignments can be stressful. Like poker, it requires a lot of attention to detail. 

• Poker Friends: You should keep a separate group (Facebook, WhatsApp, online poker forums, etc.) of poker friends, who you talk to about your poker winnings, and who’ll understand you and encourage you further. Talking to friends in college might not be your best bet because they will never be as into poker as you are and will never fully understand the poker jargon. 

• Discipline: Be focused and strong. You cannot let poker decide whether you should complete an assignment or whether you should attend a class/seminar. Just because you are earning a lot of money playing poker online doesn’t mean that you have to give your education a back-seat. 

• Do NOT become an Addict: If you find yourself thinking about poker when you’re not supposed to, for example, during class hours or at social gatherings with friends, it would be in your best interest to take a short break from the game. By doing this, you will be able to challenge your mind to take up other activities and focus on what’s currently happening around you. Poker can wait, but your college education cannot!

• Socialize: You might start becoming an addict who goes to class every alternate day and then bails on social events because you want to only play poker. Do NOT become like this! Going out with friends helps you forget the hard, college life as well as giving you a break from poker for a while. It’s a change from your daily schedule, but this change is good! 

• Get active: Sitting in a classroom all day and then sitting at a computer or laptop at home can make you a couch potato! Try playing a new sport. It’ll make you more active. It will help you maintain your weight and improve your blood circulation. 

All this is easier said than done, but do remember one thing that is constantly stressed upon – it is NOT EASY. Managing college work and online poker is not easy. Make sure you complete any pending university work before rushing into play poker. Poker should be a special treat once you have studied enough for the day! 

Although the annals of Poker date back to the 18th century, it predominantly influenced the post 19th-century era. Wonderful things have taken place in The World Series of Poker (WSOP) history! The most prominent events are recapitulated in the order of their significance. 

• It is undisputed that it is the triumph of the 2003 WSOP main event by Chris Moneymaker, who has lived up to his name in that regard, outplays the list of the 10 most momentous events in this field.  His ability to metamorphose a meager sum of 40$ into a 2.5$ million figure made him a poker revolutionary. 

• Following pursuit is Johnny Chan, a Chinese–born American poker player, who made the game a global sensation. Though earlier in history, Chan holds the title of winning three consecutive WSOP events till date. 

• The Big One For One Drop event organized by Guy Laliberté in 2012, made headlines for not only raising more than 5.3$ million, but also for building the largest prize in the trajectory of poker. The first prize pot amounted to over 18 million USD and was won by none other than Antonio ‘The Magician’ Esfandiari! The event certainly did raise the ante as evidenced by the runner-up, Sam Trickett’s payout being the third largest awarded in history. 

• During the 2012 WSOP Europe Main Event, the 13th gold bracelet (the most sought-after accolade for the poker enthusiasts) was won by Phil Hellmuth, who currently dominates the list of multiple bracelet winners.

• Stu Ungar, in 1997 won a pot of $1 million, 16 years after his first victory in 1980 (he was the youngest player to ever win at the age of 26). Between 1980 and 1997 he underwent bouts of drug overuse, and thus couldn’t rise up to his potential in the field of poker. He passed away soon after his win in 1997 due to a heart condition. Thus ‘The Kid’ had left behind a tragic story to tell. 

• In 1972, ‘Amarillo Slim’ Preston defeated Puggy Pearson heads-up to be the first player other than Johnny Moss to win the main event. Post this win, Preston took it upon himself to sell the idea of Poker to the general public.

• The next major event in WSOP History has to be awarded to Mr. Doyle Brunson whose luck with his two cards – the Ten and Two of Clubs – won him the WSOP main event in 1976 and 1978. 

• In the 1980s, the advent of satellite tournaments had begun. This enabled more players to qualify and compete in the major poker competitions. 1983 was the first year where the amateurs outnumbered the pros at the WSOP. Tom McEvoy, then created history by becoming the first unranked amateur to win the tournament. He was also a satellite player. 

• Annette Obrestad was an 18 year old Norwegian, online poker sensation, who won the inaugural WSOP Europe main event in 2007 and was crowned as the youngest player to EVER win the gold bracelet! Her win earned her a handsome reward of 1 million USD! 

• Last, but not the least, we have David ‘Chip’ Reese beat Andy Bloch to earn more than 1.7 million USD at the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E event, and it went down in history because at that time, it featured the largest ever buy-in. Another record was set when Reese and Bloch played against each other for 7 hours! Unfortunately, Reese passed away in 2007 and to honor his memory, there is a David ‘Chip’ Reese Memorial Trophy given to the winner of the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E event.


