Jan 19, 2020


After an intense game session on the online felts, the final tablists of the PPL HighRoller (70 LAC GTD) and MoneyMaker (1 Crore GTD) took to the live felts at PokerBaazi LIVE for the final showdown. Held on 7th October, the HighRoller event went on for more than 6 hours to eventually crown a champion in seasoned pro, Shashank Jain. Making it till the end on The MoneyMaker felts was poker reg, Romit Advani, who walked away with the hard-earned bracelet and a cash prize of ₹19.25 LAC!

PPL #35 HighRoller 6-Max (70 LAC GTD)

PPL HighRoller WInner

While the game began with the BPT 16 Main Event Winner – Puneet “neo1” Dua as the chip lead, the ones who steadily played to build healthy stacks throughout the game were Shashank Jain a.k.a. “Westworld” and Anish “Illusionist” Patra. 

Adding an interesting twist to the event was missing player, Karan “mslpmfrt” Kapoor - he didn’t show up for the tournament but still finished fourth for ₹5.16 LAC.

The game went on for more than six hours, but it was only 90 minutes or so into the game that it boiled down to  two players - “Westworld” and Anish Patra. The fact that both played the heads-up game for 5 hours is a testament to their grit and determination. Kudos to both of them. 

Final Hand Recap

As the pros battled it out for the title, the game witnessed several twists and turns. Eventually, the board ran with 9h-10d-9-s-7h-Kc with Patra holding Ah-7s against Jain’s 9d-Jd. It was clear then that Jain won the title with three-of-a-kind nines. He went on to seize the first-place prize of ₹15.56 LAC!

Final Table Results (INR):



Shashank ‘Westworld’ Jain


Anish ‘Illusionist’ Patra


Puneet ‘neo1’ Dua


Karan ‘mslpmfrt’ Kapoor


Nitin ‘hoodlincs’ Jain


Sreekanth ‘n0thing’ Narayan


For the full stream of the final table, visit:


PPL #36 The MoneyMaker (1 Crore GTD)

PPL The MoneyMaker Winner

The star-studded final table of this PPL biggie attracted all the action at PokerBaazi LIVE. After the elimination of Siddharth “schemer” Karia, the heads-up battle began after more than 4 hours of intense competition. 

Final Hand Recap

Romit Advani a.k.a. “tilt83” held pocket sevens (7h-7c) and fired a bet of 145,000. Shawn “achayan” Jose replied with a 3-bet of 400,000 with Ad-10c. The board ran with 4s-Qs-5h-Jd-5d, announcing Advani the winner of the coveted MoneyMaker bracelet and a top prize of ₹19.25 LAC!

Final Table Results (INR):



Romit ‘tilt83’ Advani


Shawn’ achayan’ Jose


Siddharth’ schemer’ Karia


Vinayak’ salmanbhai’ Bajaj


Kartik ‘TheInternetKid’ Ved


Ashit’ nexus010’ Sharma


Sumit’ therussian06’ Bajaj


Charush’ Charsipro’ Bhatia


Dhaval’ Rehab77’ Mudgal


Catch the final table action below:


PPL has finally come to a close, but the fun is just beginning. Our live poker event, the Baazi Poker Tour (9th -14th Oct) begins today with the BPT Kick-Off event beginning at 6 PM. Are you #InItToWinIt?

PPL Day 10 Sum Up

10 days, 48 events, and a ₹7 Crore GTD prize pool that was crushed massively. With stellar tournaments and impeccable performances on the felts, the PokerBaazi Premier League ended on a high. Special shout out to all our Baazigars for making it a tremendously successful online poker tournament series!

Here’s how the PPL Day 10 events panned out:

PPL#44 (2 LAC GTD)

This ₹500 buy-in event was shipped by a regular on PokerBaazi and poker pro, Anurag Srivastava a.k.a. “13anurag”. Last seen having a deep run during our multi-day mega event, Value Bomb (1 Cr GTD), Anurag walked away with ₹48,943 for securing the first position.


