Oct 16, 2018


Freedom Series

We are offering details about our Freedom Series, which comprises two tournaments and starts from 7 pm on 15th August. This online poker promotion in India of ours is an initiative to make your Independence Day 2018 full of fun. We’d like you to call upon your warrior spirit and to play big and win bigger in our Freedom Series.

India’s remarkable history has played witness to several time-defining events where freedom fighters left no stone unturned to make India a country of their dreams. They were successful in their noble mission because they had ignited their inborn warrior spirit to make their dreams come true. This Independence Day, we call upon all the Poker Baazigars to bring out their warrior spirit, showcase their poker skills at the tables and to never give up because success favors the brave.

In a country where its history speaks of countless battles leading to magnificent wins, the history of poker is also full of many online poker tournaments and daily challenges where poker players had overcome the odds to emerge as champions. Winners like Rubin Labroo (who won nearly INR 35 LAC in our 4 CRORE Guaranteed PokerBaazi Premier League Summer edition held in June) and Rohit Begwani (who won nearly INR 30 LAC in our MoneyMaker 1 CRORE Guaranteed) have contributed in making poker the most incredible online card game for winning real cash.

Now it’s time for you to make your best move and reward yourself with massive winnings this August.

Freedom Series

Our Freedom Series is a mix of two tournaments: Vegas Freedom Special 40 LAC Guaranteed with a buy-in of INR 5000 and Freedom Whoop 5 LAC Guaranteed with a buy-in of INR 2000 at 7 PM and 8 PM on 15th August respectively. What makes this online poker series even better is that you can now get a free ticket to Vegas Freedom Special using the deposit code “FREEDOM” on a minimum deposit of 10K. Isn’t that great?

We know you have it in you to play big and win bigger on Independence Day. You can make this Independence Day count as the day that changed your life forever- and only you can do it for yourself. Go ahead with your warrior spirit and conquer the heights in the Freedom Series on 15th August!

Grinders Series - 32 Lac Guaranteed 

The Series features a set of 35 online poker tournaments and is your chance to win BIG this rainy season!"

India’s most trusted poker website, PokerBaazi is back with its popular Grinders 32 LAC Guaranteed online poker tournament series, which is going live from 6th August-12th August. It is expected to further its previous seasons of big wins. Its July edition had given India a new winner as Rahul Kumar Meena who had won INR 1.16 LACS. The Grinders 32 LACS Guaranteed is a part of the company’s online poker promotions in August 2018 and has a prize pool of 32 LACS. It also features a Leaderboard rewards worth INR 2 LACS.

The Grinders is a tailor-made poker series in India for those who prefer low-stake games over big-stake games. Even if you are low on bankroll and looking for low-stake poker events, Grinders is just what you need. It is a part of our August 3.5 CRORE package, which is one of the biggest online poker promotions in India. You too can take part in its constituting online poker tournaments to win real money in India.

Reasons to play Grinders series this August

  1. INR 32 LACS in prize pool

    Everyone dreams of winning BIG and by playing online poker, this dream may actually come true. This online poker promotion in India brings to you a terrific opportunity to win big. All you need to do is to begin your poker journey with us as you play in the 35 tournaments of this edition running live for a span of seven days and celebrate victory all by yourself.
  2. SMALL investment, BIG rewards

Grinders is a tailor-made poker event in India for those who prefer low-stake games over big-stake games for extended durations of time. This online poker tournament features grand wins and offers a real-time experience of an online poker tournament. Plus, you also get nominal buy-ins.

  1. Win a ticket to the tournament via Satellites at just INR 33

We are hosting daily satellites for the Grinders Series at different time slots of the day and you can avail your shot for as low as INR 33. Should you go on to win through these satellites, you enter Grinders and experience the thrill of playing in big-money events like 5 LAC main event, 75 K re-entry tournaments and to get a taste of huge winnings.