We are delighted to announce the new software upgrade of PokerBaazi accustomed with a user-friendly overall look and feel. It’s not just bits and bytes- we have taken care of each and every feedback we have received from players. For the past few months, we have been working on a complete revamp to provide you a world-class gaming experience. We really hope you like what you see and get enticed to find more. Let’s take a look at some of the key changes done-

New features- The new client comes with a refreshing design and a host of new features. Some of the new features that players can now make use of: 

• New Tournament Lobby

• 4 Colored Deck

• Convenient Hand-History

• Auto-activated Time Bank

• Fold to Any Bet

• Waiting List

• Swipe through tables and live cards preview on mobile

• Open up to 8 cash game tables at a time

Shop at PokerBaazi- We have introduced Baazi VIP Club and Baazi VIP store, where you can purchase bankroll, tournament tickets, PokerBaazi merchandise, accessories and the latest gadgets using Baazi Coins – a new currency for loyalty rewards.

Cash Bonuses- Real Cash Bonuses can now be used on ALL Cash Tables i.e. Real Cash as well as Baazi table.

To use the new client, you are requested to delete the existing version from your phone/laptop and download the new client. You can find the instructions and detailed steps here- presents its all new avatar. Watch Video here

Please take a time to explore the new site. Everything is still there, you will just find the look a whole lot fresher. As always, we value your opinion and we are keen to hearing from you about what you think of the upgrade, as well as if you spot anything that is not working. With all this excitement, there’s a lot more! PokerBaazi is celebrating the 68th Republic Day with 68% Instant deposit bonus using code IND68. A max bonus of 20K can be availed. The bonus will be half the Real Cash Bonus & half Unclaimed Bonus. 

Be A Baazigar! 


New Year has just kicked in, you haven't set any goals for this year, you got unwell and dealing with anxiety etc. etc. To say the least- this year sucks. This is not how you saw it going. Right? We have all been there and have our own regrets. Well, time to leave these irrational woes as PokerBaazi brings you a Republic Day special- 16 Lac GTD. India is all set to celebrate its 68th Republic Day on 26th January with fervor across the country and PokerBaazi is thrilled to make this special day memorable for you. presents a special series on a special day. A massive 16 LAC GTD, which includes two high values 300x tournaments and a 1 LAC Republic Day FreeRoll. You can deposit Rs 1K using RDAY17 and get a ticket to 1 Lac Freeroll. Qualify with daily satellites running now and book your seats in the 5 Lac and 10 Lac GTD tournaments. It is your chance to play online poker in India and win Lacs in cash prizes. Not happy yet?

More? Of course more? 

Get a whopping 68% Instant Deposit Bonus on your next deposit using code IND68. The bonus will be half the Real Cash Bonus & a half Unclaimed Bonus. A total max bonus of 20K can be availed. The code will be valid up to 31st Jan 2017. 

* Withdrawal criteria: VIP points equivalent to a total bonus amount received

The schedule is as given below-

7 PM      Republic Day special (1 Lac Freeroll)   Deposit Code: RDAY17 (Minimum Deposit:1000)

9PM      5 LAC GTD (R+A)                                 1500+150

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With a variety of buy-ins and tournaments, there is something for everyone at PokerBaazi. PokerBaazi also runs plenty of huge guaranteed tournaments every day. Visit our promotions page to find out more. 

PokerBaazi wishes you a very Happy Republic Day!


Poker is a game of high stakes, massive money, and sensual drama. You might see a player having the highest stakes goes home empty-handed while his opponent who was losing all his money is now the richest in town. This is the intensity of the drama that poker presents. Poker is gaining fame every day and continues to stand the test of time. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why you should play poker.

•    Deal with patience : Ask a pro, how it is like playing with calling station? Poker is a game which needs a lot of patience. The more patience you have, the better you perform. Are you bad, okay, quite good, excellent, or perfect? Everyone gets dealt the same amount of good and bad hands, it is the patience that makes a difference between winning and losing. 

•    Better concentration: There is so much going on in a single hand that it can just bamboozle your brain. It is really important to focus even when not currently in a hand. Understanding opponents tendencies and tells need concentration, so playing poker impacts the concentration power positively. 

•    Activates brain sensor : Not all people are good at math and they know it. Most of us think this subject as complicated and way out of our league. Playing poker is an excellent brain exercise and you need to do basic math to become a good poker player. It certainly tends to activate your brain cells. 

•    Value of money : The ‘value’ will not matter once you learn to manage your bankroll. Poker is an addictive game- anything which linked to money becomes an addiction, poker is no exception. Sometimes, even good decisions can result in losing pots due to bad cards. So, proper bankroll can help you withstand the smacks and fight off variance. 

•    Risk management : Not all decisions in life are easy and similar is the case while playing poker. You need to learn risk management in a way that you don’t risk too much in a situation where variance can break you. Poker is a game based on risk and managerial skills. Understanding the basic concepts behind risk can help elevate your game and profitability. 

•    Play with intuition : One of the most important factors of winning player’s mindset is their intuition. The intuition here is not that typical little voice in your head, but rather based on your experience and learning by recognizing hidden patterns. Confidence is one of the essential components of your intuition and you must be confident enough to always trust your reads.


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