Aug 20, 2018


MoneyMaker 5.0

May 13, 6 pm, all eyes were set on Yes, the who’s who of Indian poker circuit gathered for a soiree of celebration. To celebrate yet another season of the 1 Crore Guaranteed The MoneyMaker. Clearly, Indian poker lovers have embraced the PokerBaazi flagship tournament as their soul-mate. Just like its 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th edition, MoneyMaker 5 descended on PokerBaazi platform in full glory!

It is one of the most prestigious online tournaments no poker player ever wants to give a miss. It is the deep structure of the tournament that most players fall in love with.

This is not the first time when Poker Baazi has rendered opportunity to players across levels. Be it numerous satellites, starting at just INR 22, or contests on its social media platform, players of all levels had a chance to put up a fight for such a high-value tournament.

A total of 665 entries happened to grace the 1 Crore guaranteed tournament including 393 Re-entries. Each player was playing his or her A game, aiming for a piece of the 1 Crore pie.

So, apart from pros like Maria Kirloskar, Vikram Kumar, and Jasven Saigal, we had new faces running the forefront. After bouts of nerve-wracking hands at the final felt, PokerBaazi found its MoneyMaker5 in birthday boy Varun ‘VnutsG’ Gupta, who walked away with a massive amount of 30 Lac and the bracelet. Next to follow was Rohit Mittal aka ‘Allin47’ who had swept the PPL Winter’17 Edition Main Event last year.

Here’s a quick run through the Final Table Standings


Prize Amount























                  The MoneyMaker 5.0

Heydie Baazigars! Since it is getting hotter each day, has come up with a poker solution to this heat- The Moneymaker 5. This Majestic May, participate in one of the biggest poker tournaments of India and satiate your love for poker and big wins.

We are rolling out The MoneyMaker 5 on the 13th of May, 2018, at 6 pm sharp. The tournament is a great platform for you to test your Texas Hold'em skills and also become a millionaire, overnight. The player to secure the first position in the tournament will be awarded 30 LAC along with the coveted title. We are going by the usual gaming format of the tournament but for the first time participants, let us break it down into simpler terms.

The MoneyMaker is one of the biggest online poker tournaments of India with a massive prize pool of 1 crore. The initial buy-in for the tournament is 10000+1000.

Ways to Participate in The MoneyMaker5.0

There are multiple ways in which you can enroll your participation in the tournament. Let us first introduce you to the easiest and no-sweat method of participation. Simply deposit INR 30000 and punch in "MONEYMAKER5" when you deposit, to secure a ticket to this magnum opus. For those who love winning an entry or for those for whom a deposit of 30k is hard to afford, we have you sorted. We have kept two other ways by which you can win your participation to the tournament. This first one is Facebook contests. PokerBaazi is rolling out a variety of Facebook contests on regular basis. You can win a ticket to the game on winning any one contest. Apart from that, daily satellites are being run on our website. You have to invest as low as 22 bucks to participate in the satellites and if you bag a win, you are eligible to secure a ticket to The MoneyMaker5.0. Over 125 seats will be made available in the last week to the aspiring poker players who manage to take down the satellites.

We are expecting the same kind of love that you have been showering upon us and our initiatives. We hope that like every edition of 'The Moneymaker', the 5th edition will be able to boast about immense participation from the whole of India. We, at PokerBaazi, are trying our best to make your felt experience note-worthy and smooth and hope that we are being able to keep upto your expectations.

So, ait no more to be a part of the coveted tournament because, here at, we recognize talent and skills above all.

See you at the felt folks! and most obviously, Hail Poker!


           Majestic May-Vegas Race

The Majestic May has brought with it scorching heat and also our endless desire to sip on cool beverages throughout the day. This is the time when - afternoons are lazy and the day seems to be more than 24 hours, and thus, the right time to indulge in Poker. With the glucose levels on decrease due to this merciless heat, Pokerbaazi has brought just the right thing for you. The new promotion by is sure to bring back the lost energy in you and the adrenaline rush is obviously complementary. Introducing to you, the 'Vegas Race'- a race which you can participate in, without moving an inch from your bed. This summer, PokerBaazi is taking you to the place which faces the maximum poker heat! Let me first break down the rules for you and then we can take a tour of the prizes that you can win.