Registering a total of 272 entries including 154 re-buys, this tournament eventually offered a guaranteed prize pool of ₹6,80,000. Taking home the biggest share of it was Ananya “acesaregood9” Choudhary for a payday of ₹1,50,212.

PPL#46 The MoneyMaker (1 CRORE GTD)

Playing host to a gigantic field of 1132 entries, including 433 re-entries, the Main Event of the series offered a boosted guarantee of ₹1,13,20,000! It took more than 6 hours to reach the final table of the tourney.

The players who earned a seat at the Final Table to be held at PokerBaazi LIVE in Goa are:

  1. Siddharth Karia a.k.a. “schemer” (38,32,665)
  2. Vinayak “salmanbhai” Bajaj (33,52,521)
  3. Sumit “therussian06” Bajaj (23,97,032)
  4. Shawn Jose a.k.a. “achayan” (23,31,047)
  5. Kartik “Theinternetkid” Ved (13,51,060)
  6. Ashit “nexus010” Sharma (11,99,787)
  7. Charush “charsispro” Bhatia (9,44,738)
  8. Romit Advani a.k.a. “tilt83” (8,85,888)
  9. Dhaval “Rehab77” Mudgal (6,85,262)

PPL#47 BSS SuperStack (30 LAC GTD)

This tourney offered an inflated guarantee of ₹43,50,000 after attracting a large field of 870 entries including 380 re-entries. After more than 7 hours of intense gameplay, a champion was announced in Muktesh “Mukteshwar0710” Srivastava who pocketed a cool ₹7,61,250!

PPL#48 BSS MegaStack (5 LAC GTD)

The last event of this edition added to the PPL fireworks. BSS MegaStack witnessed a field of 233 entries, eventually offering ₹5,82,500 as a guaranteed prize pool. After 3 hours of a gruelling gaming session, poker pro Anmol Mehta a.k.a. “anzzzzz” shipped the tourney for a pay-cheque of ₹1,37,062.

We are delighted that this PPL was another big success. We extend our gratitude to all our players who helped us #UpTheStakes!

One party ends, another begins; this time on the live felts. As PPL ends, India’s biggest live poker event, the Baazi Poker Tour (9th – 14th Oct) is gearing up to offer the best of all live gaming experiences. Make way to PokerBaazi LIVE in Goa to join the festivities!

PPL Day 8 Sum Up

It was another great day at the PPL felts with awesome turnouts and crushed guarantees. A big shout out to all the players who have brought the action and helped us set a new benchmark in the industry.

Here’s a brief recap of the PPL Day 8 events:

PPL#36 6-Max (2 LAC GTD)

Attracting a field of 442 entries including 204 re-entries, the tournament crowned a champion in Yagyavalk “yagyavalk” Bhatt. He walked away with a pay-cheque of ₹44,421 for securing first place.

PPL#37 (10 LAC GTD)

Last seen on the Game Changer (2 Crore GTD) felts, Gopal Bajaj, who plays under the moniker of “Vishallb22”, seized the title. He outshone a field of 349 entries to take home ₹2,19,870!

PPL#38 ValueTown (15 LAC GTD)

Witnessing the largest field so far for a single tournament in this edition of the PPL, ValueTown played host to an impressive field of 1195 entries! With the prize pool reaching a total of ₹17,92,500, the event announced a winner in Rohan Bhakkad a.k.a. “Acesunited”. He went home with the top prize of ₹3,01,498.


With a field of 227 players, the PLO DST was shipped by Jeevendra Arora a.k.a. “jeeven”. He earned the first-place prize of ₹1,33,532.

Day 9 of the series is offering a collective prize pool of ₹34 LAC with the main event of the day being the M.E. Warm Up (20 LAC GTD). Need any more reasons to hit the PPL felts?

PPL Day 7 Sum Up

With more than 1900 entries in the field and ₹1.14 Crore in guarantees, PPL Day 7 kept the action going. It’s awesome to see both pros and newer poker players grow with us and we’re proud to be the platform for their journey.