We would expect you to play big and win bigger with our Grinders 32 LACS Guaranteed online poker tournament this month. It’s time to be a Baazigar!

PokerBaazi’s Fantastic Four Tournaments In August

"India’s Most Trusted Online Poker Website, PokerBaazi has unveiled the dates of its four major August-bound tournaments, and they feature a combined prize pool of INR 54 LACS."

It takes a real blockbuster to shock the online poker community in India, and PokerBaazi has got four of them this August. We shall start this August with our weekly Endeavour tournament this Tuesday, and would go on to include Summit, Vegas and Baazi Super Sundays events to swell the prize pool to a seven-figure mark.

Money trickling down like honey from honeycomb

Poker has steamrolled its way as a mind sport and a nationwide sensation in India. The game has found much love and attention from the passionate sports community in the country. It has proliferated the concept of a being serious craft that takes years to perfect but helps the winner win big.

Enter PokerBaazi, India’s most trusted online poker website, that organizes some of the best online poker tournaments for poker lovers and offers some of the biggest prize pools in the country. Its breathtakingly popular series of events and tournaments shall feature some of best poker players in India who would lock horns for a grand prize pool that would run over half a crore Indian rupees. 

Here goes the list!

We are hereby presenting the list of our online poker tournaments in August 2018. If you are looking for online poker tournaments in India to win real money, the following description might just be the shot you are looking for!

(Please note that the below mentioned Endeavour and Summit tournaments feature Satellite events that go live at 3:30 PM, 5:30 PM, 6:30 PM and 7:30 PM on the day of the main tournament itself).

  1. Endeavour 12 LAC Guaranteed

The Endeavour 12 LAC Guaranteed tournament goes live this and every subsequent Tuesday at 8 PM. It will be preceded by its Satellite events that would run from Tuesday afternoon to evening. One of the winners of the previous edition was Siddharth Karia who had gone home bagging INR 2.54 LACS.

You can find more details of Endeavour and its Satellite events at https://www.pokerbaazi.com/promotions/endeavour.

  1. Summit 10 LAC Guaranteed

The Summit is next in line with its Guaranteed prize pool of INR 10 LAC. Going live every Thursday at 8 pm, this one-day tournament had made July a hot sizzler as one of the earliest winners, Nadeem Basha had won INR 2.45 LACS. Its Satellites start the same day from 3:30 PM.

You can find more details of Summit and its Satellite events at: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/promotions/summit.

  1. Vegas 10 LAC Guaranteed

Named after the world’s ultimate party destination, PokerBaazi’s Vegas tournament is one of the most famous online poker tournaments in India. It is held every Wednesday at 8 pm and leaves the winners’ bankrolls swelling by several order of magnitude. Its July edition was scaled by Chiraag Patel who had gone home with INR 2.18 LACS in his kitty.

It doesn’t exactly feature any Satellites but you can use the deposit code as VEGAS10L to get a free ticket at a minimum deposit of INR 10,000.

Please follow this link to know more: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/vegas-series

  1. Baazi Super Sundays 22 LAC Guaranteed

A Sunday without poker is a Sunday wasted. PokerBaazi is inviting you have a go at its Baazi Super Sundays to make your day more exciting by playing online poker. The tournament runs hourly from 6 PM to 9 PM. Its first three iterations follow the pattern of Re-Entry so that the winner can have a go at its Guaranteed prize pool of INR 22 LACS.

Baazi Super Sunday’s last edition had given India another poker bigshot- Akshay Nasa who had won INR 3.15 LACS. Now it’s time for you to create history  and sweeten the deal with a massive winning amount this August.

Click https://www.pokerbaazi.com/promotions/bss to get started now!

Be a Baazigar. Life is much better that side!

This is our list of four major online poker tournaments in August 2018. You can visit our website to know more about all our online poker promotions in India that would help you win big this rainy season. It is time for you to make a mark for yourself this August, and the best time to get started is right now!