Well, just like other Poker Baazi promotions, this is also easy but yes challenging. You, being a player, won't be chasing a pot. All you have to worry about is making points. Well the format might sound conventional but there is a twist here. You don't try to surpass anyone else; you make a target, achieve it and take your reward home. Thus you compete your ownself and bring out the best version of you at the felt.

The whole promotion is divided into two parts so that the promotion is accessible by all poker enthusiasts. The two parts are- Hi and Lo. Thus you have an option to decide you range of investment and stacks.

The Lo category has 4 options to choose from-

1.) For a game of 1/2 blinds, 1 point would be awarded to the player, per hand
2.)For a game of 2/4 blinds, 1.5 points would be awarded to the player, per hand
3.) For a game of 3/6 blinds, 2 points would be awarded to the player, per hand.
4.) for a game of 5/10 blinds, 2.5 points will be awarded to the player per hand.

Similarly, The Hi category is further divided into multiple options for the players-

1. For a game of 10/20 blinds, a players gets 1 point per hand
for a game of 25/50 blinds, a player gets 2 points
2. For a game of 50/100 blinds, a player gets 4 points

For a game of
3. For a game of 100/200 blinds, a player gets 6 points
4.) For a game of 200/400 blinds, a player gets 8 points
5.)For a game of 250/500 blinds, a player gets 8 points
6.) For a game of 500/1000, a player gets 10 points

This was all about the to dos in the game. Now lets us take a tour of the rewards that you can bag. The rewards range from RCB to Iphone to Travel Packages. You score based on the target that you have set for yourself and on achieving it, rewards you with what you deserve. Now the twist here is, there is no limit to the number of winners who actually bag the prizes. Whoever achieves the target is entitled to the reward. Thus, each and every player has fair chance to win big.



Details & Prizes



Points Per Hand Played


























  Category Points Prize
 High  10000    PPL Package 
   17000       PPL  Package + IPhone 8
 25000  Vegas  Package
 35000     Vegas+PPL Package
 Lo  10000 20K RCB
   20000        25K RCB + PPL 1Cr Main Event Ticket 
 30000 GOA Package

Vegas Tournament Series 2018

May intends to be more majestic than you can imagine! And, it wouldn’t be surprising if your imagination led you to nowhere but As always, endeavoring to exceed your expectations, PokerBaazi has come up with a tournament you will find hard to resist. It’s called VEGAS!

This blazing summer, the action-packed tournament is going to set the tables on fire. So, get ready for some fun, shall we? The INR 9Lac Guaranteed Vegas Re-Entry Tournament has everything you could wish for. From irresistible prize money to player-friendly entry offers, you can have it all! The buy-in is priced at INR 5000 but, if that’s a pocket-pinch, Satellite tickets shall come to your rescue for as less as 250 bucks! Hold on, it gets better. You could also grab a FREE Ticket using deposit code VEGAS9L. Can’t wait, can you? Well, you don’t have to. Vegas will incarnate on your favourite poker platform, Poker Baazi, on May 2nd. Starting from the first Wednesday of the month, Vegas will recur every Wednesday on May 9th, 16th, 23rd, till 30th when the Finale will take place to decide the winner of this glorious tournament.

The tournament is slated to happen in 2 phases; the first comprises 4 qualifier rounds of 15Lac guaranteed each. Top two players from each flight will move into the second phase. The finale table will see 8 contenders vying to claim the One And Only Vegas Package Worth 9Lac!

And now, you must be thinking what’s so special about this Vegas package worth 9Lac! Hold your breath, as your heart might skip a beat- A Vegas Main Event ticket worth 6.5Lac plus stay package worth 2.5Lac is up for grabs and definitely worth fighting for, ladies and gentlemen. Sure you agree!