Here’s how PPL Day 7 panned out:


Playing host to a total of 373 entries including 228 re-entries, the tournament eventually announced a winner in Indrish “Godzilllaa66” Arora. He walked away with the first-place prize of ₹1,13,565.

PPL #32 6-Max (2 LAC GTD)

This ₹500 buy-in event attracted a field of 452 entries, after a 6-hour-long competition, Mukesh “Guruuu” Surana shipped the title and went home with a payday of ₹42,000.

PPL #33 4-Max DST Hyper (2 LAC GTD)

Registering a total of 232 entries, this tournament eventually offered an inflated guarantee of ₹2,32,000! Walking away with the biggest slice of the cake was poker player, Imdad “rahuljohn1983” Ahmed, who won the first-place prize of ₹54,589.

PPL #34 The Summit MonsterStack (35 LAC GTD)

After an impressive turnout of 583 entries, this biggie offered a guaranteed prize pool of ₹43,72,500! The one who managed to bag the title was poker pro, Jaydeep Jaswantlal “JDBhaiya” Dawer, for a handsome payday of ₹8,26,402.

PPL #35 HighRoller 6-Max (70 LAC GTD)

The HighRoller is an event meant for the pros and the final table was proof of it. After more than four hours of intense gameplay, the tourney stopped with the top 6 players who will continue the competition at the live felts at PokerBaazi LIVE, Goa.

Check out the top 6 chip stacks here:

  1. Puneet “neo1” Dua (27,52,567)
  2. Anish “Illusionist” Patra (17,85,357)
  3. Shashank “Westworld” Jain (13,13,916)
  4. Sreekanth K N a.k.a. “n0thing” (11,18,829)
  5. Nitin “hoodlincs” Jain (8,78,803)
  6. “mslpmfrt” (2,80,528)

There are three more days to make the best of this PPL. With The MoneyMaker (1 Crore GTD) still on the shelf, there’s enough reason to hit the felts.

Day 8 will kick-start today at 4 PM, with the main event being the ValueTown (15 LAC GTD) to be held tonight at 8 PM. All the best, Baazigars!

PPL Day 6 Sum Up

With more than 2200 entries, PPL Day 6 was another tremendous success in the tournament series. The main event of the day, in particular, saw the largest field so far for main events in PPL 19 -registering a total of 910 entries!

Here’s a quick recap of the PPL Day 6 events:

PPL #26 (3 LAC GTD)

Attracting a total of 194 unique entries, this ₹1000 buy-in event crowned a champion in Suhas N a.k.a. “skullkiker”. He went home with the first-place prize of ₹72,676.

PPL#27 6-Max SuperStack (5 LAC GTD)

Registering a total of 446 entries, this tournament announced a winner in Guddu “gudduhero20” Kumar. He walked away with the top prize of ₹1,12,057.

PPL#28 PLO HighRoller (30 LAC GTD)

As an event that was made for the pros, it’s fitting that  this tourney was shipped by online poker pro, Wilson Pilot “kalingkaling” Yomso. He took home winnings of ₹6,84,790 for taking down the title!

PPL#29 The Vegas (40 LAC GTD)

The main event of the day, The Vegas attracted the largest field of 910 entries so far in the series. Outlasting the others in this ₹5000 buy-in event was online poker regular, Arsh “Button_Hai_Bro” Grover for a massive payday of ₹7,96,250!

PPL#30 4-Max Hyper Turbo (3 LAC GTD)

It was another online poker pro, Aditya Kulkarni a.k.a. “adit11” who took down the title by outshining a field of 369 entries. He was awarded a pay-cheque of ₹77,490. 

The game is still on and raging with the main event of the series, The MoneyMaker (1 Crore GTD) still waiting to be shipped.

Day 7 begins today at 4 PM with the highlight of the day being the HighRoller (70 LAC GTD) for a buy-in of ₹25000 to be held tonight at 9:30 PM. All the best, Baazigars!

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