The MoneyMaker 

The MoneyMaker sets up a Super-Sunday with huge winnings as ‘ChubbyGhost’ seals off the tournament with over INR 29.65 LACS in his kitty

One of the biggest online poker tournaments in India, the MoneyMaker 1 CRORE Guaranteed tournament broke through the roof with winnings amounting to over INR 1.16 Crores yesterday. Rohit ‘ChubbyGhost’ Begwani took home a massive prize of INR 29.65 LACS. Closing-in on him were Lokesh ‘Pucha’ Meena and Srijan ‘Believe’ Singh who ended up as first and second runner-ups respectively. They bagged INR 16.86 LACS and INR 11.57 LACS respectively.

Famous for taking-off in super drive mode, the MoneyMaker is a flagship of India’s most trusted poker website- Pokerbaazi.com. It also doubles up as one of the biggest online poker tournaments in India and features one of the highest prize pools among its contemporaries because of its eight-figure prize money. With its consistent success, the MoneyMaker has furthered its claim of being one of the best online poker tournaments in India.

This was the fourth iteration of the tournament. It had allowed online Indian poker players to earn a golden ticket through Satellite events with a buy-in of INR 22 only. A total of 609 entry and 554 re-entry participants set the atmosphere abuzz, and several of them had secured their seat winning through the Satellites.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our winner, Rohit ‘ChubbyGhost’ Begwani and all other contenders who helped us create history.

We are also presenting the final listing of tables below:

Rohit ‘ChubbyGhost' Begwani



Lokesh ‘Pucha' Meena



Sirjan ‘Believe' Singh



Gaurav ‘Shishimano' Chauhan



Vikram ‘LiftKaraDe' Alung



Abhinay ‘Blues_King' Lohar



Aditya ‘Jesus' Pratap Singh



Mahesha ‘Mgdpro' Gowda



Rijul ‘Bubble' Labroo



                   The MoneyMaker - 1 CRORE Guaranteed Tournament

India’s most trusted poker website, Pokerbaazi.com’s lucrative mega-tournament MoneyMaker 1 CRORE Guaranteed tournament is all set to take the country’s poker arena by storm on 22nd July 2018 at 6 pm. It doubles up as one of the biggest online poker tournaments in India and features one of the highest prize pools among its contemporaries. We are offering daily satellites to help you earn a golden ticket to the grand tournament. These satellites have a buy-in of as low as INR 22.

The MoneyMaker ranks one of the best online poker tournaments in India and is a hot cake among all those passionate players who are looking to play (almost) free online games in India for winning cash. You too have a golden chance of making your dreams come true by winning this grand tournament. Since the best way to win is to get started, we suggest that you start-off by playing online poker games in our daily satellites. A buy-in of these satellites costs less than the price of a burger but it can literally help you win this money-spinning tournament whose prize money runs into an eight figure mark.

The satellites are divided into Step 1 and Step 2. The former starts at 4 pm and runs hourly until 7 pm every day. The top 2 finalists of every hour proceed to the Step 2 Satellite that goes live on 9 PM daily. The winner of the Step 2 satellite wins a ticket to the MoneyMaker 1 CRORE Guaranteed main event. You should hurry because only five days are remaining for the grand tournament to take over.

This is what Varun ‘VnutsG’ Gupta, the winner of the previous edition of MoneyMaker thinks of the tournament:

Winning the MoneyMaker has been one of the greatest challenges of my life. I was determined about winning Big and that’s what drove me to success. At the poker table, it takes variance, skills, playing your best and a bit of luck. I’m really proud of myself and happy to be the winner of MoneyMaker.

If he can do it, so can you!

Poker is a skill-based game that requires patience, practice and persistence. We know you have what it takes to be a winner. Plus, you never know who you’d be playing against. It could even be the best poker player that our country has and you can create history if you emerge as the better player that night!

Remember, it all begins with a decision to try.

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