May 27, 2019


New Year has just kicked in, you haven't set any goals for this year, you got unwell and dealing with anxiety etc. etc. To say the least- this year sucks. This is not how you saw it going. Right? We have all been there and have our own regrets. Well, time to leave these irrational woes as PokerBaazi brings you a Republic Day special- 16 Lac GTD. India is all set to celebrate its 68th Republic Day on 26th January with fervor across the country and PokerBaazi is thrilled to make this special day memorable for you. presents a special series on a special day. A massive 16 LAC GTD, which includes two high values 300x tournaments and a 1 LAC Republic Day FreeRoll. You can deposit Rs 1K using RDAY17 and get a ticket to 1 Lac Freeroll. Qualify with daily satellites running now and book your seats in the 5 Lac and 10 Lac GTD tournaments. It is your chance to play online poker in India and win Lacs in cash prizes. Not happy yet?

More? Of course more? 

Get a whopping 68% Instant Deposit Bonus on your next deposit using code IND68. The bonus will be half the Real Cash Bonus & a half Unclaimed Bonus. A total max bonus of 20K can be availed. The code will be valid up to 31st Jan 2017. 

* Withdrawal criteria: VIP points equivalent to a total bonus amount received

The schedule is as given below-

7 PM      Republic Day special (1 Lac Freeroll)   Deposit Code: RDAY17 (Minimum Deposit:1000)

9PM      5 LAC GTD (R+A)                                 1500+150

10PM    10 LAC GTD (R+A)                               3000+300

With a variety of buy-ins and tournaments, there is something for everyone at PokerBaazi. PokerBaazi also runs plenty of huge guaranteed tournaments every day. Visit our promotions page to find out more. 

PokerBaazi wishes you a very Happy Republic Day!


Poker is a game of high stakes, massive money, and sensual drama. You might see a player having the highest stakes goes home empty-handed while his opponent who was losing all his money is now the richest in town. This is the intensity of the drama that poker presents. Poker is gaining fame every day and continues to stand the test of time. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why you should play poker.

•    Deal with patience : Ask a pro, how it is like playing with calling station? Poker is a game which needs a lot of patience. The more patience you have, the better you perform. Are you bad, okay, quite good, excellent, or perfect? Everyone gets dealt the same amount of good and bad hands, it is the patience that makes a difference between winning and losing. 

•    Better concentration: There is so much going on in a single hand that it can just bamboozle your brain. It is really important to focus even when not currently in a hand. Understanding opponents tendencies and tells need concentration, so playing poker impacts the concentration power positively. 

•    Activates brain sensor : Not all people are good at math and they know it. Most of us think this subject as complicated and way out of our league. Playing poker is an excellent brain exercise and you need to do basic math to become a good poker player. It certainly tends to activate your brain cells. 

•    Value of money : The ‘value’ will not matter once you learn to manage your bankroll. Poker is an addictive game- anything which linked to money becomes an addiction, poker is no exception. Sometimes, even good decisions can result in losing pots due to bad cards. So, proper bankroll can help you withstand the smacks and fight off variance. 

•    Risk management : Not all decisions in life are easy and similar is the case while playing poker. You need to learn risk management in a way that you don’t risk too much in a situation where variance can break you. Poker is a game based on risk and managerial skills. Understanding the basic concepts behind risk can help elevate your game and profitability. 

•    Play with intuition : One of the most important factors of winning player’s mindset is their intuition. The intuition here is not that typical little voice in your head, but rather based on your experience and learning by recognizing hidden patterns. Confidence is one of the essential components of your intuition and you must be confident enough to always trust your reads.


Don’t let people know of your amateur or rookie status if you are participating in live poker for the first time. When it comes to poker, the rules must be memorized by heart because you break one rule, the table breaks you down. So, before you go all "Shuffle up and deal", here are some tips to prepare yourself for the poker tournament.

Take ample rest- Take a light dinner the day before the tournament and get 6-7 hours of sound sleep. You can also spend time with your loved ones to relax before the game. Never ever play poker the day before as it can muddle up your mind dramatically. 

Be in your daily routine- Follow your daily routine like a workout, yoga, meditation, and breakfast etc. on the tournament day. If you keep your daily routine same, you won't feel any pressure of the tournament. Instead, you will feel confident and self- sufficient to play well throughout the entire tournament.

Be comfortable- The poker rooms are usually air conditioned and cold. Make sure you wear comfortable and warm clothes to the venue. Reach the venue before time to get accustomed to the place. Take a look at the action and the players before getting involved. You can always take a help of dealer if you need to ask anything about the options or if you missed any action.

