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Did you know that writing in uppercase may correspond that you are screaming at your opponents while playing poker game online? If you are playing online poker in India for the first time and chaotic about some of the acronyms used there then you surely don’t have to worry. We bring you some of the common short terms used to play poker online which undeniably makes it more interesting than live poker. After getting acquainted with these terms, it will also be easy for you to apprehend what your opponents have to say about you and about the poker proficiency of the table.





Smiley face


Frowny face


You are welcome




Non-specific card


You too


Thank you


It can be thanks or 10 subjecting upon the situation




Small blind






Pot limit


Over the top




No limit


Nice hand



Nice catch


Just kidding


Good luck


Good one


Good game


Good call


Be right back


Better luck


Big blind


Ace of spades


Ace of hands


Ace of diamonds


Ace of clubs


To ban or remove


In any poker game, player will customarily use deception to win the game with two related, but profoundly different methods- bluffing and semi-bluffing. A semi-bluff is a situation when a player makes a bet with a weak hand, but has better prospects to become a very strong hand. In simple terms, it’s a more similar to bluff except that it is made while holding a draw.

Let’s say you have a flush draw and makes a bet into the pot. You hope to win the pot anticipating other players will fold. However, if other players do not fold, you still have a good chance at improving and winning as you have some outs to win on the river. You can also try another bluff on the river bet. Normally, the strength of this technique is that you will always have two approaches to win- when your opponent folds and when they do not.

When to use and when not to use?

It should be attempted when you are playing against one or two opponents as if you tried attempting it on more than two players, then there are strong chances that one of them will have a strong hand. Semi-bluffing should be done when you are playing against tight players who are quick to fold and you get a chance to win the pot instantaneously. Your opponents will not fold in a loose no-fold'em game and most of the time, you will have to show down the best hand to win whereas it is a valuable technique in a tight-aggressive game.

How is it different from bluffing?

A bluff is a situation when you bet or raise with a weak hand simply because you know your opponent won’t call. You are aware of the fact that you will probably lose if you are being called since you typically bluff with a bad hand or a busted draw. This makes bluffing a risky affair and it usually depends on how well you read your opponents.  Semi-bluffing is more frequently used because even if you get called, you still have a chance to draw and complete your hand.

Advantages of using semi-bluffing

  • Having a reasonable draw enhances worth to your hand.
  • You can play in every bluffing situation.
  • You can bet aggressively which you otherwise might have avoided in straight bluffing.
  • The hand that you draw is usually a set or top pair since you are on a draw when you semi-bluff.
  • There are better chances of you winning the pot whether or not you complete the draw, provided you get your opponent to buy this.
  • You will be able to make the bigger best on the turn and river if your draw ends up completing.

Poker is a game of skill and there are many fast and effective ways to work out the probabilities of hitting your hand. Finding out your chances of winning a poker hand when playing poker online for money can be complicated sometimes, but there are some easy steps to get a good estimate, even when you do not think yourself a mathematics genius.

The rule of two and four can help you find your odds of winning poker hands which will eventually help you in making a decision whether to fold, raise or call. Count your outs after a flop has been dealt and multiply that number by 2 to calculate the ratio of making your hand on the turn or four to estimate your chance of making it by the river. After multiplying your outs by 2 and 4, you can compare the percentage you got with your pot odds to understand whether or not to call with a drawing hand.

In simple terms, multiply by two if one card is yet to come to get an idea of the percentage of making your hand on the turn and multiply by four for two cards to know the probability of making it by the river. To know your percentage odds, you can also multiply your outs by 2 when you are on the turn waiting for the river. The rule of 4 and 2 got its origination in the book written by Phil Gordon, a strategy for NL Hold’em. Remember that the rule of 4 and 2 doesn’t work for ratio odds and only for percentage odds while playing live poker online games.

You should only multiply your outs by 4 when your opponent has moved all-in and you are on the flop. You can indeed dust off the rule of 4 when your opponent moves all-in on the flop. Many players make the mistake of using the rule of 4 on the flop every time and always look to multiply your outs by 2 when you are on the turn and flop to get your exact percentage odds.

Poker game is all about the excitements and etiquettes. Whether you play online or at a live tournament or at home, the manners remain same for the game. They are some of the common conventions needed to be followed by every poker player. Playing poker at home could be an emotional upfront as most of the time you are playing with your friends and family members. We bring you some of the do’s and don’ts of the poker game when playing at home.


  1. Honesty is the most important while playing poker at home. Always play with morality as you are playing with your friends or family members. You might win a game but with deceiving, you might lose friends.
  2. You should always act when it is your turn and not out of desperation as it will unfavorably distress the hand of another player. So, do remember to fold, call or bet only when it is your turn.
  3. Never leave the game unexpectedly and it is always appreciated if you let the people know in advance about your plans of leaving the game early.
  4. Try to play quickly and don’t overthink before making moves. Slow players irritate everyone and they might not invite you next time.
  5. Always be friendly when making moves without being whining about things.


  1. Do not shout, yell or misbehave when you lose the game. The way you behave after losing a game explains how experienced you are at playing poker. Always be a good loser and don’t end up insulting other players.
  2. Do not overjoyed or laugh at other players when you win the game. Be little matured when you win and try to keep calm. Better save your excitement when you reach home.
  3. Don’t give guidance to the player in the mid of the game. Other players might get annoyed with your pride.
  4. Don’t look at the hand of another player lest you have consent. Some players have strong reservation against looking at their hands.

Even if you are an outstanding live player and understand poker from your soul, playing online can be fairly diverse and there are few things you might want to know before you play poker online India. Most people desist playing online and the common saga is that they can’t see their opponent’s hole cards. Sure you cannot see it but you can certainly control your play and this is the only thing which separates winners from losers. You can always start by playing easy and try to understand the tools and system of the website you are playing on. Here are few tips to make your game noteworthy and intimidating.

Make Notes While Playing

This is the most important thing to remember while playing poker online and indeed a better way of adding more thoughts to your poker game. Always take notes while you play as it will always help you in making better strategies when playing next time. Almost all online poker sites are offering the feature of making notes but still very few players take the advantage of this and making genuine notes on opponents can be the difference between winning and losing a big pot.

Time to Buy Do Not Disturb Door Hanger

Getting an environment that is free from disruptions is a significant part while playing poker. This is one of the major difference between playing poker online and playing poker live. You can never win poker while watching TV or baking the pie. Make sure to be in the do not disturb zone when planning to play poker. Also, playing poker when drunk is cool but undeniably dumb.

Rakeback Factor

Whenever you play a poker hand list of online poker, a small part of the pot is raked or better say taken by the house. Taking back that money is called Rakeback. If you do not play a lot of poker games then you really do not need rakeback but if you play every day for few hours, then only you can benefit from rakeback.

Eliminate Poker Room Confusion

If you are confused on finding best poker room to play then you can download the software of different poker rooms and after comparing the rooms, you can make your final decision to sign in.

Massive Tournaments or Smaller Rooms?

You can decide whether you want to play in smaller rooms or in larger poker rooms where there are massive tournaments taking place. While playing tournaments, try to be cautious to manage your bankroll and bring the only small percentage of your payroll at a time. If you want to learn the different inclinations of the various players then you should go for smaller rooms.

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