You have to agree, PokerBaazi is always conjuring exciting tournaments for Indian players to give them a fulfilling gaming experience day after day, each day. When you can crack alluring deals on amazing UI interface that is powered by internationally certified RNG software, you are guaranteed to have an awesome experience.

Everything that you have or do not have is a result of a decision taken at some point of time in life. Make your decisions worth remembering in life and poker! All the best, Baazigars!

Stay tuned with for more details.


Favourite Marvel Super Heroes

Who hasn't read the "Marvel Comics"? As children, we idolized the Marvel Super Heroes, didn't we? Especially the 90s kids have a different bond with these humane super-humans. And the bond wasn't just our childhood obsession. The memories are etched all over our minds. But do you know, some of our Marvel heroes would have been poker legends if they were into it? Just imagine our superheroes not only winning the world but also consequent poker pots? Actually, if these heroes weren't fictional, seeing them together at a poker table, fighting each other to win the hand, would have been a real treat to the eyes. So, without further delay, let's critically analyze these heroes on the basis of poker. And you will be surprised, as the beans are spilt.

1. Iron Man: This red armoured super-human is love. He can boast of the best abilities that any man would ideally require to survive this brutal world.

Intelligence, technological knowledge, and a business instinct. Very obviously, this strong hero would have been a very successful poker player if he had taken up poker as his career. Intelligence is a must if you want to become a poker player and that is why poker is not gambling but a skill based game. The presence of technological knowledge proves that Iron Man would have mastered online poker too, quite easily. Plus, to earn money, whether by playing poker or not, you need a sharp business mind. Thus, small stake games would have been one of the best choices for him as the rule to earning a profit in such games is- earn the maximum when its time and stop the bleeding when you see the tables are against you. A business mind does just that.

2. Captain America: This hero is another hot favourite of all. Movies on him are contemporary till today, keeping in mind the period of publishing of the actual Marvel comics. The attractive blue-red armoured hero is a master of martial arts, wrestling, boxing, etc. which is why he is physically fit too. Now, those who know martial arts in the right way, very well know that the sports under this category require a lot of patience, determination, hard work, discipline, and concentration just like playing poker. Poker is a mind game and thus, is very similar to martial arts in this regard. While playing martial arts, it's necessary that you understand the mindset of your opponent to defend yourself. Similarly, you need to understand your opponent at the felt to deliver a flawless act. In addition, to bring poker under your grip, you have to be patient, dedicated, disciplined and focused. So, now you know how invincible Captain America would have been as a poker player.

3. Black Widow: Our female superheroes aren't behind in terms of poker skills. Black Widow is known for her spying expertise and athletic fitness. It is always said, a fit body is complementary to a fit mind. Thus, Black Widow would have been another Vanessa Selbst of the poker world. Using her sharp observation and mental fitness, she would have taken down innumerable poker tournaments, series, and games. And honestly, in the presence of a woman like that getting a chance would have been almost impossible!

4. Captain Marvel: She is another lady who would have taken the poker world by storm with her inherent poker skills. Captain Marvel is a skilled pilot and expert in hand to hand combat. To possess such skills, you have to be a very quick decision maker. Also, your decisions should be effective enough. This is another boon for any poker player. With an increase in the use of timers during poker games, making the correct decision at the spur of the moment becomes quite difficult. If you have a flair for taking correct decisions on the spot, your poker action would hardly go wrong, ever.

5. Hulk: A dissociated personality of the very intelligent Dr. Banner is Hulk. He is an epitomised version of strength and humane. His power is known to be directly proportional to his temper. Angrier he gets, more powerful he becomes. It is true that an emotion like anger spoils a poker player's game. But, at times, anger helps you a lot. Sometimes, all that the felt requires is aggressive gaming and surely Hulk would have been pro at this. Also, we shouldn't forget that Dr. Banner's unmatched intelligence would reign the game of probability and calculation. The poker world would have had an iconic player if the Incredible Hulk was to play professionally.

Have you ever explored the abilities of your favourite superheroes as poker players? If not, then take a walk down the memory lane with your favourite superhero and you will exactly understand what I am talking about.

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