Slow and steady- These tournaments are not about how hard you hit, but it’s generally about how slow and premeditated you play. The longer you stay in these tournaments, the better your chances of winning the game. Be aware of your turn, don’t be a jerk and throw your cards when it’s not your turn. 

It’s not just a game- Playing in a tournament is not just playing your home poker game as you would be playing against a lot of quality players. So, make sure you have a well-planned strategy for this tournament. It might not just help you win a lot of money but can elevate your career to professionalism as well. 

Restroom tours- Bad beats or aggressive opponent can make you prone to tilt. If you lose 2 or 3 hands in a row, you may gradually become a victim of tilt. Don’t make the mistake of playing the game when on tilt, it will cost you a lot of money. Take a break of 5-10 minutes and only come back when you feel better.

These tips can make a huge difference in your game. Make sure you don’t let the lack of preparation affect your game. It’s an experience you surely don’t want to miss out.


“If you can’t spot the sucker (fish) within the first hour at the table, then you are the sucker”, the old poker adage from the popular movie Rounders. Fish is an unskilled player, who plays extremely loosely and yet passively. Fish is vulnerable to lose a lot of money due to bad play moves and poor decisions. Fish and chips bond well together until it comes to the poker table, where they separate ways swiftly. 

Calling mode- The fish plays loose, calling and calling regardless of their starting hand. Your opponent is most likely a fish if he seems to be calling a high percentage of hands pre-flop. This is a perfect example of unskilled players where they are calling pre-flop with weak hands. These players are often known as calling stations, as they call no matter what they are holding. 

Betting pattern- A perfect example is when a player bets the flop, checks the turn and bets out at the river in the hope of winning the pot. This is the best way to identify the fish- by his/her betting patterns. They do so as they know they are beat, so they beat aggressively to force other players out of the pot. Almost everyone is now aware of this play, but some players still try this. 

Too passive or too aggressive- Does your opponent call down way too often and can’t fold top pair? Who is too passive? Look around to find these answers. It is really important to balance your game and use all your options, whether it’s raise, bet, call or check. The moment you polarize your play, you risk losing your money and the balanced player is all set to hunt you down. 

Position- Identify player who doesn't use the button to bet and steal the blinds. Does your opponent consistently limp under the gun and then call a raise to check and fold to any bet on the flop? You can also watch out for any player who insists on pushing all-in every other hand, when the blinds are relatively low as they don't want to play after the flop since it involves far more skills. 

Limping- If nothing works, this will indeed work, whether you are playing a live poker tournament or online. Every player who is aware of basic poker strategy knows that you must always enter the pot by raising and not calling the big blind, especially in big bet games like Pot limit or Texas Hold’em. It is an option in very few situations, but if somebody opens under the gun with a call in a Hold’em, he is certainly a fish. 

Observation is really important in any poker game and can make a difference between winning and losing a game. Just pay attention to what’s happening at your table and you should be perfectly fine. So look around and tell us, have you spotted any sucker yet? 


Poker is a dramatic game and can take an emotional toll on anyone. It involves high stakes, patience and a lot of tension. Pros bet millions on a table and sit back silent yet anxious to win back the sumptuous pot. Poker is not a healthy game for an edgy player and so is for anyone who is prone to Tilt. Tilt is a poker term used when a player plays poorly due to stress, tension, alcoholic habits or any other bad beats. Basically, tilt take place when you let these factors affect your gameplay. An evil thing for sure! Causes of tilt may include bad cards, opponent table behavior and personal reasons like poor relationship and financial crisis. Here are some awesome tips to avoid tilt in a poker.

Accept the truth- It is vital that you control your game and not let the game control you. Bad beats can happen to anyone and it is just unavoidable. You did your best and you will give your best the next time. Make notes, go through the basics again and review your game, it will help you in the long run. 

Quit the game for a while- This is one of the most fruitful solutions so far. Whenever you sense that you are on a tilt, you should get up and take a walk outside or refresh yourself with a cup of coffee. However, never talk about your bad beats with anyone when you are on break. This can perhaps increase your tilt.

Poker variance- Make sure that you make the most of your profits with your winning hands and curtail your losses during your losing hands. The ups and downs of poker are often collectively known as variance. This is one of the most important things to evaluate when playing in order to avoid tilt.            

Change the table- You have lost 3 times in a row, you are probably on a tilt by now. Your table image is declining, which might be strengthening your tilt. Taking a break and coming back to the same table won't be a good idea. Instead, you can take a break and change the table when you join again.

It is better to leave the table than to sit and drain your bankroll. So, your first goal should be to refocus yourself so that you do not let negative emotions control you.

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